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Anonymous Sex Toy Review: The Share Lite

Over the last few years, sex toy companies and stores have asked us to review their toys in exchange for, you know, their toys. Today we’re reviewing the Share Lite by Fun Factory.

Okay, before I begin, I should emphasize that I loved this toy. My girlfriend also loved this toy! I’m going to be somewhat critical in this review — because I want to be honest with you and because I am nothing if not an Intrepid Sex Toy Review Journalist determined to provide you with research and The Truth. But in spite of all of my upcoming commentary, I did really love this toy. I’ve used it a lot since receiving it both with my girlfriend and, surprisingly, solo, and I think it’s great. If you’re looking for a double-ended dildo, this is an excellent option, and I would pay money for this toy even if I hadn’t received it for free in exchange for this review (which is my ultimate test to determine if a toy is good or not).

So, now that that’s out of the way, let’s thrust in.

The Share Lite is a double-ended dildo created by Fun Factory in an attempt to solve the age-old problem of “why the fuck won’t this double dildo stay inside me while I try to fuck my partner, even though you allegedly don’t need a harness to keep it in place.”

Tragically, this double-ended dildo has not solved that age-old problem.

I tried out the double dildo both ways: as the person “wearing” it (aka with the girthier end hooked inside my vagina), and as the person experiencing my partner wear it (aka getting fucked with and sucking on the longer shaft). None of these experiences were bad — remember, I like this toy very much! — but it also became abundantly clear that this dildo would stay in place a lot better if the person wearing it had a harness on. Because my girlfriend and I don’t own any harnesses with an open O-ring design (although we’ve been coveting this one, handmade by Switch Leather Co. in Portland, OR!) this was impossible and led to some funny and/or disappointing mishaps as we experimented with this toy.

If you’ve got a harness that allows you to use a double-ended dildo with it, I would say the Share Lite is perfect. With just a little extra support to hold it in place, I can’t imagine what could go wrong. One side is kind of thick and shaped perfectly to hit a G-spot, there’s a really nice wide external base that rubbed against my clit perfectly when I was wearing that side (and with the flexible nature of the material, I think it would accommodate many different body shapes to accomplish this on many different people), and the other side is long, flexible and erect, designed to hit both G- and P-spots! This is another aspect of this particular double dildo that Fun Factory really highlighted, and unlike the promise that this would stay put with no harness, they did deliver on this statement. Compared to other double-ended dildos, the Share Lite stayed noticeably erect through whatever we put it through, which made it extra fun to give blowjobs or bounce up and down on the shaft. Fun Factory is also proud of the hinge and the new lightweight core, because those details make the toy more accessible for lots of different body types, and I will affirm that the toy seemed very adjustable.

But: I really tried to think if it would be possible to keep this double dildo inside one’s body without a harness — like maybe if you do 100 kegels every day (I do not)? — but I think the answer is no, science has just not been able to solve this Important Conundrum just yet. This toy stayed in place sometimes — specifically when the wearer was receiving a blowjob or when the person not wearing it was on top and bouncing around, which, as I mentioned, was very fun, 10/10, would recommend! — but when serious thrusting was involved, this toy just couldn’t stay put. It is both hilarious and tragic to be very close to orgasm and to be begging for your girlfriend to fuck you harder and deeper and to then have the implement with which she’s doing just that pop out between the two of you and get lost in the bedsheets. Like, it’s fine, but it’s not ideal.

All of that said, the one surprising (to me) highlight of this particular toy is that it was very fun to use solo. I used the Share Lite while I was masturbating and hooked the girthy base inside my vagina, stroked the outer shaft as if I was giving myself a handjob and then flipped onto my stomach so the base was pushed forcefully against my clit and kind of like, rode the internal shaft until I orgasmed? I often do that move with a regular dildo and an external vibrator on my clit, but it was fun to realize that because of the mechanics of the double-ended dildo, there was enough friction on my clit without a vibrator to accomplish that same goal. I love a toy that can perform more than one function, so I was delighted by this discovery.

In conclusion, this toy is great! I don’t think the Share Lite is earth-shatteringly different than double-ended dildos of the past, and I don’t think it is quite as great as the company’s PR copy makes it out to be (but like, to be fair, what product is ever quite as great as the company’s PR copy makes it out to be? I do understand how marketing works and I do love Fun Factory!), but I think it’s worth your money, especially if you own a harness that will accommodate a double dildo and especially if you can laugh at yourself when things inevitably don’t go perfectly according to plan.

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  1. I have no experience with double-ended dildos, but I do have experience with flesh and blood penises, and those also slip out in very crucial moments, sometimes accompanied of painful outcomes :/. So…as a counter balance, nothing is always perfect? :)
    If this toy is as good as you describe, well I would say it’s good enough.

  2. You can also use it with a pair of snug briefs that have the front opening—a great quick harness for two ended toys. For extra security, wear two pair of briefs. (The briefs method is way better than those underwear harnesses marketed for this use)

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