Working On It, Week 11: This is Our Workout Playlist

This week in striving for immortality, my toe has healed nicely from the trampolining incident and I’ve been doing okay but not wonderfully at refraining from stress smoking and not stress-eating all the sourdough. It’s not easy, this willpower thing. There have been some setbacks but thanks to encouraging words on and offline, I’ve been powering on.

I’ll be moving to Chicago in one month! Hot damn. Cold damn? My weeks are getting busy; there are so, so many things to tie up or shut down, and lots of people to spend time with and say goodbye to. Getting to the gym more than twice a week is starting to feel impossible and so I’ve been turning to Fitness Blender for more convenient at-home workouts. Right now I’m really digging this 30-minute cardio video followed by this 10-minute ab workout.

I really want to try some different at-home workout websites soon, most likely beginning with Darebee and Blogilates given that many of you have been singing their praises. Any suggestions for others I should try?

If you’ve been doing the 30 Day Yoga Challenge, how’s that been going for you? A few of you seemed to be digging it pretty hard last week. I was half-assing it because of the toe situation and so I’ve decided that this week I’ll start over from Day One.

Our workout playlist is ready! The genre mix is definitely diverse but that’s expected, we did real good. It got me through this super intense 1,000 calorie HIIT workout that I feel great about completing but also never want to do again. Ever! Cheers to everyone who contributed.


Working On It Playlist

Lose Control (feat. Ciara & Fat Man Scoop) – Missy Elliott
Crazy in Love – Beyoncé & JAY Z
Closer – Tegan and Sara
Dancing On My Own – Robyn
Highway to Hell – AC/DC
Thnks fr th Mmrs – Fall Out Boy
Run the World (Girls) – Beyoncé
Going Mobile – Original Album Version – The Who
I Wanna Get Better – Bleachers
On The Floor – Jennifer Lopez & Pitbull
Rompe – Daddy Yankee
Tik Tok – Glee Cast
Sunday Morning – No Doubt
Trouble – P!nk
Work It – Missy Elliott
St. Patrick – Pvris
Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen
B.O.B. – OutKast
September – Earth, Wind & Fire
Jin Go Lo Ba – Fatboy Slim
Heart Of A Champion – Nelly
Applause – Lady Gaga
Bamboo Bones – Against Me!
Ready to Go – Panic! At The Disco
Indestructible – Disturbed
The Anthem – Good Charlotte
Something New – Axwell^Ingrosso & Axwell & Sebastian Ingrosso
The Veldt – Radio Edit – deadmau5;Chris James
Time To Run – Lord Huron
Loca People (What the F**k!”) – Sak Noel
Real Love – Clean Bandit & Jess Glynne
Temperature – Sean Paul
Dancing In The Dark – Rihanna
Ex’s & Oh’s – Elle King
T.O.A.B. – Sevendust
Olympians – Fuck Buttons

Coming up next week: I did a group fitness class! In water!

How’s this past week been for you? Have you been working on a thing? Have you had more success staying active at work? Tell me your latest.

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  1. I needed this playlist so much. Been trying to find songs to get me pumped.

    I was pretty active in the beginning of summer, but of course I got busy. When I move to college next week I really want to get back at it. Which sounds impossible cuz…college, but I am determined.

    • You can do it, find friends to go with you, that will help you bond and stay active. Or just find fun things to do, like frisbee or something.

    • I’m trying to get started back at college this week too! I’m planning to build it into my schedule the same way classes are, so I can’t have a daily “should I go?” debate in my head.

    • I worked for a university in Sydney once and they had lots of free social sports events on campus for students, like yoga and soccer. I don’t know if US colleges have similar offerings but it might be worth asking around?

      Good luck with settling into college life!

  2. Cool!!! I will give this a test drive later during my run. Should be good. I love the variety and selection. I think thats important during have variety.

  3. I love the playlist! I cannot get spotify to work for the life of me. I get into this weird loop where it says my account already exists, and then says that I need to create an account. It’s quite annoying and never ending.

    Anyway, I have continued with the yoga challenge, though I have taken a day off here and there, so I just did day 13 today. I started hockey season last week with a skills camp. I just moved to a new city too, and I am happy to have this sport to help me stay active and also to make new friends. At the camp, I convinced two girls in the locker room to join the league, and then they requested that we all be on a team together. Yay friends! and Yay Hockey! Hockey is my zen. When I am playing hockey, I am thinking of nothing else. It’s awesome.

    • It’s so rad that you’ve started hockey and making friends in your new city. Is it ice hockey or field hockey? Good luck with the rest of the season!

  4. I just got back from a 5-day trip to Maine for funsies because there’s water there and not really in NY, and then got through a 4-day paddle festival (Beaverfest) directly afterwards so I’m pooped. Much boating was to be had, but I managed to pull a bicep/deltoid (or so my friend who’s a PA thinks based on a cursory glance; he’s not concerned about a tear so neither am I) so boating needs to take a break for a bit for me.

    But speaking of which–I know there are some app things that let you track workouts and also track your friends’ workouts? Right? Those things exist? Because my other friend had the grand idea of all of the local boaters going in on one of those things for the winter to keep us in shape and honest and not horribly procrastinating doing anything. Which I’m all about, actually. The only downside is that if I do end up finding a job in South America, I will actually literally be getting hate mail from my friends come like, end of February/beginning of March because I’ll be logging the rivers I’m boating on and everything up this way will still be frozen.

    • Sorry to hear that you’ll be out injured for a while, that sucks. Beaverfest sounds pretty amazing though. I haven’t yet tried one of those group workout tracking things but it seems like a neat idea and to echo Rey, there’s a group situation already happening if you’re interested in joining!

      Also the Working On It social group could be relevant to your interests.

  5. Finally commenting here to congratulate you on the most awesome exercise playlist ever! Totally in the mood to go running now, except its past midnight..

  6. I have completely fucked up my fucking back and can barely move without crying and have a game on Saturday, is where I am. No one do the ab weights machine in the gym – it is a lie. But I have an appointment with magic physio in 45 minutes so hopefully he will fix it.

    Apart from that, I am on the 2×8 minutes section of C25k and killing it. So much fitter. My knee doesn’t love the running so I do it on the crosstrainer. I figure as long as I’m getting the cardio benefit wevs. Plus my hamstrings are becoming SO STRONG. Mmmm acceleration.

    • I’m so sorry to hear that you hurt your back! I really hope that your physio was able to work some magic so that you can recover quickly.

      Way to go on the C25K! Smashing it.

  7. Yay us! Awesome playlist — would you believe that after much resisting, I literally *just* signed up to spotify so I could use it!

  8. I have live in visitors right now, who NEVER LEAVE THE DAMN APARTMENT!
    So now, I do.
    While cycling to the library is a definite “Oh, yes!” getting my in between workouts in, has been…challening.
    This involves doing jumping jacks in the entirely empty study hall and being walked in on, silent ninja push ups in my bedroom, so my friends will not jump to the wrong conclusions aboout me panting in there, doing squats and punches in a remote corner of the library, only to notice that people can look in from the street..I really need to work on my stealth skills..
    One of these days, when I’m not too tired, I’ll just go and straightforward hide in the gym.
    I’m hiding in a coffeeshop right now, by the way.
    Love the playlist and will check it out asap.
    Have a good week everyone and battle on!

    • Sorry to hear about your visitors cramping your home workout style. Well done on figuring out a stealthy ninja routine, that’s serious dedication.

  9. 30-day yoga challenge is so good for my mental health! My back issues are already feeling better, too. Skating is going well- i find I learn something new each time I go to the park, even if it’s minimal progress. I’ve met some really friendly folks who are happy to teach stuff, BUT HALF OF THEM ARE HYPER CONSERVATIVE FUNDAMENTALISTS (that’s central VA for ya). Hopefully I won’t get converted/sent to hell? My fitness is skyrocketing tho.

    • Somehow I wouldn’t expect skaters to be super-hyper-conservative-fundamentalists.. apparently I need to review my predjudices. But yay for your skating successes! I’m always super amazed at skaters, because everytime I watch people fall all over the places. Huge thumbs up for tackling something that cool and that tricky!!

    • Glad to hear that you’re digging the yoga challenge! And still kicking ass at the skating. It’s so great that you’ve found some mentors to help you develop. Good luck with not getting sent to hell.

  10. Super awesome playlist! I love doing fit-things to great music pumping (aka my love for Zumba explained in one sentence), so yay! (Strangely enough I hated listening to music when I was still a runner – always ran solo, without anything to distract me from steps-rhythem-breathing).

    As my bad luck wants it I’ve been sick for the past two weeks, following two weeks of vacation. That means I haven’t seen my studio for about four weeks.. and I dread going back next week (full disclosure: no, but it will hurt like hell). I started to bike to work again yesterday and arrived gasping for air (apparently my lungs aren’t up to their usual shape again..). Also ran to catch a train on Friday and nearly fainted. This isn’t going the way it was suposed to! Damn. I guess there’s no “How to stay fit when you’re sick” thing going on, right?

    Yay for doing a water class! I’m looking forward to read this (and maybe, possibly, share the most-hilarious-story how I failed at a group water class once.. real hard.)

    • Sorry to hear that you’ve been sick! But taking time off was def the right thing to do. I hope you recover soon and that getting back into your fitness routine next week isn’t too punishing. Looking forward to hearing your water story!

  11. This playlist is great! And it’s definitely what I needed. Brisbane weather is getting warmer and it’s decreasing my motivation to exercise.

    Hope the move goes well!

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