The Comment Awards Are The Odd Girl Out


Hi friends! Did you have a happy Halloween? The tiniest ever trick-or-treaters came to my door — a two year-old zombie who wasn’t even steady on her feet yet said “fank oo!” when I dropped candy into her bucket — and it was so cute and perfect I died. Now I’m a ghost, which is very on trend this Halloween, so that’s just fine.

This week, Reneice made roasted pear butter in Femme Brûlée, and it sounds AMAZING.

Just in time for Halloween, Rachel brought us 15 horror films with queer women – and they aren’t psycho killers (mostly)!

Did you dress up for Halloween? Vanessa wants pics of your amazing costumes!

Heather’s been back at work for like two seconds and already, she brings us this amazing list: 22 Lesbian, Bisexual and Trans Women Athletes Who Changed the Game.

Riese wrote this, it is absolutely everything, don’t forget your box of tissues.

And then there were your comments!

On Is There Something Queer About Being Single? (Narrator: There Is Not.):

The We Are the Weirdos, Mister Award to Thesaria and Lex:

Hey so that hot friend of yours… is she… you know… odd? Lex: You might even say she's a...weirdo. [Gif from the Craft]

And the Dinglehopper Award to Monique:

It’s 2017 and words mean nothing Table tennis is queer Donald Trump is president gravity is bisexual pot pie is nonbinary

On 22 Lesbian, Bisexual and Trans Women Athletes Who Changed the Game:

The Gaybells Ring, Are You Listenin’ Award to ebook:

Also, when I was deeply closeted in college, I was innocently googling Irene Wust after she a bunch of golds. I found out some unexpected information about her (GAYGAYGAY) and became kind of obsessed. At the time I had no idea why (GAYGAYGAY).

On No Filter: Seriously, Sarah Paulson And Holland Taylor, This Is Too Much:

The Did I Fall Asleep? For a Little While Award to Evan Rachel Would:

Oh my god ERW you came to close to replicating my bourbon fueled Wonder Woman/Westworld crossover dream, and yet this was not at all as my subconscious imagined

On Pop Culture Fix: “Sweetbitter” Gets a Lesbian Bartender, “Black Lightning” Gets a Bisexual Half-Amazon, “Thor” Cuts a Queer Moment and Other Stories:

The Metal Aird Award to Rous Rose and Lex:

Rous Rose: Isn’t Thor: Ragnarok that prequel about Carol Aird’s emo phase in high school? / Lex: Excuse you, death metal phase. Rous Rose: You're absolutely right [photo of Carol/Kate looking emo]

On Here’s Who Tried To Ruin October For Us:

The You Rang? Award to Blackmar and owl:

Blackmar: *Shakes fist at owl* / User Owl: *blinks* / Erin: Ahahahaha / Blackmar: Foiled again!

And the Barb + Nancy 2k17 Award to Katie:

The header image of this post made me believe we were going to talk about the aggressive heterosexuality of Stranger Things 2, which also felt like a personal attack this October.

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      I feel like Stranger Things S2 was written by people who thought Elliot was the most interesting part of E.T.

    • I agreed wholeheartedly with your Stranger Things feelings. Eleven being jealous of Max was the biggest load of bullshit.

      Also, Nancy ruining her cute moment with Dustin by telling him girls are just stupid at his age.

      AND the whole continuing theme of ~*Special Girls*~ who “aren’t like other girls.” Ugh.

      • Yeah, the weird “shoe-horned-in-at-the-end romantic entanglements amongst 12 year olds” plot was weird. Not as weird as the original book ending of IT, but still bad.


        Nancy, Max and Eleven as a truly unified team could’ve done amazing, very Lumberjanes things, just saying.

        • I’m hoping Lucas’ little sister, Erica, eventually becomes a part of the main cast and remains very femme and opinionated and kicks ass and doesn’t fall in love with anyone.

        • Ok but listen, Max is a baby queer and that moment Eleven walked in after saving their lives looking like THAT was her root don’t @ me.

  1. I just wanted to say; Ha! I hit a double.

    My inner baseball player needed to express their self after my inner gothy metal head got the run of the house all damn week and that non-layaway holiday shopping ad in September.

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