Annika & Sebastian Want to Answer All Your Trans*-Related Questions

If you’re not trans* and don’t have a close friend or family member who is, chances are you have some unanswered questions! Maybe you have a friend that just came out and you want to know how you can be a supportive ally but you’re scared of saying something potentially offensive. Perhaps you want to know more about what all those strange acronyms mean or you’re curious about it’s like to navigate the medical and legal worlds as a trans* person. Or maybe you just what to know what that little asterisk signifies.

Whatever it is that you’ve been wondering about, now is your chance to ask! Between now and the end of the week, we (Sebastian and Annika)will try to answer your questions  (see Trans Etiquette 101 if you’re unsure of where to start).

Here’s how it works: send your questions to us by messaging us privately at our Autostraddle Social profiles: Sebastian & Annika . (If you haven’t registered, you can do so here) At the end of the week, we’ll work together to come up with responses and answer your questions in a spectacular post of undetermined format.

We’re looking to provide a comfortable, fun, and non-judgmental way to ask potentially embarrassing questions, so please know that all submissions will remain 100% anonymous.

As always, we’ll be drawing from our own (admittedly privileged) personal experiences, which only represent a slice of the trans* community as a whole.

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I'm a 23 year old femme lesbian living in SF. Once upon a time, I was a USC frat boy ;) I ♥ music so please recommend your favorite artists to me!

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  1. Thank you Sebastian and Annika! Also that Trans Etiquette article is really really good

  2. This is awesome! Thanks so much… working on a question that doesn’t sound completely stupid or offensive. <3 You all rock.

  3. You should set up a duo-formspring because some of my questions are probably so stupid, I’d be embarrassed that you knew that I asked it..

    • I know Sebastian definitely has one on his tumblr xxboy, but I don’t think Annika does yet.

    • Aw don’t be embarrassed, that’s why we’re doing this! And trust me, I’ve heard it all… for example when I first came out I had to explain to my hairdresser that yes, it is possible for me to be both trans and a lesbian!

      But if you’d feel more comfortable you can always anonymously shoot me a question in my tumblr ask box

      • “…yes, it is possible for me to be both trans and a lesbian!”

        Oh my goodness. SO MANY TIMES. At this point I’m tempted to print out business-card sized FAQs and just hand them to people.

  4. Does the awesomeness of this site and its contributors ever decrease? Ever?

    So far the evidence is “FUCK NO, MORE AWESOME ALL DAY EVERY DAY.”

    Thank you for this continuity, guys <3

  5. I am so freaking excited for this. Annika and Sebastian are the best and them TOGETHER makes my head explode a little.

  6. your bravery for putting yourselves out there, for being educators, should be commended.

    you guys are great!

  7. ahhh, i’m so excited for this! thank you both for taking time and effort to teach us- it’s truly a privilege to hear your input. it’s things like this that make autostraddle my favorite community.

  8. I love this thread! And you two are amazing for opening yourselves and your life up like this :)

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