Working On It, Week 9: And Then I Broke My Toe

Gather around, friends. Let me tell you a story about my past week in health and wellness.

Remember last week, when I was saying “yes” to everything? One of those things was a cardio trampoline class with my co-workers. That’s exactly what it sounds like — a cardio class held on trampolines. I’d vowed to challenge myself more, and trying this was the first step. Step-upville: population me. Going with a small crowd of co-workers made it less scary; if I made a fool of myself then I was almost certain they would as well.

The venue was this big warehouse style space with wall-to-wall trampolines.


The beginners class started easy, with basic jumps where you move arms and legs like different animals while in the air (“NOW JUMP LIKE A FROG!”) or landing on your butt and bouncing back up.

Then it started getting real. We began bouncing higher and further and longer, which worked a surprising number of muscles and left everyone gasping for air.

Then we started doing sprints. Running up and down the trampolines, trying to keep balance while also not trying to eat it on the foam dividers in between, which required some precision that I now know I am not capable of.

During my fifth or sixth sprint, my clumsy size 11 foot caught the foam divider and I ate the trampoline. Hard.

Cartoon recap by Stef Schwartz

Cartoon recap by Stef Schwartz

But it’s just a trampoline, right? So I bounced straight back up and kept on sprinting. That’s what Abby Wambach would’ve done. Where’s my world cup.

When the class finished and I stepped back on solid ground, I knew straight away that I’d fucked my foot. My big toe is now a nice dark purple marbled hue and hurts like hell to walk on.


I’ve been trying to figure out how to continue being physically active with this injury, which is stressful. All activities that I’m currently digging — the yoga challenge, ab exercises and home workout videos — are out. Even my daily walks are out. I’ve had to start taking the bus to work, which makes me frustrated and grumpy although hopefully not for too long.

What’s making me most anxious, to be real with you, is the potential impact that inactivity might have on my body shape. I don’t generally sweat it when clothes start feeling a little tight, however, right now I have a nicely tailored wedding suit hanging in my closet that needs to fit my body in two months. There’s no excess fabric for it to be ‘let out’ and I won’t have the cash to buy a Plan B outfit. So if it doesn’t fit, it’ll be jeans and a t-shirt and being disowned by my family — again. Weddings! Such pressure.

So anyway, I’ve begun trying to adapt and come up with gentle exercise routine that doesn’t put weight on my foot. Here are a few little things that have worked so far:

  • Upper body weight machines at the gym
  • A core workout with leg raises, side crunches and twists
  • The exercise bike
  • Lots and lots of limping up and down the stairs at work

Have you ever had to work around an injury before? How did you go about adapting your exercise routine, or creating a new one? How did you handle the frustration of not being as active as you had been? Some of you have briefly mentioned having injuries and physical conditions far more serious than my sore toe, so if you’d like share anything about your experiences please do.

Also, if you’ve ever broken your toe and have some tips on foot-friendly exercises then I’d love to hear them.

Oh, and, despite the injury, trampolining was actually a blast. I don’t regret saying yes. It was a surprisingly intense workout and I can’t wait to do it again, although maybe I’ll be running a little more slowly next time.

Before I sign off, I want to ask you a question.

What’s your favourite workout song? That one track that just really gets you going. I need new gym music and so I’d like to make a Working On It playlist on Spotify, crowd-sourced from everyone who reads this column. Or multiple playlists, if our music tastes end up being all over the place.

I’ve got a several favourite workout jams but if I had to choose just one, I think it would be Sevendusts’ “T.O.A.B”. Or maybe Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off”? This is a hard question. I’m sorry. I still want you to answer it, please. Thank you.

What have you been up to this week? What are your working on? Did you start the 30 Day Yoga Challenge? Did you say yes to trying something new? How did that go for you? Tell me all about it.

Also, if you’ve been enjoying this column then there’s a social group that you might like to join.

Coming up next week: Doing your desk job without feeling like a sloth, and hopefully a kick-ass playlist.

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  1. Good luck with your foot!

    I did start the 30 day yoga challenge but I only did 1 day. Maybe next week…

  2. Oh no! Hope your toe feels better soon!

    I listen to a lot of Fall Out Boy when I run. It works as something upbeat and also reminiscing about being an angsty teenager helps on those last miles.

  3. Those trampoline warehouses are TROUBLE. I’m so sorry about your foot!

    I have been doing a lot of yoga to try and be more stretchy and make my lower back hurt less. This is hard, though, because it really feels like the world is out to destroy lower backs.

    • I think you are right. I think it’s a thing. Is the yoga helping at all or is it too soon to tell?

  4. As a person who has tried to work out through many injuries to many body parts, I’ve found that swimming is effective for both workouts and rehab. Good luck!

    Oh, and I have lots of early 2000s pop-punk on my workout playlist.

  5. Ugh, so sorry about the injury, that’s the absolute worst :( I wouldn’t rush any activities that require healthy toes in attempts to keep off the weight since then you might just worsen the injury. You could try just reducing your caloric intake by the amount that you would normally burn off from walking more/going to the gym, but that’s much more easily said than done!

    As for perfect workout song: I love anything by the Who for working out, lots of energy. Going Mobile is one of my favorites.

    • Mhm good point about not rushing activities. I’m quite impatient and so I’m trying to keep that in mind.

  6. I never want you to be hurt, Crystal.

    I never want you to stop drawing cartoons of life events, Stef.

  7. I sprained my ankle doing drunk karaoke a month and a half ago. I have found that swimming, and playing softball at work was the best way to heal. I had a runner and played catcher so I didn’t have to run for 2 weeks. Now I’m back to weightlifting, light running, and the elliptical!

    My favorite work out song is I Wanna Get Better by Bleachers. I also love Go The Distance from Hercules or I’ll Make A Man Out Of You from Mulan for warm up.

    • I’m glad you were able to find some activities that still allowed you to heal. Softball is one that I wouldn’t have thought of, sounds great.

  8. Hope you recover from your injury soon! Don’t be discouraged!

    As far as workout songs go, MISSY ELLIOTT IS QUEEN. Lose Control, Gossip Folks, Work It (obviously). I could go on.

  9. I really want to do that trampoline thing, but I’ll definitely be going slow!

    When I did work out, I developed tendonitis in my left foot. It was painful as hell, the only thing I could do was hobble around on crutches, and swim. Swimming may work for you.

    My workout playlist depends on what I’m doing. If I’m doing an intense workout, it’s that type of bragadocious hip-hop that I never listen to. I don’t know why it motivates me so much. And if I’m doing yoga, it’s lots of acoustic guitar or R&B-esque/Electronic instrumentals. Now that I think about it, there are plenty of yoga poses that can be done without putting weight on that toe. I hope you feel better soon!

    • Thank you!

      I hope you get to try trampolining soon, it was super fun! But yes, please take care.

  10. i hope your toe feels better soon, Crystal! Stef’s cartoon is just so good.

    So I really don’t know if you want my workout playlist recommendations, mostly because they consist of the raunchiest songs out there (that don’t correlate to my everyday listening) but I need highly energizing music to get shit done. here’s my two cents:

    rompe – daddy yankee
    on the floor- jlo and pitbull
    temperature – sean paul
    culo – pitbull, lil john
    loca people – sak noel
    give me everything – pitbull and other people
    suavemente – elvis crespo
    gasolina – daddy yankee

    apparently i like working out to pitbull?

  11. Cardio trampoline class? Sounds fun, but I’m sorry about your injury! The only suggestion I have is not to neglect cardio – the exercise bike is fine if your toe doesn’t hurt.

    As for my favorite workout song, I currently love “Hey Hey” by BYNON and BISHOP. I love when Spotify/people make(s) workout playlists for me: I’m scared that I might get tired of my “regular” playlists too soon if I listen to those while working out. And I don’t have that many playlist ideas…

  12. Hopefully, you have a speed recovery. One of my favorite songs is OutKast B.O.B. Then again I work out 3 times a week and one of those days I am listening to podcasts, while the other days it’s listening to Pandora, and when on the cardio machines(not rope climb) I watch YouTube, cause sometimes watching a 12 minute video while going at a moderate pace on the treadmill has you forgetting how long you’ve been on there.

  13. I agree with Jess that swimming is a good choice when you need non weight-bearing exercise. I swam a lot after tearing some abdominal muscles because I was restricted from weight-bearing activity for four months. One thing you might need at first is a pull buoy if it hurts your foot to kick. Depending on how the toe feels, deep water running could also be a good alternative.

    My workout playlist is pretty much all rap and hip hop with some alternative thrown in. There are some tools that can help you pick workout songs based on the beats per minute (bpm). Supposedly, if you match the bpm of your music to your target heart rate, it makes your perceived effort less.

    • Thanks for the advice on swimming with an injury, that’s helpful. I plan to hit the pool soon.

  14. I’m sorry to hear about your toe!That can be pretty brutal. :( (I run a lot and often have bruised toenails, which isn’t quite as bad as the whole toe, but comes with its own set of challenges).

    Re workout playlist:
    Anytime/all the time – Anything by P!nk (I have an entire playlist that’s just all her albums back to 2000 through the most recent, and it’s my best motivator)
    Recent go-tos – TSwift’s 1989 album, Tegan & Sara Heartthrob album, Fight Song (Rachel Platten), Dancing in the Dark (Rhianna – from the Home soundtrack)

    • Thanks! Bruised toenails do sound challenging.
      P!nk is one of my favourite artists / artists to work out to as well. Mostly I listen to Missundaztood, Try This! and Can’t Take Me Home.

  15. Last summer, I joined a gym, and then broke my foot a few weeks later. I was living in a walk-up apartment at the time, which was no fun. I have learned that you can’t out-train your diet. 80% of weight loss (and I assume maintenance) comes from what you eat. So my suggestion would be to focus more on the food you’re consuming, as abs are made in the kitchen.

    This past Sunday, I went to an open house for a weight loss program that is a group coaching addressing our emotional relationship with food and body. I started crying during the open house, so I knew it was for me. I enrolled that night, and I’m really excited to start. My relationship with food and my body definitely need some work, and I’m ready to address these issues.

    My main problem that I’m having right now is time. I’m so exhausted with my new jobs that I’m having trouble finding the time and energy to go to the gym and cook delicious, healthful meals. I know I need to make time, but I’m having a hard time finding the energy.

    • Good luck with the program! I hope that it ends up being a super positive/supportive/effective one.

  16. Several people have mentioned swimming up above, which every doctor ever has told me to do when I’m recovering from something (with the exception of broken ribs, but that’s mostly because the doc was like “don’t do anything because you won’t want to anyway” and then I was kayaking again 10 days later anyway) And you’ve already said you’re stationary biking, which is what every sports medicine person ever will tell you if you come to them with an injury (I was a very clumsy, albeit athletic jr high/high school/college athlete who became pals with the PT folks).

    I’d also say, since this is a toe injury, you might want to try a rowing machine aka an erg? It’s a fucking intense workout if you’re doing it right, and you’re hitting your legs (mostly), core (quite a bit), and shoulders (a little bit), plus cardio.

    Also, depending on how sore your foot is, the elliptical might be a thing to try? I’ve always found it easier on my knees/ankles when I’m recovering from injuries, and it has the plus of not involving stepping, so it might also work for you.

    And since I mentioned kayaking further up, if you have the access to a river and a boat with minimal rental fees, flatwater is a good core and shoulder/arm workout that you can easily turn into a cardio workout if you feel like trying to race a friend or something.

    • I second erging. It’s what I can do for cardio at the gym with a cranky knee/hip situation and has done wonders for back/neck alignment/strength. If you close your eyes, you can pretend you are on the water.

    • Thanks for all the suggestions! I didn’t consider the rowing machine, sounds like a good idea. I’ve used one before and remember it being a (good) challenge.

      Kayaking is definitely on my list of new activities to try, hopefully when winter fully passes.

  17. I’m loving the yoga challenge, despite past traumatic yoga experiences! (I think mainly it’s because Adriene is cute af, but whatever motivates you motivates you)

    I’m carving decently so my dreams of riding a bowl by years end just may be a reality. Mainly sticking to early morning weekend sessions, but I love connecting my yoga practice to skating, and using that as my motivation instead of weightloss, etc. currently pretty bruised from slamming a few times but I’m fortunate to still be in working order. The best injury advice I have is: ICE AND IBUPROFEN UNTIL NOTHING HURTS (also give your body time to rest and be kind to yourself!)

    I am so grateful for this column and the support of everyone here in becoming our most badass selves. (sending all my toe-healing energy your way, Crystal)

    • Oh rad, I’m glad you’re enjoying the yoga challenge! And yeah def, whatever works.

      You’ve been kicking so much ass with your skateboarding, well done. I think your bowl dreams might be in reach too. I’m sending healing energy back at you for all the the bumps and bruises.

  18. Sorry to hear about your injury, I hope you’re back to 100% soon!

    I would agree with everyone who has been talking about swimming, but I would add that you might want to consider using a pull buoy if kicking hurts your toe. You can still get a pretty solid work out from using your arms and core to get yourself moving. Someone mentioned deep water running which could also be great!

    My favorite workout song right now is St. Patrick by PVRIS. It’s such a jam and I think it’s hella motivating. Also Exs and Ohs by Elle King because that song makes me feel like a bad bitch event though I am not.

  19. Oh, and there’s restorative/recovery yoga which is typically done mostly lying done (i.e. take the standing poses and do them lying done) and often includes lots of long stretches. Basically, you can avoid using legs/feet/toes much. I used to do it regularly, and will still adapt a normal yoga class by doing portions of them in restorative mode.

  20. Fave workout song: Vengo by Ana Tijoux! Whenever I go running in the morning it’s the song I listen to first to get me going. And good tempo for fast (for me!) running. :D love the column!

  21. It sounds like the routine you’re working with to keep weight off your bad foot is pretty decent! It also bears remembering that fitness is a lifetime process. One week off in the long term doesn’t amount to much. Even over the course of a single year, a week off just isn’t all that significant. So even though it really sucks to feel held back when you are just getting off the ground, don’t let that frustration grow. You’ll heal and be right back at it soon enough, just let your body do its thing! And in the meantime, things like exercise bike and upper body work seem like a great idea.

    • Thanks for these words. You’re right, it’s not a big set back in the grand scheme of things. This is a good time to work on my patience.

  22. Oh no!!!! I hope your toe feels better soon. Did you have a doctor look at it to know the extent of injury? As with any injury I find that cold compress is good and helps with the swelling. Plus it can numb it a bit.

    I havent had any serious injuries yet but I did really hurt my knee a while back. I try to work around it, actually skipping a leg day and giving it lots of rest everyday. Swimming is a great option and also biking!!

    My workout song would definitely have to be Indestructible by Disturbed or Got The Life by Korn.

    I havent said yes to yoga sadly. No chance to scout some classes and stuff. I have been having a hard time with weights this week I think I mightve gained a bit of muscle. Running was hard too. But Im watching OITNB during so its really bearable.

    On the other hand I can now bench press 155lbs woohoo!!

    • Congrats on the bench press! That’s a big weight, well done.
      I didn’t get medical attention but every day the pain is getting lighter so I don’t think I did anything too severe.
      Your workout songs are also my workout songs.

      • I train pretty intense so the music really helps me to push. It’s such a coincidence that you asked about music this week because my co workers also asked me! Lol. I do try to listen to some pop etc during my run to keep my mind bubbly.

  23. I hope you feel better soon! Can I just say though I liked the article title better when it was womp womp like the url!?


    Assuming you don’t have a cast (for broken feet, I don’t think you usually do?) swimming or just general water exercise would be good. If you can find a deep-water aerobics or deep-water running class, that would be ideal – it’s no-impact but still a good workout, and anything using your feet could be easily adapted. If kicking hurts, you could also do laps with a pull buoy between your legs (this sucka).

    Depending on how bad it feels, you might be able to use an elliptical? (Obvs clear that with the doctor first.)

    One of my friends broke her foot a couple years ago, I can ask if there were any activities she was able to do.

    As for music – my secret weapon is Fuck Buttons. They just put me in the zone. Also psytrance. I don’t know. My brain is weird. Here is a Pandora station.

    • Thanks for the tips! The elliptical is a bit painful but I don’t have a cast and so water activities seem to be a really great option.

  25. I broke my big toe as a teenager and it was surprisingly painful. My advice would be to keep doing what you’re doing in terms of TLC – if you push yourself too much, the recovery time will only be longer.

  26. I broke my big toe five and a half years ago and it was awful. I had always been the fastest person I knew (not that I actually was athletic! just speedy) but suddenly I could barely do stairs. Honestly, the biggest outcome of it was humility. I had to be patient. I had to ask for help. I had to accept that my body was not limitless. It’s really hard.
    I broke my little toe (on the other foot) last week and I’m relearning my lessons. At least, this time, I know that I can’t keep pushing myself. I’m grumpy (especially since my dog doesn’t understand why Mama can’t take her on long walks, although she loves her replacement walkers) but much less depressed than last time.
    Keep your toe buddy-taped to the next one. Try swimming if you can — it’ll keep all pressure off of your toe.

    • I’m sorry that you’re suffering a toe injury as well! It’s good that you’re aware of your limits now, hopefully it will help with the healing. I hope you have a speedy recovery and that the grumpiness is manageable.

  27. Foot injuries are just terrible. I did crossfit for a year up until about a month ago (just moved to LA, still getting used to it all, etc) and suffered a bad injury to my left foot. It still flares up if I’m not careful.

    In case you’re like me and can literally ONLY swim if it is to save your life (I’m great at the doggie-paddle), I’m gonna back the people suggesting rowing/erging! I was able to do this really well with a little adjustment to the foot platforms, and it’s a great full body workout with minimal foot impact.

    Most importantly, nothing will help your injury like minimizing your risk of re-injury! Try to take time for yourself, replace the yoga challenge with meditation again perhaps, and focus on eating delicious healthy foods that will encourage improvement in your injury. Best of luck!! <3

    • I’m sorry to hear that your foot isn’t fully recovered yet. My swimming abilities are definitely limited to doggie-paddling, but noted about the rowing! Thanks.

      • no, thank you for the kind words even when YOU’RE the one with the broken toe!! best of luck getting that foot back in the game, Crystal <3 <3

  28. Swim! It’s honestly the best NWB cardio there is. And don’t worry if you don’t have much experience, the worse you are at swimming the better the workout actually is. If you can bear it, water jogging is also really great (especially if you’re not that comfortable with the strokes). Hopping on an exercise bike would probably work pretty well too.
    Feel better!

  29. As soon as I saw that picture of trampolines I knew this was gunna be about an injury. Trampolines are dangerous and I’m thankful all you broke was your toe.

    My life was an every day frustration of not being as active as I had been, but I’m at the point of acceptance and working with what I’ve got for awhile now. Still there are days and things that make me long for what I had. Watching ballet jumps I think will always cause me some level of painful longing and a smidge of self loathing. I’ll always miss running too, but the feeling of flying through the air and the power in jumps outstrips running by miles.

    Things do to while healing a toe or foot injury:
    -someone mentioned swimming
    – obvious ones you mentions focusing on the upper body, leg lifts, da core, exercise bike
    -ooh what about resistance bands
    -leg lifts that focus on the quads
    -body flexing for a long count
    -leg lifts with leg weights

    If you could find resistance bands I could walk you through some things I remember from rehab for the legs and the upper body and something I came up by myself.
    It just depends what kind of resistance bands you have access to cause here in the States the trend is these awful tubular rope “bands” that narrow the shit out of one’s options.
    Of the actual band kind there’s the ones that are a strand and the ones that are a circle I guess I’d call em. Those thing have no end the way a strand does.
    Of the circle ones you can just lay on your back, put your foot in it stirrup style, hold the other side, don’t let go, then extend you leg as far as you can for as long as you can and repeat
    The strand kind; have door that closes and a chair, tie one end into a knot and the other into a loop you can comfortable slip over your foot and on to your ankle. Once you have that done open the door and put the knotted end on the other side of the threshold with some slack and close the door on the slack. There’s lot you can do while sitting in the chair just takes some figuring.
    You can do some simple extensions that work you like this machine does

    but one leg at a time.
    Also you can do some of the over head upper body work outs people do with machines to train up for doing pull ups in a chair with a band and door jamb combo.
    All it takes is figuring where to place the knotted end in the door or hinge space and how to position yourself.

    I can’t pick a specific song as my favorite work out song. When I was 11 years old tho I sure could, it was Stronger and that is such a strange dichotomy looking back because I was doing things I saw in GI Jane on TV. Not sure if that’s funny or just fucked up.

    On a lighter note AC/DC is my work out music, all but their slower songs pretty much. They’ve got the right energy for good work out to me, upbeat without being sugary and always make my heart beat faster in the good way.

    • I LOVE LEG EXTENSIONS. A lot of trainers say they mess with the knees but IMO if you do any exercise incorrectly you’ll injure yourself…leg extensions I find really work to isolate your quads. I totally agree with doing one leg at a time. Personally, I find that my whole right side looks just a tad bit better than my left because handedness? IDK. Asymmetry -.- so leg extensions have really helped me getting my left quad into something similar to the right.

    • Thanks for all the suggestions! I have zero experience with resistance bands, maybe I’ll start investigating.

  30. Best of luck healing your foot. It really sucks to have the momentum taken out of you like this. So frustrating. But use the anger to fuel your exercising. Let the hate flow through you.
    favourite workout song: Queen – Don’t Stop Me Now

  31. I’m sorry to hear about your toe Crystal. I like to appreciate the way bruises fade into myriad colours over time. May your bruising fade quickly and your bones heal properly.

    My favourite work out song is September by Earth, Wind and Fire because disco works in mysterious ways.

  32. I would forego any painkillers and see what exercises are ok for you.
    Anything that hurts even in the slightest will mess with recuperation.
    Did you go to the doctor’s? Having something to immobilize it with, might actually give you better range in walking again.
    Anyways, I broke my big toe many years ago and started doing one legged push ups (I cross my feet at the ankles and take the injured foot out of the equation), now I actually prefer those.That should work out with planks/push up planks as well. Rowing, swimming, etc., have all been mentioned, before, maybe now it’s time to show that upper body/Core some love.
    What about hittig the next level on the ab challenge instead of Yoga with Adrienne, btw.? Just, maybe postpone that for another month?
    And all the yes to the rowing machine! When I had plantar tendonitis last month, even that hurt, but if it doesn’t hurt you, go for it!I love rowing so much more than the blasted treadmill.
    Playlist for fast stuff:
    Fatboy Slim:Jin Go Lo Ba
    Mr.Scruff-Pickled Spider
    Mount Kimbie-Made to Stray
    Beats Antique-Roustabout
    The Librarian-Arctic Swallow
    I got some of those off of the Cosima playlist Orphan Black put up. That is one wicked playlist, btw.
    Also, there’s a Feist-The Reminder remix album on Spotify that’s pretty decent.
    And don’t tell anyone at the posh gym I’m at, but when I’m going for an extended, relaxed row, I just use the “Home,Sweet Home, Acoustic Summer,etc.” playlist.
    It’s very relaxed.
    Thank you guys for helping me out with the Pull Up situation last week! I need to jump into it a bit, but I can actually do a full pull up that way! Who knew? It really WAS all in my head! Best feeling ever! Now my goal is three full pull ups by the end of the year!
    I’m very happy!Thank you so much! xoxo

    • CONGRATS on your pull up success! That’s so rad and impressive.
      I haven’t been to the doctor but my toe is feeling less painful with each day, so I don’t suspect it’s anything too serious.

  33. Sorry to hear you broke your toe! That sounds terrible! Get well soon!

    I recently fucked my hip, and had to lay off it for a couple of weeks, so took the opportunity to try and go hard on upper-body. Tried to be disciplined and do stuff I hate doing (back, triceps).

    Looking forward to a compilation of everyone’s fave workout music too! I listen to the most terrible (best) music in the gym. My two fave workout songs are the glee version of tik tok and a lot of beyonce, crazy in love in particular.

    • Oh damn I’m sorry to hear that about your hip. I hope you’ve recovered! It sounds like you went with a pretty solid approach.

      I had no idea Glee did a version of Tik Tok. That’s going in.

  34. I am so sorry about your toe! Take good care of yourself, feet are very delicate and important. I have a minor disability that only really concerns my left foot but it’s chronical and it is so upsetting how many sports I can’t do.

    Thanks for writing about how much fun it is to get out of your comfort zone!
    Right now I am starting to work out again after having had two surgeries of which only one was planned since the beginning of June.
    For almost two years I argued that my way to work was just TOO LONG to go by bike. This week I finally had my bike repaired, purchased a helmet (I live in Berlin, you should wear a helmet or either you’re going to die, probably quite literally) and talked to some colleagues about bike routes. I was very afraid it would be a shitshow this morning and I took some wrong turns so that I actually took a 15 kilometer instead of a 12km tour but it was so so good! I don’t even want to sit here. I want to go back home by bike. And then back to work!

    Also, yesterday I went back to my gym to do some cardio and they have built another room for classes and will hold barre classes from next week on. I have heard a lot of good things about barre training and I am so excited, I wish it was next thursday already!
    Has anyone else experiences with barre classes?

    Plus I am looking for suggestions on how to do proper chia pudding. Mine doesn’t look like those puddings on food blogs at all, it is very weird. How do you do it??

    • Barre classes as in ballet? Ballet was the most hardcore non-derby thing I have ever done. EVERYTHING HURTS but in a really positive way and you get so toned! Strong yes. I would do those in a heartbeat if my gym offered them.

      • Yes, as in ballet barre fitness training! The class description says it’s a mixture of yoga, pilates and ballet and I am very much looking forward to hurting everywhere.

    • Biking in Berlin!
      Allow me to recommend a couple of biking apps that are taking you off of the big roads and are planning your routes bike friendly for you:
      1.Komoot: You get one set of maps for free, so pick the Berlin one and you’re set.
      It’s my very favorite app, because it’s also realistic on the time you’re going to need and allows you to alternate your routes.
      2.Google maps choose the bike option :For when I have no idea where I’m going the Lady whispers everything in my ear over headphones.The routes are not as pretty or comfortable as with Komoot, but it’s quick and gets the job done.
      3.Bbbike: I actually didn’t like the app three years ago, but the website is just perfect: You can choose cobblestones or not, how much green and how much of a big road you’re comfortable with. I used to import their maps over “trails” onto my phone before the other stuff came out.
      4.Naviki: Bike Route planner by the tech department of some university, I used to love their routes, until the app failed me, don’t know if they’ve fixed it.
      Using a bike route planner for all of my inner city cycling needs has upped my quality of life 100%! Not only do I get some chilled streets/paths in parks, etc that do not have me constantly fearing for my life/limbs, I get to see some nice parts of town I never knew existed before!
      My old way to work consisted of ten k all over Karl-Marx-Straße and its horrible likes until I ran into a friend and google maps and switched it to 12 k of mauerradweg, treptower Park and Landwehrkanal!
      Good biking!

      • Berlin! Are you still here? Thanks for the suggestions – My colleague actually recommended Bbbike to me just yesterday.
        The most “logical” way would be around Frankfurter Tor and Warschauer Straße which is horrible, I am trying to avoid that. Today I took a way too complicated tour through Alt-Treptow via Ostkreuz and for the last part I went through the Gleisdreieck-Park which was just beautiful!
        And now you know where I live and where I work, that’s fun too. ;)

        • Does everyone live in Friedrichshain now? We’re basically neighbors! I met a Tinder Date the other week, who lives two streets over,too!
          Warschauer Straße is like a deathtrap for bikers ever since they begun construction. I usually keep to the green/parky path in the middle when I absolutely have to cross there. If you’re going to someplace near gleispark proportions, why don’t you head up a bit further on Karl-Marx-Allee, take a left on Alexanderstr. and let the Schillingbrücke take you into Kreuzberg? Stick to the “Engelsstrasse” or whatever it’s called that takes you to the Engelbecken, if you want to keep a bit further North.If Ityou need to keep a bit further to the South: Moderssohnbrücke and then Elsenbrücke is your game! Ostkreuz is just a weirdly unnavigatable mess as well!It’s incredible how horribly Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain are still connected..

          • “If you’re going to someplace near gleispark proportions, why don’t you head up a bit further on Karl-Marx-Allee, take a left on Alexanderstr. and let the Schillingbrücke take you into Kreuzberg? Stick to the “Engelsstrasse” or whatever it’s called that takes you to the Engelbecken, if you want to keep a bit further North.”

            That is _exactly_ the route my colleagues suggested!

            This whole exchange is both hilarious and creepy – although I love that another straddler is my sort of neighbour!
            I hate biking on Warschauer Straße wholeheartedly. Like hate hate it.

            That Tinder story is good. Although I wouldn’t know because I am basically wifed up. ;)

            Thanks for all the input and it is sooo nice to randomly meet someone from Berlin in the comments.

          • P.S.: The non-existent connection between Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain is really unbelievable, I haven’t yet gotten over how hard it is to go over that damn river, especially by public transport. I mean, we have the M13, but that’s about the slowest tram you could possibly take…

    • I LOVE barre class. Its a deceptively amazing workout, I’m usually jelly when I leave but its so worth it. Though I teach my barre instructor in classes I run, and it has turned into this escalating cycle of ‘you killed my legs on Tuesday, I’m making your arms pay tonight’… I’m not sure its going to end well.

    • I’m excited for you re this new bike situation! Way to go. I hope it continues feeling amazing and that you take care.

  35. Seconding the person who said that in the long run, injuries matter a lot less than it currently feels like they do. I fucked my hip playing roller derby and had to take 6 weeks out. I lay on my friend’s sofa, on my friend, and cried for a whole evening because I was heartbroken. All that time lost! All that fitness! (I wasn’t allowed to do ANYTHING until my hip stopped hurting bc I’d exercised on an injury for weeks and it was totally fucked.)

    Then when I came back I went too fast and tore my quad. I was out for about three and a half months in total. And in the end? It didn’t matter. Fitness is a marathon, a lifelong process, and you don’t need to be able to do it all this month. I appreciate you have the suit that you need to fit into, but if it fits you now, just keep an eye on what you’re eating and do the exercise you can do, and you hopefully won’t have a problem.

    Which is to say, heal fast, and don’t panic. I know this feeling of frustration and dismay, and it sucks, but it will pass a lot quicker than you think.

    As for me fitness-wise, I am back from holiday and somehow didn’t lose any fitness over the month I was away, fuck yes! I tried running while I was over there but a) it was freezing b) I didn’t stretch and c) I ran on asphalt (usually grass for me) so I fucked my knee in a way that the masseuse/physio described as “your knee feels like bubble wrap”. Ideal. But it’s mostly fixed now, and I’m on to the next week of C25K, and I have hopes and dreams I can move on to the next week sometime soon! I’m just repeating each week til it doesn’t feel like it’s going to kill me before I move up, bc I need to fit workouts round roller derby practices so I can’t break myself running.

    I also started lifting properly and it is AWESOME and I am getting STRONG. I ordered the A Mighty Girl tshirt that says “I’m not strong for a girl, I’m just strong” and I am 3000% excited about it.

    • Good luck with the C25K! I hope your knee starts feeling all the way better soon and you can move to the next stage.

      Also thanks for the words on not panicking, they’re v helpful. Also also, you should definitely be excited about that shirt.

  36. oh no! i second all the toe-healing vibes. and the upper body working out and careful food intake, my personal thing is more greens to make you feel fuller.

  37. I sprained my ankle a couple months ago at frisbee practice, and I would just die/freak out if I couldn’t work out in the meantime, so I just modified my workouts a bit. Lots of upper body/core exercises and no squatting/jumping/running until I was cleared by PT. I rode the stationary bike a lot, did my ab routine, bench press, presses, pull-ups, rowing and even some deadlifts after a while.
    My favorite workout/pump-up song is Heart of a Champion by Nelly. Followed closely by Applause by Lady Gaga.

  38. I can’t wait till next week. I hate this desk so much and most tips are like, “stretch”. Hope your toe gets better.

  39. Bummer about the injury! It seems like other commenters have had lots of good ideas.

    I’m going to say diet is the way to make sure your suit fits, because, well, I say diet every time I comment. I’m pretty sure I say that because I’m older than 30 and that’s what happens after 30.

    • Dang it. Phone posted for me.

      Last week I said yes to the trampoline. I did 15 minutes of cardio twice. Not super noteworthy, but half an hour of cardio I wouldn’t have done without the challenge.

      Zero music because I don’t work out…

  40. I play(ed, must get back into that) rugby and broke a bone in my foot. Only slightly, and i was sure id be fine. I did as i was told for the first four weeks thinking i could get back to it after my first checkup. The doctor knew exactly my type. He pushed REALLY HARD on the broken bone and said ‘feel that? ITS BROKEN, IF YOU TRY TO RUN NOW IT WILL HURT FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.’ It did the trick, I stuck to cycling for another four weeks before i tried even a light jog. It was exactly what I needed. Sometimes your body needs to recover, by all means work around it, but if it hurts STOP.

    • Oh yikes, thanks for the cautionary tale. I’ll be avoiding painful things. I don’t know how long ago this was but I hope your foot has recovered all the way!

  41. Your poor toe :( It’s great that you tried a new activity and that your injury won’t stop you from trying it again though. Also, I’m glad people have been suggesting lots of workouts so that you don’t have to feel anxious about your inactivity. But let’s be real, you’re going to look amazing at our wedding no matter what!

    My favorite workout tracks include:
    Bamboo Bones by Against Me!
    Run the World (Girls) by Beyonce
    Lose Control by Missy Elliott
    Ready to Go by Panic! at the Disco
    Here (In Your Arms) by Hellogoodbye
    Dancing On My Own by Robyn
    The Anthem by Good Charlotte
    Timber (featuring Kesha) by Pitbull

    I feel like these are some of the same tracks that I’ve been listening to for years so I can’t wait to check out the Spotify playlist that you create from these comments!

  42. Well Crystal I didn’t have anything to add to what ppl already said above but I wanted to show some solidarity for your injury and was remembering one time I went to the circus, there was a clown act involving whizzing around on a hospital bed with an ENORMOUS cast on one big toe. Everyone laughed when they saw it. I thought you might get a chuckle if I found a pic of it to post here.

    So I did a google image search and omg I cannot unsee the poor, poor, severely damaged toes from various medical emergencies b/c of my lack of google skills. I *do* have a lot more sympathy for your toe situation now, and am relating this anecdote of the gross medical images version of rick rolling myself in the hopes that it amuses you, since I couldn’t find the clown toe cast pic for ya.

    I hope your toe heals up soon.
    Also, 9 weeks! That’s awesome. Over two months. *flex*

    • I really admire and appreciate your commitment to relaying your clown experience, thank you. I’m sorry that you couldn’t find a picture but the hedgehog more than makes up for it.

      Yes it’s a good idea to never google image search injuries ever.

  43. I’ve exp a different concern, in that my legs are stellar, but my upper body could use all the developing in the world. I bought one of these guys.

    I imagined I’d use it for my arms, but found it was uncomfortable to hold on my lap,and I’m too lazy to use it on a table, but it’s made an excellent ottoman for my restless leg syndrome self, and is useful for the time you spend on a computer/television if you find you run out of time for the stationary bike.

    • Oh that’s really interesting, I’ve never seen a piece of equipment like that before. I’m glad you’ve still found a purpose for it!

  44. Just here to second all the swimming comments and add that “something new” by axwell & ingrosso, “the Veldt” by deadmau5, and “time to run” by lord Huron are on my workout mix. Hope you feel better soon! Keep that foot elevated as much as possible when you aren’t moving, it will help with the pain.

  45. I’ve had to figure out working out around a lot of injuries… in fact, that’s how I ended up learning how to swim at the age of 18! because of shin splints. swimming is always the low-impact go-to but honestly for me it was always a bit of a pain because it’s very involved logistically. i usually found that the stairmaster was the best low-impact thing I could do, but I’m not sure how that’ll go with your toe, maybe there’s a way to move a certain way to avoid hurting it, but then there’s always the bike (as you mentioned)

    people always recommended rowing machines to me but I never really got into it.

    for workout songs i prefer techno remixes of britney spears songs, but also oddly tegan & sara hearththrob is very good for a workout.

  46. I went trampolining there the other week! (Assuming it’s the Alexandria one) So tiring but super fun! We looked at our watches at one point and couldn’t believe it had only been 10 mins!

    Did you get to go in the foam pit?

    Fav workout song is Sunday Morning by No Doubt!

    • Yes the Alexandria one! Did you do one of the classes or no? I was also super surprised at how quickly time flew. We didn’t get around to the foam pit but I’ll hopefully be able to go try that out before I move.

  47. I have so much workout music and kind of weird taste in workout music. My current favorite song is How High You Are by What’s So Not but also Real Love and Rather Be by Clean Bandit because I decided both of those songs are queer. That’s fairly mainstream tho – the weird thing is I like to listen to emotional pump-ups rather than songs with a beat, so I have a powerful voices playlists that includes

  48. I have so much workout music and kind of weird taste in workout music. My current favorite song is How High You Are by What’s So Not but also Real Love and Rather Be by Clean Bandit because I decided both of those songs are queer. That’s fairly mainstream tho – the weird thing is I like to listen to emotional pump-ups rather than songs with a beat, so I have a powerful voices playlist (all female singers) hat includes I Found a Boy by Adele and Compared to What by Roberta Flack and Shadowland from the original cast of the Lion King.

  49. I started the 30 day yoga challenge! I just finished day 7 today. My abs are pretty sore! I am feeling very motivated to continue.

    I just moved to a new city, so the only thing that I am doing is trying to make new friends and figure out Denver in my brain map. I did say yes and went to a poetry night which was pretty fun, welcoming and inclusive.

    Everyone is way into crossfit here, is that a thing everywhere?

  50. I started yoga challenge yesterday. I had no idea that yoga teacher can annoy me this much.
    I promised myself making at least seven days.
    Believe me od not, I am a huge yoga enthusiast, but this girl is not my type.
    Did anyone completed?

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