What’s Gay and New On Netflix, Amazon and Hulu in May 2020?

If you’re not already on the sofa, be sure you take a minute to sit on your sofa today. Sofas are important sites of rest, relaxation, and television viewing. Take it from me: my dog recently peed on my sofa!

LGBTQ+ Women Related Content New To Netflix Streaming in May 2020

Hollywood: Limited Series (2020) – May 1

Set in 1940s Tinseltown, this seven-episode limited series from Ryan Murphy and Executive Produced by Janet Mock mixes fictional characters with actual legends and a cast that includes Holland Taylor, Laura Harrier, Samara Weaving, Maude Apatow and Mira Sorvino. There are a lot of gay men at the top of the story, and queer actresses in the series include Hattie McDaniel (Queen Latifah), Tallulah Bankhead (Paget Brewster) and Anna Mae Wong (Michelle Krusiec). Mock describes the series as an “aspirational tale of what ifs” where “a band of outsiders are given a chance to tell their own story.”

The Half of It (2020) – May 1

Alice Wu’s much-anticipated film follows a bookish, tomboyish Chinese American immigrant daughter who writes essays for other students to make extra income for her struggling family. When she’s enlisted to write love letters for “lovable jock” Paul Munsky to “girl next door/preacher’s daughter” Aster Flores, she starts developing some feelings of her own.

Workin Moms: Season 4 (2020) – May 4

Adding another gay Frankie to the wide world of lesbian characters named Frankie, Workin’ Moms follows four women struggling to juggle parenthood with relationships and jobs and you know, everything you’d expect from the title. Frankie is amongst the Moms, having recently had a baby through a sperm donor with her partner, Rhoda.

Charmed: Season 2 (2019) – May 9

After losing The Elders; Mel, Maggie and Macy are in charge in this action-packed second (and last) season to the reboot that made one of the sisters (Mel) a lesbian! There’s also half-demon half-witch daughter of the demon Alastor, Abigael.

Grey’s Anatomy: Season 16 (2019-2020)

I feel like if Season 16 of this program is of interest to you then you probably don’t need me to tell you what it is about!

Riverdale: Season 4 (2019)

Will Cheryl Blossom get the “normal” senior year for which she yearns while also continuing to converse with her dead brother’s corpse? Join us as Cheryl Blossom and Toni Topaz “continue to live in a gay gothic horror family drama that hits a whole new level of pulp trash.” (That’s a good thing, btw.)

She-Ra and the Princess of Power: Season 5 (2020)

Heather loves this show so much and probably would have something to say about Season Five of it, but she had to lie down. I am open to blurb submissions in the comments, thank you!

Hannah Gadsby: Douglas (2020) – May 19

Turns out Hannah Gadsby was not done telling jokes after all! In Douglas she reflects on all that has transpired since the much-lauded Nanette. The New York Times called it “smart and challenging, with some genuinely funny punch lines woven into the self-analysis and social commentary.”

Queer Content New to Amazon Streaming in April 2020

Homecoming: Season 2 (2020) – May 22

Pansexual actress/musician Janelle Monáe stars in the second chapter of this creepy little saga about the mysterious wellness company behind the Homecoming Initiative. Season One, based on a popular podcast, starred Julia Roberts. We’re not sure how gay it’ll be but there is a lady-kiss in the trailer!

Queer(ish) Content New to Hulu Streaming in April 2020

Vikings: Season 6A – May 5

I’m gonna tell it to you straight I don’t know a damn thing about this show, but here’s what I do know: Lagertha is the Earl of Hedeby and Queen regent of Kattegat. Who doesn’t love a Queen regent of Kattegat???

Drag Me: Season One – May 15

It appears as though the them dot us YouTube series in which drag makeovers are given to people we know and love including Amandla Stenberg and Christine and the Queens!

AKA Jane Roe – May 22

This biopic tells the story of the real woman behind Roe v. Wade, Norma McCorvey, whose pregnancy led to the case that changed history. For a time, McCorvey identified as a lesbian, but later said she had been “saved” by religion from her lesbianism.

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  1. I dunno if it was mentioned in another post, but I just saw the limited series Unorthodox on Netflix, which is based on the biography of a woman who escaped the Satmar Jewish community of Brooklyn. I don’t think she’s queer, but her mother left her father to be gay(implied cause she has gf/wife).

  2. Have you seen RetroCrush?? Just came out. Classic anime streaming, free with commercials. We’re discovering just how gay Bubblegum Crisis was. I thought it was gonna be baiting-gay, but then there were two women in their underwear engaging in a consensual reverse-vampire bite and talking about how much they loved each other.

  3. So glad I clicked on this! I’ve been wanting to rewatch Bend It Like Beckham and couldn’t find it anywhere last week. And now I can finally get to episode two (and the rest) of Vida! Thanks 🙏

  4. Mindy Kaling’s new show, Never Have I Ever, is on Netflix, and it’s not only adorable, but one of the main character’s best friends is navigating her newly-discovered queer identity! The show isn’t without its issues, but it’s SUPER charming.

    • I loved this show. Maitreyi Ramakrishnan who plays the main character is extremely charismatic and really talented. It’s so exciting this is her first ever professional acting job! She also pings as queer to me. As does Lee Rodriguez who plays the queer best friend.

      And yes not without its issues. One of the issues is the anti-fatness (all the characters are thin / straight size except one guy and he is always eating and treated as a joke).

  5. I binged Hollywood this weekend. It was alright, it’s very m/m and straight people centered and there isn’t a ton of wlw representation. I really enjoyed Holland Taylor and I liked the actress playing Anna May Wong and the backstory on her was interesting. However, none of these scenes with those women (Anna, Tallulah, Hattie) ever mention they were gay. The show really focuses on the young crowd trying to break into Hollywood and what they have to do, aka casting couch, to get a job.
    I’m a big Old Hollywood fan, so I’m pretty much a sucker for this kind of stuff. but I’d love to see a series about any of those women mentioned above or really any queer woman in Hollywood at that time.

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