The Comment Awards Are Eating Juicy Peaches

Hello! I love you! I spent the early part of this week at a lake with absolutely no cell service, floating just under the surface of the water with a diving mask, searching the bottom for crawdad shells to show my cousin’s kids, and oh BOI do I miss it! But I missed you too! Let’s take a deep, centering breath together. Are you ready? Ok.

This week, Reneice grilled peaches in herbs and honey, and I have never wanted anything more.

Drew wrote beautifully about her love/hate relationship with Euphoria.

Are Cara Delevigne and Ashley Benson married? Who can say?

Carmen wrote about Toni Morrison, and the power of the secrets she laid bare.

The TV team ranked queer and lesbian coming-of-age movies, and guess what? They did not forget Lost and Delirious!

Nel’s recaps of Pose continue to be! so! Good! I! Cannot!

Christina wrote about navigating aggression, gender, and desire in this week’s You Need Help.

And then there were your comments!

On Femme Brûlée: Honey Herb Grilled Peaches:

The Stoneyfruit Jungle Award to rachel:

So do people elsewhere to the UK have the ”peaches or nectarines

On Sunday Funday Defines American Lesbianism With Kristen Stewart and King Princess:

The Panic! At the Klub Deer Award to Gilbert:

‘It was a formative time’ I’d love it so much if Kristen Stewart could link her queerness back to Panic Room, because honestly, same.

On Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson Got Married I Guess, Yes There Was an Elvis Impersonator:

The Nups and Nuptuality Award to speakpirate and Stef:

Please let this be a low pressure place holder ceremony, to be followed up by a huge celesbian wedding at Lindsay Lohan’s beach club. With sex bench ice sculptures and all of Cara’s exes as bridesmaids. And Princes Eugenie wearing a fancy hat. After which they move into Shibden Hall. This is the queer future we deserve.

On For Your Consideration: Knowing When It’s Over:

The Good As It Gets Award to Parker:

A while ago, a girl that I had just started dating texted me a link to a column called “For Your Consideration.

On Grease Bats: Visual Shorthand:

The Cage Match Award to caitlin:

desire for queer people to flag me as butch VERSUS desire to confuse straight people’s stereotypes: FIGHT

On Pop Culture Fix: Beanie Feldstein and Sarah Paulson Sure Are Bringing Monica Lewinsky’s Story to TV:

The Kara Bi-Vers Award to kristana:

While Dries isn’t able to give any additional details on who these girlfriends and romantic interests (of Batwoman) will be, she did reveal that they’re all going to play an important part in Kate’s journey toward becoming a superhero.

And on 10 Coming-of-Age Lesbian or Bisexual Movies, Ranked:

The Bildung a Mystery Award to Kitten Heel Femme

I’ve been trying for 15 minutes to try and fit a gay pun into the word “bildungsroman

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  1. Honestly, I thought that if I got a comment award this cycle it would be for my comment on No Filter, but I’ll take the win. Cheers, Queer Girl.

    • Breathing deep…

      Thanks for the reminder, and highlighting humor.

      I think we all have cage matches going on. Mine is desire to be seen as queer vs desire to say queer isn’t any particular look!

  2. Applause for Panic! At the Klub Deer Award and Byldung a Mystery Award
    But mostly applause for speakpirate. Fabulous comment

  3. Happy Friday queer girl. Looking for crawdads to show to kids sounds like the perfect vacation.

    But I’m selfishly glad you came back and did the comment awards.

  4. welcome back to the surface world QG! and thank you for my award, I’m currently both winning and losing this cage match at the same time!

  5. Arggh I can’t seem to post something on AS these days without accidentally making it a reply.

    Breathing deep…

    Thanks for the reminder, and highlighting humor.

    I think we all have cage matches going on. Mine is desire to be seen as queer vs desire to say queer isn’t any particular look!

    • Mine is desire to strive for the Platonic ideal of my personal queer aesthetic vs. desire to wear comfy and affordable pjs 24/7

  6. I cackled like an old witch when I read “and guess what? They did not forget Lost and Delirious!”

    When my lil cousins were actually little (the petite one is 5’9″) and my pawpaw was still the master of ceremonies for holidays and get-togethers we’d have crawfish boils I’d chase them with the claws.
    Which by the way can still be manipulated to open and close, don’t worry was all in good, squealy fun, if they’d really been scared I wouldna.

  7. My second comment award! *go me* ! Maybe I should take this to the shitty ableist doctor who said that disabled me had no ”purpose” in life!

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