The Comment Awards Are Pouring Champagne in a Ticker-Tape Parade

Hi, pals! Today, instead of continuing to gush on and on about the US Women’s National Team again this week, I’d like to just give an honorary Comment Award to something Heather Hogan said over on twitter dot com:

Megan Rapinoe said “I deserve this,” and my friends: you deserve the world! Go get ’em.

This week, Carmen introduced us to Stranger Things’ smart new lesbian character (and probably the first person to look good in an ice-cream shilling sailor suit), Maya.

Because there will literally never be enough Buffy content in the world, Rachel brought us: 10 Iconic Buffy Summers Outfits and What Dates with Faith I’ve Decided She Should Wear Them To.

The US Women’s National Team won the World Cup and our motherfucking hearts forever and ever and ever, and Erin wrote about it.

Kayla crossed a bridge.

In Vapid Fluff this week, Jen Richards took her mom to Harry Potter World, how is she being so CUTE week after week, my heart!

Rachel Maddow fangirled over Megan Rapinoe in a true meeting of the Power Dykes.

Oh! Oh my gosh! Have you seen Mal Blum’s new music video yet? If not, please IMMEDIATELY stop what you are doing, read Adrian’s review of the album, and watch the video right now! It was co-directed by Carly and Drew and it stars so many of your beautiful faces! It is so absolutely perfect in every way! It absolutely made my week!

This was just lovely, from Drew: 15 Crushes and the Art They Gave to Me.

The TV Team ranked 21 movies about real-life lesbian and bisexual women, reminding me that I have not yet seen Wild Nights With Emily and I need to, badly.

And then there were your comments!

On 10 Iconic Buffy Summers Outfits and What Dates with Faith I’ve Decided She Should Wear Them To:

The Renaissance Faithe Award to meinola:

Faith at a ren faire in a tri-corner hat and a leather corset over a filmy white shirt and tight breeches…

On The USWNT Said “Gay Rights!” Megan Rapinoe, Lesbianism Secure Incredible World Cup Victory:

The U-Haul Award to HermitCrab and Larisa:

I’ve been a fan of soccer since Megan Rapinoe said she wasn’t going to “the fucking white house.” So, two weeks but this is giving me so much life. Pulling up to fandom with the uhaul.

And the USWNTAO3 Award to ceegeebee:

ERIN!!! How dare you suggest a Carol-USWNT crossover event, without also suggesting fanfic submissions be sent directly to the Autostraddle inbox..

On 8 YA Books Featuring Characters who Are Happily Lesbian but Have Other Drama:

The Jurassic Book Award to Tara:

I must admit my interest was peaked by misreading the title of ‘Laura Deane Keeps Breaking up with Me’ as ‘Laura Dern keeps breaking up with me’ which is a book I would defintely read.

On For Your Consideration: Bridges:

The Abridgement Award to Al:

This is a great abridged story. Thank you!

On 5 Things to Know About Dating Again After Your Gay Breakup:

The Once More, With Feeling Award to Kemmer:

rachel i can’t handle another buffy-themed callout like this (for real though, i enjoyed this article very much)

On VIDEO! Rachel Maddow Casually Asks Megan Rapinoe to Run for President:

The Tickertape Parade Award to Erin:

In the competition to see who has the gayest hair, the winner is all of us.

And on With “Pity Boy,” Mal Blum Is Ready to Be Seen:

The See You Award to Emerson:

All day I’ve been alternating between the biggest heart eyes + grin combo, and getting emotional and missing camp and all the amazing people I met and connected with while filming this. I’ve never felt so supported and comfortable and truly seen 💛 And the video is so affirming and so full of this pure trans joy, I’d cry even if I hadn’t been there! Thank you thank you thank you for that space and this video and letting me hang out there ❤️

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