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Coming Out Roundtable: Like A Can Of Pringles, Once You Pop The Fun Don’t Stop

We’re getting ready for Coming Out Day. “I also passive aggressively came out to my parents by posting a Facebook status on National Coming Out Day sixish years ago? They both liked it….and then we didn’t really talk about it? I introduced them to my then girlfriend about eight months later? I guess I technically passive aggressively came out to a lot of people in that Facebook post…”


The 11 Best Holidays For Coming Out To Your Family and Friends

Here’s what you do: write “I’m Gay” (or trans or bi or queer or whatever) on a piece of paper and put it inside an Easter Egg for the Easter Egg Hunt. Someone at your family gathering will find it, and it will lead to mass confusion as everyone tries to figure out who the “I” is referring to in the note. Now your Easter party is a Mystery party!