Also.Also.Also: After 14 Years the Dixie Chicks Are Back, Update Your Misandrist Playlists!

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Queer as in F*ck You

How Racism, Meth and Sex Are Combining to Destroy Young Queer Black Lives

Queer lingerie influencer Cora Harrington from The Lingerie Addict is collaborating with Nubian Skin to create a lingerie collection that’s celebrating all shades of brown skin!

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We live in NYC, one of the most divers cities in the world and still it is so hard to find different shades of nude. The amazing @itsadehassan , founder of @nubianskin changed the lingerie industry and opened up the possibility for people of color to wear foundations that match their skin-tones, something that white people take for granted. Thank you @adehassan / @nubianskin for making this happen! And @thelingerieaddict for spreading the word! 💜💜💜 💃🏻 @thelingerieaddict 📸 @eatthecakenyc 💄 @makeupwithchinny #bushwickbrooklyn #nubianskin #differentshadesofnude #differentshades #beigeisnotnude #nudeunderwear #blackhistory #therackshack #neutrals #youdeserve #bushwick

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And here’s some more Black Owned Queer Fashion & Accessory Brands!

Miss Staten Island Banned From St. Patrick’s Day Parade After Revealing Bisexuality. “I wanted it to be clear that I’m part of this community,” 23-year-old Madison L’Insalata said of why she decided to publicly come out.

Lesbian Teacher Stacy Bailey Suspended for Showing Photo of ‘Future Wife.’ Now She Has a Huge Payout.

South Carolina Sued Over Its Ban on LGBTQ Sex Ed Discussions

While The Country Preps for Primaries and Pandemic, States Take Up Votes On Trans Lives by Chase Strangio (Also — Serious Health Care Lapses Continue To Be Found in Detention Center Housing Trans Migrants)

Saw This, Thought of You

Pink Pussy Hats, Pantsuits, and Beyond: A History of the Symbols of White Feminism. Among the different symbols of “white feminism” common themes of selfishness, co-option, and faux allyship emerge. (Much respect to the author of this piece — I agree with most of it — but you can pry a hot woman in a pantsuit from cold, dead hands)

The Gig Economy Has Never Been Tested by a Pandemic

How the Women of Standing Rock Are Building Sovereign Economies

Abortion Case in Colombia Could Be a Landmark in Latin America. A ruling in the case could have repercussions across the region.

China Has Censored Archive of Our Own, One of the Internet’s Largest Fanfiction Websites

The Joy of Fran Drescher. Damn, I even read the title of that article in Fran’s The Nanny voice.

Dunkin’s Donuts Latest Release Is Quite Simply a Bag of Bacon. Fast food chains nationwide are rushing to launch “meatless” and “plant-based” options. But not good ole Dunkin’.

Joe Coulombe, Founder of Popular Trader Joe’s Markets, Has Died. This spoonful of cookie butter raised in the air is for you, sir!

How to Build Healthy Habits

Lady Gaga Topples the Patriarchy in Favor of ‘Stupid Love’ in New Video


The first single drops tomorrow!

Political Snacks

Today is SUPER  TUESDAY!! 

If you live in — deep breath! — Virginia, North Carolina, Alabama, Arkansas, American Samoa, Maine, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Colorado, Minnesota, Vermont, Texas, Utah, or California, get ready to do some democracy, babbyyyyy!!

Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg dropped out of the race in the last 48 hours and, along with Beto O’Rourke, publicly endorsed Joe Biden at a Texas rally on Super Tuesday Eve. It’s a jungle out there! Here’s some election-adjacent news to read while you’re in line for the polls:

💫 How the Political Merchandising Industry Has Shaped the Primary. Feel the Bern stickers, coffee mugs full of Billionaire’s Tears, and Math Hats — Oh My!

💫 Black women voters are the backbone of the Democratic Party. With that in mind, Melissa Harris-Perry spoke with three high-ranking black women surrogates for the Joe Biden (Symone Sanders), Bernie Sanders (Nina Turner), and Elizabeth Warren (Ayanna Pressley) campaigns. Here’s what each had to say about their candidate in a one-of-its-kind comparison that you should definitely read today.

💫 Speaking of which, here’s what Autostraddle writers and editors are thinking about (and who we’re maybe supporting) heading into the polls.

💫 And finally: “Any chance you could grab us a bottle of wine or something?” — Katie Hill, After the Scandal.

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  1. Really really hoping that Argentina and Colombia manage to get abortion passed. I doubt Brazil will…

  2. re: Staten Island St. Patrick’s Day parade: Not only was Miss Staten Island not allowed to participate in the parade, but they were kicking anyone out that was showing any sort of LGBT pride. A man was kicked out of the parade for wearing a LGBT lapel PIN!

    I used to live in SI, I love it there and I love the people, but the St Patrick’s Day parade has always seemed to be a big issue in regards to LGBT participation. In good news, there were a lot of businesses along the parade route that had pride balloons and flags outside of their businesses, so there was community push back.

    • Someone should hide a pride flag in their coat and whip it out at a point in the parade’s route where removing them from the line up would be hard and VERY visible.

      Good on local businesses for joining in the community pushback.

  3. one of my earliest school memories is getting asked to share a song with our music class. lots of Disney and nursery rhymes, I bust out with a very off key, mumbled version of Godspeed. sooooo suffice to say I’m excited for the album

  4. this was such a solid link roundup. That buzzfeed article on racism/meth/queer community is the first time I have ever heard about this devastating epidemic. Thank you so much for posting.

  5. Ayanna Pressley might not have completely convinced MHP to back Warren, but she sure made me feel good about my vote.

    I’m having a difficult time imagining anyone upholding Margaret Thatcher as a symbol of anything other than late-Cold War British anti-Black and anti-union politics.

    • I love you forever for using MHP!!! That’s a true nerd’s calling. lol.

      (I mostly agree about Thatcher, but then I remembered that Meryl Streep recently played her in a biopic and called her a powerful, strong woman so… I think those people actually exist out there? Shudder.)

      • I’m old enough to remember Thatcher resigning and everyone on the train to college being ecstatic!

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