57 Strong Feelings You Had About The L Word’s Catastrophic Season Three

Well, we’ve made it through the hellscape of season three only to discover that the hellscape is now our actual lives! Carly and I Face-Timed Brittany Ashley a few days ago (because social distancing) to go over the best and worst moments of this terrible season, based on your votes! You can and should listen to the episode here. I would like to just NOTE that it seems like one of our communal number one feelings about this season is that it was virulently transphobic and that a lot of us didn’t realize that the first time we watched it. Now we are, as they say, aghast. We LOVED reading all your comments on the survey (over 1k people took the survey!) and we read some on the podcast and some are here and some are in both places but we loved all of them especially the ones that loved us. Ok, drink some water.

1. I work in a nursing home and there’s a resident who always has her tv on really loud and there’s this ad that comes on all the time with the same song that bette finger fucked Alice to so i’m constantly reminded of that through my workday, thanks l word

2. the Lobsters dinner table scene will haunt my nightmares until I die. If you ever see my ghost in a waterfall, it will probably complain about that episode.


4. Carmen doing her sexy dance for Shane is the only reason why I even lesbian anymore

5. The vampire arc and the opera finger scene single-handedly had the power to stop me from erasing this season from my memory.

6. Everyone needs a vest you can gig in!

7. Although the whole Alice going into a pit of literal despair over her break up with Dana is pretty messy, it is iconically lesbian.

8. I feel very personally seen by Season 3’s depiction of the queer experience of crying about your ex during yoga.

9. My fiancée had never seen the series, so we rewatched it last year, and I am mortified by the experience this season especially. Direct quote from my lady lover: “Wow, this is getting messy!” JUST WAIT BITCH.

10. If I was going to read fan fiction about any characters it would be Bette and Senator “Call me Barbara” Grisham. That scene is hotter than most of the sex scenes (obvious exception for Shane/Cherie sex, the absolute full stop best sex scene this show ever had).

11. I can’t believe they wasted Dana Delany on one of the rare times Bette DOESN’T cheat

12. The Shane/Cherie sex scene shook me to my core

13. I think about that strap-on sex scene at least once a week…..

14. This season was honestly a shit show but I can’t even begin to express how many times my roommate and I hit rewind to watch Shane fuck Cherie with the strap on

15. It was the best of times and the worst of times but one hell of a ride. Especially for Cherie Jaffe.

16. Fuck this garbage pile of biphobic transphobic mental illness trivializing bullshit…. but this is still somehow my favorite podcast! Love you!

17. So many tears and transphobia

18. I need a strong drink and some group therapy after revisiting season three. Thanks for being the closest thing to the latter.

19. Dana in the waterfall is THE BEST. it makes my peeper tingle with joy.

20. Real life Dana upset about L Word Dana

21. When they blocked Erin’s eyebrows for the basketball game scene, you could see the clumped hair under her makeup. It made me aggressively upset.

22. I am trauma bonded to this tv show now

23. This season exposed me to toxins that I’m still working through

24. Emptiness is loneliness and loneliness is cleanliness And cleanliness is godliness, and God is empty just like me Thanks to this season of The L World

25. My least favorite thing about the entirety of the series is Max’s facial hair


27. Where can I take Uta’s vampirology class?!

28. How could something I loved so much 15 years ago be so nails-on-a-chalkboard now? What is art? Who am I?


30. Why Why did any of us do this

31. I hate it so much but I also love it so much wtf is wrong with me

32. downhill but in a fun way– like sledding!

33. make kit bi and not a terf you cowards !!

34. Max’s facial hair is buck wild

35. Bette in Full Flashdance gives me life

36. I love that we see the Kiki Smith print back in Bette’s house in Gen Q after she sells it in this season. That’s a real Bette Porter power move to buy it back.

37. I’d watch a movie that was literally just the Marilyn and Peggy Peabody story. Get it, older queer ladies!

38. 😫😫😫😤😤😤🥵🥵🥵

39. I can’t believe I watched this and thought it was fine once

40. It was one of those nightmares where you know the train is going to crash and you need to get off asap but also that pretty girl keeps talking to you

41. A lot of season 3 made me laugh…and not because it was comedy

42. party on, podcast

43. trash, but like hot gay trash

44. Helena Peabody gets over her pregnancy fetish and that is truly the best thing season 3 did for us.

45. I’m still pissed that Dana doesn’t have a permanent memorial Myspace page up

46. This season makes me feel really bad for Erin Daniels and Laurel Holloman. The rest of the cast, too. And the crew. And anyone who watched it. And the universe for having it put out there.

47. I think I was more heartbroken than Carmen when Shane left her on their wedding day. I’ll marry you, Carmen.

48. Season Three was such a blur but we were literally gifted with #poolsex between Cherrie and Shane and THAT is a godsend. Also the flashback to Bette and Alice in college– lesbians can have a little opera-themed sex fantasy as a treat!!

49. Just yesterday I was walking home with keys in hand–but not between my knuckles like Wolverine because that’s a fight I’m bound to lose if it comes to it–and I was thinking about how badass it would be to have a taser and say “we’re not f*ggots, we’re dykes” to a predator…

50. Cherrie Jaffe will forever be my preferred mommi

51. Just…what a way to miss all the marks. And I’m not talking about the Million Men Mark March the l word seems to have going.

52. It was an emotional roller coaster but Shane’s hair finally looked good

53. S3 E9, the Dana & Alice shopping scene – Can we PLEASE talk about the fact that Dana is walking around with a Gucci shopping bag, Tiffany’s bag, etc., yet the fucking ugly ass purse on her shoulder looks like she got it for $2 at a yard sale….?! Or dug it out of a dumpster behind a suburban Goodwill in 2002. !!!! Girl has clearly got money yet CHOOSES to have incredibly questionable thrifting taste… lesbian culture for sure.

54. it was great if you watch on netflix and just skip 80% of it. one of the strongest/hottest seasons that way.

55. This season caused the start of my annoyance with Tina. Shocking I know lol

56. At least Mark wasn’t there!

57. Other than listening to this podcast I never want to think of it again. It’s kind of wild how this podcast recapped these episodes in the same year that we saw Work in Progress and TLWGQ. It’s like that old line that X walked so Y could run but more like the Max storylines flailed around like one of those inflatable tube people outside a car dealership so Chris on Work in Progress could run. I would like the wax jingle as a ringtone though. Yours in gayness, Betty

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  1. I don’t even know where to start. I think I’m gonna go get a glass of water.

    • I have never been as concerned about our community as I am to hear that pool sex came in 8th place instead of 1st. Is everyone OK?

  2. I have neither rewatched season 3 nor listened to this podcast episode, but I sure do have fond memories of that Bette/Alice opera sex scene!

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