The Comment Awards Are Eating Leftover Chocolates in Bed

Hello! It’s December 28th! You did it! You did the thing! I don’t know what thing you had to do – maybe you had to spend time in close proximity to family without killing anybody! Maybe you had to stay at home and watch Bird Box and try to figure out where Sandra Bullock got all of that mascara in the apocalypse. Maybe you had to work, and help stressed out patrons find the last Tickle Me Elmo or whatever the kids are into these days. Whatever The Thing was, you did it, and I am so goddamn proud of you. We got through it, chickens! Onward.

This week, Riese wrote about the problem with Susie in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

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Alyssa got a haircut, and they’re in their feels about it.

Drew reviewed In Between, the gayest, most feminist movie you haven’t heard of this year.

Kayla would like you to throw a very specifically themed party in the most recent installment of For Your Consideration.

Need some graphic novels to keep you going through the New Year? Heather’s got 20 of the best of them!

And then there were your comments!

On Straight People Watch: Holiday Edition:

The Missionary Position Award to Lisa and Lex:

Lisa: True story–my step-mother said her son and wife had decided to home school their children so they could be taught “in the biblical way.

And the So Hot Right Now Award to Brianna, Katiger and Deli Twotone:

Brianna: “Is it a boy or a girl?

On EXCUSE ME, Did Kristen Stewart Get A New Girlfriend While We Weren’t Looking?

The Doesn’t Look Like Anything To Me Award to

This means I don’t have to pretend anymore to know which Victoria’s Secret model Stella Maxwell is, right?

On Grease Bats: Lonely:

The Merch Award to amidola:

amidola: “Now, let’s start a co-dependent friendship!

And the Christmas Switch Award to Larisa:

Not sure how I’m simultaneously both sides of this conversation, but here we are…

On Sunday Funday Is Still Dazzled By Tessa Thompson in Her “Men in Black” Suit:

The Suits Her Award to Morgan le Gay:

The new MIB only exists so that Tessa Thopmson can wear that suit and I’m 100% ok with that

On Monday Roundtable: Eggnog?

The Leggo my Eggno Award to Chandra:

I am proudly eggnogamous

On Make Susie Gay, You Cowards: On The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’s Lesbian Problem:

The Stars Homogenous Award to Angel:

Amy Sherman Palladino seems to be uncomfortable with the following groups: people of color, ESPECIALLY Black people, fat people, black women, blondes, etc etc.

And on OPEN THREAD: Do You Need a Little Gay Christmas Right This Very Minute:

The Reason For the Season Award to Quincy Here for AS:

Oh and I’m calling it Carb-mas now.

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  1. Merry Carb-mas to all!

    And not only did I do the thing, but I’m doing it again on Sunday, when I host my local extended family for a “please finish the Christmas cookies before the end of the year” low key party.

  2. I would love to make a clever comment but my brain can’t think past the screaming of the baby at the next table.

    Seeing how the mum seems like she belongs in an Erin post I can’t even blame them – I would scream too.

  3. no joke there’s this girl who bullied me in middle school who i keep on my facebook friends list SOLELY as a window into the bizarre world of straight cis girls who believe jesus was personally consulted on their life path

  4. CARB-MAS! CARB-MAS! Bless this holiday yes (and all the sweet carb-named children it inspires)! Praise cheezus (and bread)!

    • Hahaha jay I am SERIOUSLY considering naming my child Meyer after the carb-mas twitter convo you and I had!!

  5. After spending all afternoon making cookies and chocolate-covered pretzels for our post-Christmas family celebration on Sunday, I am embracing Carb-mas with vigor.

  6. Ooh haven’t gotten a comment award in a quite awhile it feels like a belated Christmas prezzy.

    As a baker of breads I’m in full favor of this Carb-mas and would humbly suggest cranberry walnut bread as the dessert center piece plated with some gingerbread cookies or gingerbread loaf, and grilled cheese sandwiches as the main course using big slices of a boule bread and Parmesan cheese and margarita pizza.
    The sides? Pasta dishes, rice dishes, grits and maybe quinoa.
    Appetizers; chips and dips by that I mean guacamole, tortilla chips, hummus and pita. Maybe a tomato based dip of some kind too.

    Did I miss any carbs? Rice dishes include beans in my neck of the woods…I think I missed potatoes somehow.

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