The Comment Awards Are Happy Just to Be Momminated


Hi friends! The rest of the world might be a bit of a mess, but this was such a very good week here on Autostraddle dot com! Give yourselves a little round of applause, get a quick drink of water, and settle in – there are lots of awards today!

This week, Heather taught us how to be more assertive!

The team melted my heart with this roundtable about their childhood stuffed animals.

I love this column so! much! Find Your Fit: The Queer Academic Who Wants to Be Your Professor Crush.

Yvonne wrote about the tomboys and weird girls of the 90’s and early aughts. (At least three of my roots are in there; who were yours?)

Um, so Disney released a novelized sequel to Hocus Pocus, and it’s super queer!! Happy Early Halloween to us all!

Read this. Do it.

And then there were your comments.

On Your Ex’s Bad Breakup Behavior, According to Their Sign:

The Romeo + Juliet Award to Susan:

Perhaps in true Leo form, my kneejerk reaction to the relevant entry above was, “Noone in their right mind ever leaves a Leo.

On The 2018 Emmy Nominations Mommi Power Rankings:

The Momment Award to thatottergirl and Emily:

thatottergirl: “It’s an honor just to be momminated

On You Need Help: How to Be More Assertive (or, When to Clap Back at Men):

The Heather Hogan Told Me To…Again Award to, well, me:

queer girl: Perfect advice from the only person I know who’s yelled at a man while holding hedge clippers in the past month, and therefore the only person I truly trust to give it ??? / Heather Hogan: Bahaha! Give yourself a comment award!

On The 16 Best Faces Kate McKinnon and Ellen DeGeneres Made While Being Held Hostage in a Car by Jerry Seinfeld:

The Fresh Tea Award to Chandra:

Image of Kate Mackinnon drinking from a teacup during the episode. The teacup says "judging you."

And the Squarepants Of Love Award to Laura:

I’m one of the women attracted to Kate wearing Sponge Bob pj bottoms, a hoodie and clogs.

On 11 Tomboys and Weird Girls From 90/00s Movies I Loved as a Kid:

The Be Your Own Hero Award to Caitlin:

one of the most on-brand compliments i’ve ever received is ‘you dress like the queer-coded older sister on a 90s sitcom’ so this list is just perfect

On What Does It Mean to Be a “Top” or a “Dominant” in Lesbian Sex?

The Bound for Glory Award to Snaelle,  Deli Twotone, Chandra and Iarran Mé:

Snaelle: [image of women from around 1915, wearing black dresses with corsets and carrying riding crops] “Simply topping survey and analysis, wouldn’t you say?

On Pop Culture Fix: What if Evan Rachel Wood Is Playing Elsa’s Girlfriend in “Frozen 2”?

The Cuddle Puddle Award to Dee:

Some people are worth melting for.

And on Disney’s “Hocus Pocus” Sequel Is a Teenage Lesbian Love Story!

The Gliterati Award to Ameridelphia:

One day when finally I organize all my books I’m going to have either a physical shelf or just a category in my digital database named “Books I Bought Because Autostraddle Told Me They Were Gay,

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  1. No one deserves a Leo… because we are just that great.
    But Romeo + Juliet Award was brilliant. DiCaprio is at his peak baby-dyke in that one…

    • Goodness, Chandra, are we saddled with a comment award? ‘Tis a fine crop of puns we’ve raised, a veritable welter. And if Snaelle or Deli Twotone should care to add to our acceptance speech, either one, why, leather rip! Together we are indomme-itable.

      • Oh my, you’ve already unleashed so many puns off the cuff that I’d better crack the whip if I want to join in.

      • I’ve always heard it’s better to give than to receive…so don’t you think we should give it enthusiastically to those who may be feeling under-represented?

        The comment award, I mean.

          • I was busy bottoming out on alcohol when the Comment Awards went down.

            Iarrann mé be I’m feelin’ Queer, Girl this moaning. Chandra and lightning whenever I open my eyes.

            I’ll be moving at a Snaelle’s pace today,

  2. Thank you for the comment award, now I have an answer if I’m ever asked what my greatest achievement is.

  3. Y’all are effing superstars!
    But seriously, Snaelle has been Buffy the Vampire Slaying it this week (highest gay nerd praise).

  4. Ahh thanks again for this momment in the sun! Such perfect punsters all around.

  5. I would also like to thank Heather Hogan for inspiring queer girl to accept an award.

    Because really qg, nobody deserves it more than you do <3 <3 <3.

      • You are the best QG. You inspire us to rise up at every occasion.

        The Comment Awards, and maybe most especially the Comments on the Comment Awards, is just the best place to be on the Interwebs.

        THANK YOU !

        K I’m going back into hiding, hangover baaaad

  6. This is without a doubt the greatest award I’ve ever received, but the best thing of all is being in such good company!

    • As a very gay bookworm and a former cataloguer, I simply loooove your classification system.

      Sorry Library of Congress, you’ve been topped by the Library of Hella Gay Congress.

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