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You’re Free To Travel While Transgender, Protected From Queer Partner Violence

The State and Justice Departments are teaming up to give you kind of a nice Friday – it should now be a lot easier for trans people to get accurate passports, and new guidelines on partner violence are also going to apply to queer relationships. Also, gay Republicans at LA Pride, angry gay Bostonians, the superstar teen sailor is missing, Exodus International wants you to know it’s sorry but you’re still going to hell, and a Jewish/Arab lesbian feminist has some thoughts to share.

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Transpeople, Ewoks, Dolly Parton: It’s All The Same to Bill O’Reilly

Now that American Eagle staffers don’t have to choose “gender-specific” outfits, what’s to stop them from DRESSING LIKE EWOKS? Lawyers think George Rekers gay sex controversy could call his past expert witness testimony into question. Why aren’t we talking about the sex lives of the white male Supreme Court Justices? Plus, how parents deal with Glee, how to be a good beard, and racism in beauty pageants.

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In Defense of Dressing Up: On Trans Surgery, Fashion Writing & the “Natural Body” Myth

Fashion blogger Meg Clark on why fashion blogging matters, trans activist lawyer Dean Spade unpacking feminist discourse around trans surgery. Though very different people/topics, both touch on how a “looks don’t matter” perspective disables us from having important conversations about gender/society/self. Also; 39% of young Swedish ladies lust for other ladies, fancy perfume, marriage officials love love, Margaret Cho directs a kickin’ new video, and Lesbians deal with HIV.

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Canada Votes Lucas Silveria Sexiest Man, Trans Kids Hurting in US Schools (#goodnewsverybadnews)

Lucas Silveira nabbed Sexiest Man in ChartAttack’s 2009 Awards. New research confirms existing research about harsh realities for trans and gender-nonconforming youth in US Schools. Obama might talk about DADT in the State of the Union tomorrow. The Moscow mayor thinks gay pride parades are Satanic. The HRC tells you where to work. And Chicago might appoint a lez to the city council.

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Obama’s ‘Small Victories’ for LGBTs This Week: Is It Change We Can Believe In?

The Obama Administration is making small steps towards helping the LGBT community with the Shepard Act & new initiatives from the departments of Housing and Urban Development and Health and Human Services. Also; Dan Choi gives great interview to the Metro Weekly – with tales of a childhood spent praying “Jesus, make me pop a boner for Michelle Pfeiffer, in Jesus’ name, amen!”