The Comment Awards Are Taking It One Day At A Time

Hi, boos! I’m tired! I bet you’re tired too! But listen: every day for fourteen days, I have gone for a (responsibly distanced, solo) walk, and every day for fourteen days, I have watched spring wake up so many different, perfect wildflowers in the pastures near my house. I’ve watched big, bright, fluffy clouds roll in, and I’ve stood there long enough to watch them roll back out again, headed for the mountains. And those things aren’t a lot, but some days, they’re enough.

(Plus, I am now the proud owner of a puzzle called CAT ZODIAC!)

I hope you’re well today. I’m glad we’re here together.

This week, Vanessa brought us THE quintessential guide to living your best life in the Group Chat.

You sheltered-in-place with Autostraddle over on Instagram Live, all week long! ❤️

Lou interviewed Barbara Marie Minney, a trans lesbian poet, for the latest Respect Your Elders.

Domonique! Provost-Chalkley! Came! Out! On! Her! Birthday! Wayhaught INDEED.

Need some Basic Butch breakup fashion? Holly’s got you covered.

Therapist and Straddler Christina wrote about protecting your mental health in the age of COVID-19.

Fat Liberation Is the Future.

And then there were your comments!

On Duolingo is Gay! And It Could Be Gayer!

The Queer Culture Award to andreac:

In “A Drawing In The Park,

On 57 Strong Feelings You Had About The L Word’s Catastrophic Season Three:

The Apocalypse Pool Award to Deli Twotone and Jessica:

We’re a very funny bunch. So glad to be in an Apocalypse with you all. / Jessica: I have never been as concerned about our community as I am to hear that pool sex came in 8th place instead of 1st. Is everyone OK?

On Surprise, You’re In A Long Distance Relationship Now!

The Both Sides U-Haul Award to Lavendula:

Hahaha I moved in with my then-ex who is now my girlfriend again and now we’re staying in place together! So yes. Kind of both??

On Shelter In Our Place: Autostraddle’s Virtual Community Care Week:

The Daydream Boat Award to DreamboatSupreme:

Michelle Tea liked my comment and said my Instagram name out loud and life is okay!! Thank you, Autostraddle ✨💛

On Dominique Provost-Chalkley Is Queer: “Wynonna Earp” Actress Comes Out on Her Birthday:

The Way! Haught! Award to Chandra:


On “One Day at a Time” Is Back When We Need it Most:

The A Mood Award to Caitlin:

‘i’m outraged about something and ignoring my personal hygiene’ did you mean quarantine mood?

And on In Love Wit Chu: Rapper Da Brat Has a Girlfriend, Is Dating Jesseca Dupart:

The Rapper’s Wrapping Award to Stef and Al(aina):

happy to see the giant bow industry is thriving <3 / Al(aina): in the midst of an international crisis we can count on lesbians and bi girls to keep the giant bow industry in business

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  1. Do we have an award for excellent comment award titles? Because The Rapper’s Wrapping Award definitely deserves a blue ribbon (or ginormous red bow)!

    Hi QG – I love the word picture you painted about spring. I’ve also been enjoying the signs of spring on my daily waliks

    • thank you, cleo! i’m glad you’ve been able to walk too! sending lots of care and well-being vibes your way <3 <3 <3

      • We’re strongly discouraged from going out for anything but essentials. So there’s a shortage of flour now LOL ! Everyone’s staying home making bread. I knead you, they say.

        • Germany‘s yeast association put out a press release stating that we shouldn’t worry, there’s enough yeast, they just did not anticipate the demand when stocking the shelves.

          I hope someone gets the handful of German cliches wrapped up in that situation.

  2. QG your view of Spring is so encouraging ! I heard a rumour that crocusses are starting to poke their heads out. And I _did_ see a spider in my screen door, so, something is definitely un-freezing. Hope !

  3. I am so thankful for the beginning of spring! I have been foraging salads from my yard of henbit, violets, and a few dandelion greens. My kids have also helped me plant peas, lettuce, and spinach, as well as transplant some strawberry plants! Our next plan is a chicken coop for our backyard.

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