Sunday Funday Defines American Lesbianism With Kristen Stewart and King Princess

Hello friends! I’m on vacation! I saw my mom and I went to the beach and I went on a walking tour and I made challah (literally) with my hands and NO HANDMIXER. I love vacation. I love beling like “oh, we were gonna leave at 1, but now 2:30? No problem! I have zero plans! Also, because I’ve been on vacation for almost a week, I’m convinced that the good news I found for the Funday is the ONLY news there is this week. Right? Right.

+ Kristen Stewart explains her whole career for us. God, remember Panic Room???

+ “Roll+Heart is an earnest LGBT tabletop visual novel” I don’t know what any of those words mean when placed in a sentence together, but it felt like it might be something a few of you would get excited about.

+ A Chicago mosque is broadening the norms of Muslim life by having women and LGBTQ+ prayer leaders.


+ Brazil’s trans influencers are changing the marketing game.

+ Ten more YA books starring queer girls.

+ As I was looking for links for this week’s post, I thought “why don’t you check your ‘Meryl Streep’ google alert?” and I am glad I did. King Princess included a Meryl Streep scream into her newest techno song.

And an update:

+ Pulp fiction helped define American lesbianism, which is maybe why we’re all obsessed with straight women who look like they’d step on us?

+ How Peppa Pig became an LGBTQ+ icon.

+ Lil Nas X’s coming out and success highlights how hip-hop is at a crossroads (that I think it’s ready to face).

+ A novel by Swedish author Sara Stridesburg, Valerie, is an “Extraordinary Love Letter to a Radical Feminist” 

+ Sleater-Kinney on St. Vincent

That’s all the news fit to print folks. Enjoy it, let it make you happy to be alive and then go do something fun and gay with your friends!! Love you, see you soon, etc etc etc.

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