VIDEO! Rachel Maddow Casually Asks Megan Rapinoe to Run for President

The United States Women’s National Team continued their World Cup victory tour through the streets of New York City today — but apparently the first thing Megan Rapinoe did when she got to town was put on a suit to sit down with Rachel Maddow to talk about equal pay, being super duper famous now, and… running for president. Maddow asked Pinoe what’s next, casually mentioned a new poll that has her beating Trump by one point in an election, and then waited to hear Sue Bird’s thoughts on Pinoe’s political aspirations. Just a couple of butch icons plotting a global takeover, enjoy!

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  1. The universe has been throwing butches in my field of vision (whether through tv or irl) in the last few weeks end my god! I am ready for it.

    Come at me butches ❤️❤️❤️

    • (obviously that’s not the context of their handshake but it just made me think of the vast array of “handshake” stock photography that’s out there and about how it could all be improved by the presence of butch power lesbians)

    • I’m butch and my gf is a drag king and burlesque performer (in her femme avatar), and we were doing stupid handshakes with each other on the weekend. Hers is nice, thank goodness, firm but not too firm.

      So maybe we should put our suits on – my hair is freshly cut, hers is growing out, but she could pull off an Adam Brody look – and do some handshakes on camera and see how much we can make from Shutterstock. Heh.

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