Attention, Los Angeles: EVERYBODY is the Radically Inclusive Gym You’ve Been Waiting For

“I always felt better after exercising, but also always felt it came at a cost, whether that was a really dirty locker room, an overly fluorescent space playing terrible music, or having to navigate a highly gendered space and endure sexist, homophobic commentary. I wanted to create a space that felt really good to be in, like you were actually going to feel better while being there.”

Working On It, Week 6: Better Lunching

“I’m definitely not a believer in those no/low carb diets, it’s more that my bread to non-bread daily ratio is waaaayy off and I need to cut back a little. Just a tiny bit, though, ’cause nothing feels as good as freshly baked miche sourdough tastes.”

Custom Fit: Getting Fit

In this special edition of our o.b.® tampons-sponsored “Custom Fit” series, we go over how to fit a workout into all kinds of lifestyles! Also, we have a big announcement about our special o.b.® brand dedicated page!