NEW MERCH ALERT: Gender Traitor Onesies, Mommi & Tomboy Femme Tees! Plus SALES!

Autostraddle Merch: Gender Traitor Onesie, Mommi Tee, Tomboy Femme Tee

Hello lovely queer folks! It is I, Sarah Sarwar, keeper of the merch store, designer of the things. Doesn’t matter if you’re an adult human or a baby—we’re bringing you some FRESH overclothes this month! Let’s jump in!

Gender Traitor Onesie – $25

Infant Sizes (3-6 / 6-12 / 12-18 / 18-24)

Autostraddle Gender Traitor Onesie

Remi is wearing a 12-18.

HOW ABOUT THIS FOR A GENDER REVEAL? If you’re a baby in this world with a penchant for breaking societal norms and ground-breaking television, this is the onesie for you. The design is a perfect miniature of our Gender Traitor Tee, and is screen-printed in neon pink and white on a onesie made by Los Angeles Apparel (which is the new American Apparel).

Tomboy Femme Tee – $25

Unisex Sizes (XS-3XL)

Autostraddle Merch: Tomboy Femme Tee modeled by

@alexontv is wearing a small.

We’re bringing back an old fave in a new design, featuring Draplin Design Co’s utilitarian and statement-worthy font! This design is printed on a super-soft Bella + Canvas Triblend tee in a loose, casual unisex style. Dress it up with a pair of skinnies and a plaid button-down.

Autostraddle Merch Tomboy Femme Tee

Mommi Tees – $25

Women’s Style Black Tee (S-2XL)

Autostraddle Merch Mommi Women's Tee

@annamalgrams is wearing a medium.

Unisex White Tee (XS-3XL)

Autostraddle Merch Mommi Unisex Tee

@annamalgrams is wearing a XL.

Let’s raise our glasses to all those Mommis out there, donning oversized sunglasses as they strut into their local pilates studio. Your allure is spectacular and specific and special, and we bow to your dusty rose mani-pedi and your 14 karat diamond earrings. Like shit, you complete us? Which is why we decided here at Autostraddle that we needed to give you something you could wear in honor of your beautiful f*cking self, because no one does it quite like you.

Autostraddle Merch Mommi Tees

We know Mommis are an eclectic and memorizing bunch with wardrobes that compete with Cher Horowitz, so we’re giving you choices. A breezy white relaxed fit tee for your bike ride to yoga class, or a fitted black women’s style tee when you’re throwing back the third glass of champagne with your gal pal. And both tees are made of triblend fabric because we know your crave a soft, buttery touch against your perfect, bergamot-scented skin.

“i’m already wearing this with my expensive denim and my oversized leather bag that only holds a small pouch with lip balm and a pack of cigarettes”
— Laneia, Executive Editor of

“Honestly, these shirts perfectly capture the essence of Mommi. They’re simple, sexy, effortlessly alluring. Of course they’re in cursive; Mommis love cursive! You can throw this on with a pair of black yoga pants or under a loose, long cardigan, or accessorize it with a single cuff bracelet—all important staples of Mommi couture. This shirt will no doubt be worn by Mommi enthusiasts, but it’s also my greatest hope that actual Mommis will wear it, too. So calling all Mommis: Slide into this shirt, and also slide into my DMs.”
— Kayla, Co-Inventor of Mommi

Guess Who’s Back?

We’ve restocked enamel pins for those among you who are bisexual, independent and bibliophiles. These pins will be in our store in the next few days, so stay tuned!

Autostraddle Bisexual Enamel Pin, You Do You Enamel Pin, Read a Fucking Book Enamel Pin

1. Bi Bi Bi Enamel Pin $10
2. You Do You Enamel Pin $10
3. Read A Fucking Book Enamel Pin $10

Deal City, Population: You!

Cozy into your new double-xl scissoring sweatshirt (we have 29 left!) while reading some excellent vintage Autostraddle zines. Or STEAL this rad (but soft, so soft!) Butch tee by Sorté.

Autostraddle Merch 1) Butch Tee 2) Scissoring Sweatshirt 3) Yes Cats Zine 4) Queer Sultry Summer Zine

1. Sorte + Butch Tee $25 $20
2. Basic Scissoring Eco-Champ Red Sweatshirt $48 $20
3. Yes Cats Zine $16 $10
4. Queer Sultry Summer Zine $16 $10

Autostraddle Merch Hot Take Tee

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Sarah is gay.

Sarah has written 39 articles for us.


    • Sarah is a graphic design genius! Remi was less than 100% cooperative with the “photo shoot” aka chasing Remi around her bedroom for an entire hour trying to get non-blurry pics. Somehow Sarah edited my iPhone 5 pics into something baby-editorial.

  1. wow @ the tomboy femme model. w o w *insert heart eyes emoji*

    Also Remi is like the only baby to ever make me think motherhood seems like a great idea. Those cheeks! That smile! So precious!

  2. The “Read a Fucking Book” pin is, by far, the most commented on pin that resides on my denim jacket. “Misandrist” gets the nod for my vest.

  3. help me i’m not cool enough to know whether mommi refers to someone with a child or is like a sexy type thing?

  4. Love the onesie and the model!

    Unfortunately my 19 month old niece’s parents are rather gender conforming in their actions and beliefs, so a gifted gender traitor onesie probably would not get worn. But it is definitely a thing to keep in mind if we get a foster placement of a little one.

    • oh, how exciting! friends of mine are foster parents and they love it. fingers crossed you get a placement. <3

      • We’ve had two 4-year-old girls so far in the 8 months we’ve been fostering, along with a 4 month old but he was only with us for 10 hours before a relative came to town to pick him up. It is hard to find child care in our area for infant and toddlers, so that has been a problem.

        How long have your friends been foster parents @sarsquared?

        • Many years, and like you, they’ve seen kids come and go. It’s an emotional topic for them, especially because their first baby ended up back with mom. What an amazing thing, a selfless thing, to help another human like you did/do. As a daughter who has a mother that was fostered/adopted, and as a friend to the lesbian couple who’s fostering, I just wanna say you’re beautiful and wonderful, and I wish there were more people in the world like you. <3

          do you by chance live in omaha? i should connect you with my friends. :D

          • We were lucky that so far our’s have had good people to go home to. I’ve wanted to do foster care for a long time (since I was 8 and convinced my parents to go through the training so we could have a foster baby- though one was enough for them and he got adopted by a good family). Still the reality has some challenges that have definitely been learning opportunities for me! There are so many unknowns. For the first child- we had her for 6 months and knew she was working towards going back with mom. Still we were only given 6 hours notice when it was time to back things up for her to go back.

            We’ve said no to quite a few placements that would not have been good fits for various reasons. We feel about ready to say yes to another placement, but haven’t gotten any calls that seem doable.

            My wife and I are in the midwest, but not Omaha. I have been impressed that the fact that we’re queer (and my wife is trans*) has not really been an issue. It was sweet, our current placement has regular visits with mom and we’ve been helping with transportation. We have a good relationship with mom and grandmom. Mom was telling me about watching the 700 Club and noted that in Texas they don’t allow gays to foster and adopt. She said she was glad that in our state gays and lesbians can foster as she’s glad that her child is with us. It definitely warmed my heart.

    • “I have been impressed that the fact that we’re queer (and my wife is trans*) has not really been an issue.”

      I LOVE THIS. Faith in humanity: restored.

  5. I’ve never wanted to have a baby, but I do want an excuse to buy a baby-sized Gender Traitor onesie. The solution might be to get a dog.

  6. Any chance you’ll be getting the Lavender Menace shirts in larger sizes back in again soon? Pretty please? My lovely coworkers got me a gift certificate to the store, but it’s been OOS for months! [insert all the cry-face emojis here]

  7. American Apparel became Los Angeles Apparel? Is Cal-Exit moving forward? Secede! California Republic! Fly the bear flag high!

  8. But is it weird if I buy the Mommi tshirt for my mom?? Will she ever figure out what it means? And would it make Straddlers hit on Mrs SanDiego?

    • Carms, let’s turn this around…

      1. Do you want her to figure out what it means?

      2. Do you want Straddlers to hit on your mom?

      I feel like the answer to #1 is definitely yes because we need at least one person to figure out the parameters of Mommi, but I’m gonna have to leave #2 to you, although I suspect we’d have a really hard time locating her.

      • I feel like I should buy it and give it to her just so we can finally get the answer to number 1
        Also, if Straddlers want to hit on Mrs SanDiego here are some tips: she’s vegan and drinks Bailey’s. Good luck being the Sarah Paulson to my mom’s Holland Taylor

      • “although I suspect we’d have a really hard time locating her”

        I actually did all the letters in the acronym LOL

  9. Not every thing needs a label, it’s just more convenient to have names for stuff yanno.

    People understand each other better when there’s a word or phrase beyond “the thinga-ma-thing over by the thingy-thing with the thing” it’s function of language that makes discussion possible.

  10. Also like, it’s a tshirt, if it speaks to you like it does to me, cool, if it doesn’t, don’t buy that one ?

  11. I don’t like labels for myself but I’m super happy there are multitudes of words other people can use to express themselves.

  12. is it possible to get the misandry shirts back? I would totally buy one.

    love the gender traitor onesie!

  13. Yeah! I love giving the You Do You pins to friends as a little token of affirmation. I gave them out to a number of folks who ran LGBTQ groups and events at my graduate program and it went over very well. I may have to buy more even though I have a few floating around somewhere.

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