The Autostraddle Insider: Issue 73, October 2020

Letter From Your Editors
Feeling our ghoulish sides OR the age-old question: how gay are you — do you own a flashlight?

Top: Heather + Socks // Casey + Beloved dog whose name I don't know // Vanessa // Sarah // Nicole // Stef + ScullyBottom: Rachel // Valerie Anne // Drew // Kamala // Malic // Meg

October at Autostraddle has been exceptionally full of goodies! If you have not already, please get out your longest spoon out to dig in. I’ve been appreciating what I’ve noticed is a thematic overlap between our very insightful U.S.Election coverage and the great explorations on our site of gay horror for Halloween. We had pieces that really hit the trifecta of beauty, pain and fuck-you-style redefinition that I just live for in Latinx Heritage Month, Coming Out Day, and our piece for Ace Week. And truly, the cherry on top of this sundae, was the utter bliss of Butt Week, which, yes, was super funny, but really moving too — let nobody say that we aren’t versatile over here! We’ve also...

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Kamala Puligandla lives in LA and is the writer of various autobiographical fictions. She is the distinguished recipient of her parents' leftovers and hair compliments from strangers on the street. Her first novel is forthcoming from Not A Cult. Find her work at

Kamala has written 50 articles for us.