Real L Word Episode 108 Recap: Runway Bridezilla Attacks Zombies, Eats Crybabies, is a Lesbian

Tonight’s episode of The Real L Word really defied expectations. The cast saved seventeen babies from the unforgivable savage claws of a multi-pronged laser-beamed shark attack. Nikki’s magical tears transformed into sapphire bunnies and her compassion healed Natalie’s emotional wounds.  Jill and Whitney took out the trash and cured cancer (ALL OF THE CANCERS), Rose and Papi switched bodies like in Freaky Friday, Mikey forgot to plug in her lamp (and then she bumped it!) which lead to a forest fire that was eventually put out by Dani Campbell, and Stamie’s children attacked Tracy but she was saved by Bill and Ted from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure (and its notably less successful sequel, Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey).

So anyhow, we were pretty excited. By “we” I mean me (Riese), DJ Carlytron, Executive Editor Laneia, and Senior Editor Celebrity Handler Jess. Yup. That’s a lot of bitches for one g-chat. But like, we just… you know….

Carly: I got drunk during True Blood! Also I realized something. Romi got her feather earring inspiration from —
Riese: Pocahontas!
Carly: Lafayette. We need a side-by-side graphic. He’s been wearing one feather earring lately.
Riese: Lafayette?
Carly: Yes, on True Blood.
Riese: Oh! I thought she got it from her “ancestors.”
Carly: Well, either or.



That’s Revlon’s New Shade “Vicodin & Liquor”

Time for another round of everybody’s favorite party game, “Straight men ask the darndest things”!

This weeks question:
Do you cry during sex? Like during the first time?

The first time Nikki had sex with a lady, it was “such an emotional experience” that she did cry. Hey, it’s your Passion Party and you’ll cry if you want to.

In Whitney’s case, the crying happened four months later when it showed up on premium cable, much to Jess’s Mom’s surprise. Therfore, she’s stunned by the question:

Whitney: “What? What the fuck kind of question is that? Uh — do people cry? I should ask you that? No. Thank God. I do not cry when I come. Is that why guys keep tissues next to their bed? This whole time I didn’t know. I thought it was for something else.”

Have you ever awoken from a sex-induced tear-stained coma and remembered, suddenly, how the night before you’d done the horizontal mombo with a lezbro who’d refused to remove either her socks or her sunglasses? AWKWARD.

Mikey: “When girls cry during sex, AWKWARD. I don’t even know what to do. Why are they crying? It’s supposed to be a happy moment. What do you do? You can’t get out of the room fast enough.”

Who Would Run Away From This Face?

Tracy did not cry the first time she had sex with a woman. She smiled. And as aforementioned; when Tracy’s smiling, the whole world smiles with her.

Nikki: “Yeah, Jill cries.”
Jill: “I HAVE cried during sex. It’s not often, but I have.”



Riese: Is everyone ready? Laneia how do you feel?
Jess: I feel partially queasy.
Riese: Laneia. Are you here? Are you crying?  Did you just have sex?
Laneia: This is so dumb.
Jess: Jenny cried when she had sex with Marina. Is this supposed to be a throwback to that?
Laneia: My sense of humor is gone.

Carly: I’m drunk you guys, so I’m going to be funnier than normal. just fyi.
Riese: And also it’s fashion week!

Did you know that Whitney’s roommate’s band “Love Darling” sings the theme song? Jess does. Jess knows everything. She Majored in Real.

The “Previously On” takes so long, I ended up aging, losing my memory via zombie attack, and returning to see Whitney’s puzzling face:

In case you forgot! Anyhow, Jezebel said queer ladies can’t be sluts so, case closed.

Carly: Oh please don’t show this again. “I am a pussy slut”
Laneia: What other kinds of sluts are there?
Riese: Face-sluts, who kiss everyone.
Laneia: I might be a sushi slut.


We pick up exactly where we left off!

Cry it out, Nat. Cry it out. Look, you’ve got a sweet-looking girl nuzzling you like a puppy RIGHT NOW, switch it up!

Meanwhile, on the Upper West Side – Rose meets up with ex-girlfriend Angel in what appears to be the Holiday Inn Lounge, where it’s last call for alcohol.

Carly: How many days after last week does this episode take place?
Riese: Two hours.
Carly: It’s like Gossip Girl, with the weird time spans.
Laneia: This is making me want to do something… like… idk. Change the channel. Or buy a dog.
Carly: Drink more?
Laneia: FFWD

Nat wouldn’t approve, but Rose could not resist Angel’s song, JUST LIKE IN RENT, which is NOT a coincidence. Rose is drawn to Angel like a moth to a lava-lamp. Angel makes Rose “feel better” and puts “things” “in perspective.”

Angel: “Rose, I know you better than anybody does. You moved on really fast. Why is that? You don’t know? Rebound. You can’t be alone. Right? You’re still the same. You’ll never change.”

This makes absolutely no sense based on everything else we’ve been told about Rose so far, obviously Ilene could ret-con a cabinet. Rose remains simultaneously scared by & laughing at Angel.

And If It Helps, I’d Say I Feel a Little Worse Than I Did When We Met

Rose: You know that you and I had always established that we would be there for each other.
Angel: We never established this when we broke up. When we broke up it was a horrible breakup... I’ve always known that you’d call me if anything ever happened to your Grandma.

Perhaps Rose desires reconciliation because it’ll heal Grandma?


Riese: I think it’s meaner to cheat on your girlfriend on TV than it is to do it not on TV.
Riese: Fact.
Laneia: I hate all people.
Carly: Rose, do not cheat on Nat on TV! That is just in poor taste.


Why Are You Like This? Like, How You ARE

In the car, Rose explains that she’s just trying to “be real” with Angel and Angel doesn’t exactly go down like Rayanne Graff bolting into Jordan Catalano’s Red Ride.

Instead, Angel finds herself challenged by Rose’s inattention to detail and refusal to ever expand descriptions of her feelings beyond 7-8 vague generalities. Can I get a Proper Noun up in here? Does she order “you know, lunch,” at Burger King?

Rose: I am trying to be as real as I possibly can be across the board.
Angel: About what?
Rose: About everything.
Angel: About WHAT?
Rose: About you, about everybody.
Angel: What are you being real about?

What is it that you need, Angel. Do you need us to spell it out for you? Okay.

Laneia: She’s trying to be real because she’s on The Real L Word.
Riese: Right, she’s not being polite.
Laneia: I want her to elbow her in the face and/or neck.
Riese: Rose would like to vagina her in the face and/or neck.


Angel calls Rose out for strolling on into her car the moment Angel started to move on. Rose says it’s ’cause Angel is one of her best friends, duhsers. That should’ve been the episode’s opening question: “Has anyone ever said they were your best friend while simultaneously undermining your existence? And then cried after lesbian sex, whatever the fuck that is?”

Angel: “It’s always about you and what you need, and it’s never about anything else…. so go do what you do best and make amends with your girlfriend, tell her you needed “closure” to carry on your rapport with her. I know this line. So just go.”

Rose takes Angel’s advice and relays Angel’s suggested cover story to Nat and, BONUS! to the camerapeople in her recap/interview. This girl is smooth like butter/Papi.

I’m a Car Crash But I Have to Get Up and Every Morning It’s a Clean-Up

There’s the little issue of the blow-up pool, a few holiday food drives’ worth of creamed corn, some ambiguously generous spoonfuls of “lube,” and the overall pain of the morning after you fucked a girl with a strap-on on national TV while your other girlfriend stood outside, drinking tequila out of the bottle.

Riese: OH EW.
Carly: Oh good, Whitney time. Barf.

How Else Can I Relax When I Know Something So Unfair/Smelly?

Riese: Oh Whitney has a look on her face that is familiar to me because I have had it. I have had that look on my face, and it was sad, and I hated myself.
Carly: And Alyssa has cried a thousand tears.

How’s Tor-a the Explorer feeling this morning?

Just Throwin’ it Out There

Bet you forgot about those rapey cameras, right? Mhm. I know you did.

Laneia: I can’t believe Tor can still smile in her presence.
Jess: RAPE?!?!
Carly: WHAT? RAPE?! How can a girl not wearing a strap-on be raped by a girl wearing a strap-on? Am I being closed-minded?
Jess: Do I need another interview with Romi to discuss the rape allegations?
Riese: Also, she has it on tape. like they could probs use that tape in a court of law I imagine.



Oh Rape. RAPEITY RAPE RAPE RAPE. Rape rape. Let’s just throw that word around like a little nerf ball that gets tossed into the yard, eaten by a Secret Spy Dog, and thrown into the lake with Laura Palmer’s body and Dana’s other nipple.

Whitney seeks comfort the only way she knows how…


Fuck This Venue, Niksalot, Let’s Invest in Autostraddle!

Today’s the day that Nikki is “changing this whole wedding venue situation” before the house goes ‘bye-bye’ (following some kind of natural disaster or economic recovery). Nikki’s muzzling Jill up, sticking marshmallows in her ears, handcuffing her to their antique bed and going out there and buying Castle Rock Falling Water on the Hill so their wedding can be “magical.” You know what else is magical?


Nikki sits in silence allowing her ‘wife-to-be’ to casually peruse the three potential wedding locations.

Jill Prefers Safari, Write That Down

Carly: That looks like Cherie Jaffe’s house.
Riese: It probably is.
Carly: I hope they get married and invite Shane so that she can smash a BMW into their ceremony.
Laneia: Don’t invite Whitney!
Riese: That house inspired Cherie Jaffe’s house, like how Rose inspired Papi.

Nikki successfully radiates True Love Mind Control onto Jill’s brain, rendering her capacities for financial reasoning mute. We’ve acquired an exclusive video of Nikki & Jill’s phone-call to Camilla the Wedding Planner:


Let’s head over to the Parking Lot in the Sky with Mikey the Robobiker, where the people are a BUSTLE OF ACTIVITY with only TWO DAYS LEFT TIL THE BIG DAY. What big day? Is it Bette & Tina’s wedding? The Ohio State Fair? The Spice Girls Reunion Tour? Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale? FOR THE LOVE OF JESUS IT’S


Big Top Mikey

Carly: Our [upcoming Autostraddle video] is going to be soooo good!
Riese: You guys we can’t talk about [that video] today! It’s two days until Fashion WeekDay!
Carly: Not today! Not on Rex Manning Day!
Riese: Fashion Week is the Poor Man’s Rex Manning Day.

Mikey informs us that THIS IS 100% MY BIGGEST PRODUCTION EVER (bigger than her penis? doubtful) and that THE TENTS ARE UP and THE ROOF IS UP and THE ROOF IS ON FIRE.

Mikey: “To stand underneath a 10,000 foot tent with a 20-foot rise in the center of the ceiling is fucking insane. I’m so excited.”

So that’s Raquel’s secret.

It Takes a Lot of Water to Look This Good

Tracy just worked out her bod, now it’s time to work out her soul. On the phone. With Mom.

Tracy: Do you wanna say Hi to my Mom?
Stamie: No, in my heart I say Hi to her every day. I say thank you. I thank her uterus every day.

Riese: Tracy looks nice in aqua.
Carly: She looks nice in everything/nothing. Deh. Stamie is eating with a little kid fork. Also, Dogwatch 2010: Yawning Dog.
Jess: Was the dog supposed to symbolize the audience?
Carly: The dogs always symbolize the audience/hope for a better day.

Tracy’s had a few talks with her Mom about the ghey thing but is still unsure about Mom’s potential Birthgay Party RSVP. Stamie rubs it in with a heartwarming tale of her parents’ first visit to LA and the glory of having girlfriend + parents under one roof. It’s no 10,000 foot tent/20-foot rise, but it’s something.

Tracy says Mom is making progress.

Tracy: Parents have a coming out process as well.

Don’t I Make You Wanna Be a Better Woman?

Rose is gonna have to do some “Oscar-award winning acting” to get Nat back from Nat’s Mom’s House/Hidwaway. Hopefully Rose’ll pick either Cher in “Moonstruck” or Sally Field in “Norma Rae.”

Carly: Nat has a ‘keep calm and carry on’ meme bike shirt, yikes.
Riese: That’s a new dog!
Carly: NEW DOG?!!! There are like a hundred dogs here all of a sudden.
Jess: The dogs are the Greek Chorus like in Shakespeare.
Riese: IT’S A ZOO!
Riese: Great show.
Carly: Such a great show.

Nat complains that it’s not fair for Rose to just drop everything/Nat when she’s mad. Rose explains that Rose had to look out for Rose for once, as opposed to per ushe when she’s looking out for all of G-d’s creatures, like Snow White or Alyssa.

Just Come Home, We Look Good Together in Photos

Riese: Rose is just always pretty sure that she’s right. That’s her problem. She never budges.
Carly: There are many problems with Rose.
Jess: Is it worth noting that there are NO CATS in this show.

Nat says Rose admits she’d dump Nat for doing what Rose does to her. Then they go home together like two birds of a feather.

Carly: Cut to fashion week, I don’t even care anymore.
Riese: I know! Let’s get this fashion show on the road.

White Trash Party –> Actual Trash

It’s time for a “secret mission” to “fuckin’ haul those lube bags” says Whitme. Hell yeah it is.

Carly: Whittime!
Riese: Whittmey. Whitmememememememe.

There’s a hole in the bag. Whitney’s used up her hole-plugging skills for the week. This scene’s a reminder of how the universe constantly provides you with physical opportunities to regret what you did last night. Bruises, broken arms, cans cans everywhere and giant leaking garbage bags of lube. Mother Nature wants you to dwell, otherwise Disasterparties would clean themselves, amirite?

Carly: I love secret missions!
Jess: I can’t believe this is a television show.
Riese: This is way more white trash than the party.
Carly: Don’t they have a hose? Can’t they just hose it down?
Laneia: I want to die. Now. Please. FORFEIT
Laneia: NO SHIT.
Jess: Ok the lube dragging is the moment the show jumped the shark.
Riese: White trash would know to double bag it.

Whitney: We’re just two young ladies —
Alyssa: Lubes ahoy!

[They arrive at the dumpster]

Whitney: We don’t need that cart.
Alyssa: No, no.
Whitney: Fuck the cart.
Alyssa: We’ll get another cart.
Whitney: We’re outta here.

Will Probably Vote Yes on 8 After This

Mikey has tracked down a legendary pre-adolescent daughter of a Celebrity (Heather Locklear), Ava Sambora, to make her runway debut in Richie Sambora’s Fashion Show for White Trash Beautiful at FASHION WEEK.

Does That Terminator Chick Freak You Out At All? Yeah Me Too.

Mikey is telling actual models to put “heels on” to “change the shape of their body.” Any model not already aware of that must immediately return to her hotel here, pack her belongings, and go home.

Heather’s thrilled, just look at her:

Your Face on Fashion Week

Amendment to the “thou shalt not speak ill of a woman’s physical appearance” commandment for Autostraddle — “unless she has committed grave sins of Plastic Surgery so severe we’d bust a stinkeye trying to suppress our feelings.”

Riese: Locklear has had some work done.
Carly: What happened to Heather Locklear’s face?
Jess: Heather Locklear??!?
Carly: Haaaayyyyyy! Clap clap!
Riese: Mikey’s gonna do something that will make me feel sad for Melrose Place.
Carly: Annnnd cue mortification.

She’s referring to T.J. Hooker, whoever that is. Mikey can’t see through those shades and Heather can’t move her eyeballs, they’d be a perfect couple. Unfortunately Raquel busts up the occasion Gypsy-Rose style, with giant inexplicably mylar balloons and loud feline noises.

Laneia: Oh is it Valentine’s Day now? Like for real?
Carly: Is Raquel drunk? She is talking crazy.
Riese: You guys, Heather’s face.
Jess: I love that Heather Locklear got out of rehab and this was her first stop.
Riese: Heather’s face.
Carly: Heather should not have signed that release. Guuurl.

Mikey knows there’s a hole in Ava’s heart where her mother’s facial mobility used to be: a place filled with smiles, surprise, confusion, anger, disgust, laughter and delight. In order to fill that hole, Mikey & Raquel are making EXTRA FACIAL EXPRESSIONS to encourage the young hopeful:

Cue Alexi’s Closet theme song, let’s practice your signature walk Ava the Dava!

Carly: “The whole trick is about leaning back.” Write that down.
Riese: This is sooooo ANTM.
Carly: Where is Miss Jay? That’s my number one feeling. Where is Miss Jay.

Girlfriend is Busy

Jess: Back to the one restaurant that would let them film. THE ABBEY.
Riese: This is tragik.

Whitney’s ready for Sara to migrate south, ’cause Tor & Romi are so much drama, with their rapey cameras & feelings & physical proximity.

Scarlett: “I think Sara moving here is going to make Whitney have to make a decision.”

But who needs decisions when Dinah Shore, Patron Saint Weekend of Indecision, is right around the fucking corner? “It’s like a girl’s gone wild golf weekend,” says Whitney, ready to score her hole-in-one-or more.

Riese: Oh no! They are about to come to where we were!
Carly: Oh no.
Laneia: I am so sober.
Riese: “Girls Gone Wild golf weekend”? No. It was a Spirit Journey.
Laneia: I am going to cry.

Just Wait ‘Til She Sees My OOO EEEEEEE Face

Whitney’s feelings for Sara are making her feel she’s “lost control.” Because the poweerrrr her clam’s supplying? It’s electrifying!

Laneia: I have tears that I’m holding back.
Riese: Why is there nobody at The Abbey?
Carly: Because they didn’t want to be affected by the power of the clam.
Laneia: The goddamn clam.

Scarlett: I’m worried about Romi… You need to be the smart one. She doesn’t think with her head, she thinks with her heart. You have to be more conscious about her feelings, you know?

Scarlett needs Whitney to zip up her lovership w/Romi, Alyssa needs Whitney to put out Tor’s Torch, and Tinkerbell needs a vodka-tonic.

But I Have a Fan…

Tracy’s Mom is breaking Tracy’s heart. She’s just not ready to meet Stamie. OR IS SHE? Regardless, Tracy is good at blazers.

Carly: The call is coming from inside the house!
Laneia: “The call is coming from inside the house” better be the name of this post.


Laneia: OH MOM!
Riese: That tricky bastard!
Laneia: !!!!!!!!!!!!! Carly has won!
Carly: Her mom pwned her.

Well, let’s cut to the chase.

Tracy: I just did a photoshoot with this magazine it’s called BOUND Magazine, it’s a new magazine, and its’ very like uh, upscale. Like a women’s magazine but I think it’s geared towards… towards uh… lesbians.
Tracy’s Mom: Wow.
Tracy: I’m not trying to change your mind or change your way of life or change anything.
Tracy’s Mom: No, you’re not.

That’s for sure. [Also I call Autostraddle a “women’s website” to suspect parties sometimes too.] It hurts to see Tracy try so hard and hear her Mom say that if Tracy were “in her shoe” that she would “think the same way.” But no.

Tracy’s Mom: I think all the mothers out there would feel the same way.

Yeah, that’s what I tell myself when I drink half a bottle of whiskey every night, “oh I bet all the People of the Internet do the same thing,” but I’m pretty sure that’s just a rationalization I use to avoid confronting life patterns adopted to obliterate my anxiety & sense of failure. My team does the same thing! Oh my god. Maybe we’re not really gay. Maybe we’re all just drunk. Mom thinks so:

Tracy’s Mom is going “step by step” you know, “slowly.” Mhm. Let’s speed it up. I’m in your shoe, and we’re both aging.

Tracy sees a big change in her Mom, she says! We didn’t see it, ’cause IFC is saving her screen-time for Whitney’s Clam, but hopefully it happened.

“We are not only mother and daughter, we are also best friends,” says Mom.

Riese: Your best friend can’t be against you being gay!
Carly: Wow, tough day for Tracy. She just found out that her best friend is judgey and is making weird faces.

Mom will come to the comedy show. This makes Tracy happy, and as aforementioned when she smiles the whole world smiles with her. I hope this isn’t the part that ties into the crying after sex thing.

Mom calls Stamie a “close person,” and asks they restrain from any kinky shit in front of her, e.g., holding hands. What if there’s a shark attack. Can Tracy rescue Stamie? Shark Week may be over, but Fashion Week certainly isn’t. Right? Totally.

Step it Up 3-D, But Gay

Nikki & Jill can dance if they want to, they can leave their friends behind, because if you can’t dance and if she can’t dance then you’ll not wed with these friends of mine. This whole thing is cute if you’re into that kind of thing. Nikki doesn’t wanna lead. She’s always leading, like when she mind-powered Jill into choosing Cinderella’s Castle for the wedding.

I’m So Excited, I’m So So So SO SO

Laneia: If you don’t already know how to dance, just don’t fucking dance!
Riese: This is like a movie about Bat Mitzvahs!
Jess: Btw, my Mom did NOT mention strap-on sex which was a huge relief for me.

Riese: I could not even walk in those shoes, let alone dance.
Carly: Neither could I. Also, I’m gonna cry of embarrassment because… I can’t watch same-sex couples slow-dance together. It weirds me out. AHHHH! I HATE MYSELF.

Jill: For some reason, two women slow dancing together, feels a little strange to me. I can’t put my finger on it.

Riese: Jill agrees!
Laneia: Two women slow dancing togeths feels strange because SLOW DANCING IS STUPID!

Nikki: I did not get the dance gene.
Jill: No, you did not get the dance gene.
Nikki: You did not get it either — you did not get it either. Listen, Twinkletoes —

Nikki: And then we’re gonna be those two women DANCING! It’s so gay!
Jill: There’s a couple of things at play here  —
Nikki: It’s just — GAY!

Carly: They should be learning a hip hop routine choreographed by Nappy Tabs.

Nikki: Dance lessons were the worst idea I’ve ever had. I am sorry. Did I apologize?
Jill: Not nearly enough.
Nikki: I’m sorry.
Jill: We’ll play hip-hop music when we come out. It’ll be much less pressure.

Carly: I really love Nikki and Jill right now.
Laneia: Yes.
Riese: Ok, that was a good scene. That’s weird. Also, Mom’s drunk.

I Just Hope She Doesn’t Pee Her Pants ‘Cause That Would Be SO WEIRD FOR REAL

Good idea, let’s take Mom to see Tracy’s girlfriend tell dirty jokes at a coffeeshop. Because grandma said you’ve got to laugh at yourself, ’cause you’d cry your eyes out if you didn’t. Or The Indigo Girls said that. Same diff.

Riese: You guys there is no way she is not going to make inappropriate jokes.
Laneia: Yeah this will be suppppper awkward.
Carly: Which is why i am EXCITED!

Laneia: Stamie’s like OHHH SHIT now I can’t talk about female ejaculation!
Jess: Tracy’s mom is Stamie’s kryptonite.

The Woman On Your Shirt — She Should Also Apologize

So it’s time for Rose & her mother to make up. Golf clap/tears!

Carly: Rose, driving alone to the sound of  Dulcet Sad Tones.
Riese: If I freaked out every time my grandfather was in the hospital, I’d be constantly freaking out. I’d never have time to eat, drink, shower or work. I’d sleep a few hours a night only ’cause most of them are already dead.
Carly: Seriously. Same here.

Laneia: Guys. Guys. Did you know. That there’s undefined tension between Rose and her Mom.
Riese: Between Rose and Her Mom? Oh so weird. Interesting.
Carly: Tell us more, Rose.
Riese: Do they play her saying it the same way every time, or do they make her say it again each episode? Times keep changing. Nine months. Babytime.

So I Gave Myself Pneumonia

Rose’s Mom accepts her lifestyle, and Jesus Christo, this is some intense shit, goddamn I wish we knew what the fuck happened.

Laneia: Her mom looks… gayer than she does. Can I say that?
Riese: There is nothing about this show that does not make me feel weird.

Laneia: GOOD GOD.

Carly: Robin just IMed me this from her office: “all i hear is like, people crying. like, who the fuck is crying now? i can tell this show is lame from two rooms away. write that down.”
Laneia: Thumbs up Robin.

Watching this scene again without those cynical assholes, I felt slightly emotionally moved. SLIGHTLY.

Here we are. At the scene of the future disaster.

Carly: Oh Stamie. don’t kill her mother. Please.
Riese: Coffee shop. Tough crowd.
Carly: Behave, gurl.

Carly: oh shiiiitttt. ABORT. ABORT.
Laneia: TRACY
Riese: this was a bad idea. TRACY

Carly: NOT GOOD.
Laneia: Yeah friends prepare friends for cock jokes.
Jess: Tracy looks thrilled.

Tracy’s Mom can’t “do this thing.” This thing where she calls Stamie anything besides Tracy’s “best friend,” Beetlejuice, or Cunt Face. Tracy says reality isn’t about skipping off into the sunset. That’s so able-ist. I’m done with you, Autostraddle. There’s no vegan visibility here besides Miss April.






This reminds me of that time in 1989 when I had the biggest, best, most amazing 8th birthday party for Marie Lyn Bernard there that day, September 23rd, 1989. It was BOMB ASS. The entire cast of Dude Where’s My Car showed up. SO WEIRD. I got it via time machine. The car was a DeLorean. I know. Fancy right. That was before we lost the farm.









And theennnn the lights go out on the red carpet, proving that Ian is not, as formerly labeled, “the best production guy ever.” What about all the celebrities! Hellen Keller is gonna trip over Stevie Wonder’s piano!

Carly: “When are you gonna unveil the Magnum, Mikey?”
Riese: Outlet. Wall.
Carly: Plug the lights in, Mikey.. that’s all.
Riese: How can Mikey even tell? It’s all dark to her in those shades.

I Know it Was That Bitch Ilene, She Is Always Trying to Tell Stories About Blackouts

Laneia: What are they going to do? For electricity?
Riese: This is not like when Alice & Shane stole the 17 reasons sign. It’s not like that at all.

I’ve Got 15 More Bad Ideas Where Puppetry of the Penis Came From

Well, that was fun, say Stamie and Tracy. Next time, let’s go to a Cunnilingus Workshop at Babeland, or take Mom camping at MichFest, or just Ice her. Meanwhile, someone mentions a “Michelle,” Tracy’s roommate.

Riese: I wanna meet the roommmate! Jess, find Michelle.
Riese: Interview that bitch. I bet she’s hot, hot girls always have hot roommates.
Jess: Her name is Michelle Fleury.
Riese: Jess knows everything, of course.
Carly: Wait srsly? She’s from Curl Girls.

Laneia: Oh is she the one I liked? I LIKED HER.
Jess: I majored in Tracy and Stamie.
Carly: I majored in LOGO.
Riese: OMG. WHY ISN’T SHE IN THIS SHOW? Interview her, Jess.
Jess: I love that now we’re interviewing people who aren’t even on the show but are just mentioned once in theory.

Tracy wants her Mom to meet the kids to confirm that Mom really does hate gay people when she refuses to get Daughtry some juice. (Baby steps, Daughtry. You’re a baby. Step on over to the mini-fridge and grab yourself a Juicy Juice.)

See This Face? Sara Is Gonna Make Out With It, Sucker!

So Whitney & Romi are having dinner so Whitney can say that “being friends didn’t work” and she’s “not looking for a relationship” and that Sara’s moving here. Romi says they just had sex. None of this information gets anyone anywhere.

Laneia: They have GOT to just stop talking to each other forever! They should never speak again! You guys, how many lesbians live in LA?
Riese: Like 65,000.
Laneia: Are there not more for Whitney to fuck?
Riese: Yeah there’s like maybe 64,997 more.

“Yeah, I have feelings for Romi,” says Whitney. But also for Sara, Heather Locklear, and Carmen De La Pica Morales.

Laneia: YES

But whatever, who cares. MOVE ON DOT ORG. Whitney’s shifted focus. She’s feeling maternal, so she’s gonna start hitting up the pre-teen set. The girls that keep photos of Ashley & Spencer in their lockers.

JK, she’s gonna have a baby at Dinah Shore. No really:

Carly: Whitney speaks in Promos: “The truth will be revealed… at Dinah Shore”

Like most of Whitney’s heart-to-hearts, it ends with lots of vagina imagery and no discernable progress.

These are the notes I have on this scene:

18. Mikey and the lights

show finally happens

mikey not doing lights for nikki/jill wedding

Moses Needs to Part This Sucker STAT

Mikey swears a lot, says she’s never hiring Ian again, and runs around like she’s Will Smith saving the world in Independence Day or something. Anyhow. Fixed.

Riese: “Full on MELTDOWN MODE”
Riese: This is so strange. And unlikely.
Laneia: Um yes. IT’S OVER.
Carly: There is NO WAY you’d have a massive event like this with these lights without several generators. FUCK THIS.
Laneia: IT’S ALL OVER.
Riese: It’s not that hard.
Carly: uefgifgdshiugf
Riese: Seriously, like who in their right mind would not prepare for this.

Your Sunglasses Look Slightly Less Weird Now. This is Good.

Mikey says it was the longest 20 minutes of her whole life. Coincidentally it was the longest two minutes of our lives. We have something in common with Mikey now besides a healthy collection of Hanes white v-neck tees, although ours are slightly lopsided ’cause that’s how they sell them at the dollar store.

Laneia: Even longer than the 20 minutes when her friend was shot in front of her as a child?

Back inside, Mikey hob-nobs with her celesbifriends.


Riese: Mena Suvari asks about the sunglasses. FINALLY. SOMEBODY.
Carly: Mena Suvari was at the NewNowNext awards which means she has A LOT OF FREE TIME.

Not Gay Necessarily, But Played One on TV

Carly: Ooo look at her GLOVE!
Riese: And her Old Navy headphones!
Laneia: That’s cute.


Mikey, using the voice of the first person to ever read Three Little Bears in English to deaf Chinese orphans, announces the launch of Fashion Week!!! WWAAAAA

Riese: I can’t watch. I’m serious.
Carly: Oh no do not let her talk. Please.
Laneia: Don’t yell into a mic. Good God.
Carly: This is like someone’s little kid stole the mic and ran on stage.
Riese: I feel ANTM Anxiety, like somebody is going to trip.

Ava the Dava

Like everything Mikey does, this was the best Fashion Week Event to ever happen since the dinosaur modeled that tiny hat.

I Can Put My Finger in the Flame And Not Get Burned SEEEEE

Stamie & Tracy & Tracy’s Mom and Tracy’s sister are gonna all hang out to do their nails and everything. JK, Tracy’s Mom is gonna smackdown the “meeting Stamie’s kids ideas.” It brings Stamie back to not being comfortable with her sexuality, which brings me back to this.

Riese: Stamie is being me. It didn’t work out for me. Just fyi.
Carly: Stamie gurl, just suck it up. It’s a few hours. Don’t push it.
Riese: It makes my blood boil though, it’s so insulting!
Carly: I know, it is!
Laneia: Yeah I never understand how NOT showing love will make people feel better. it’s opposite-logic.
Carly: Agreed.
Riese: But also, it’s not hard to restrain. It’s just the principal. I MEAN PRINCIPLE!
Laneia: Principals are so cool. They have all those extra erasers.
Riese: And rulers.
Carly: And those pens that have two sides.

The Unbearable Heaviness of Being Gay

Stamie: It is hard for me to not show affection to Tracy. I love hugging her and kissing her. You haven’t seen her naked, she’s fucking HOT.


Alyssa is writing ‘Don’t Fuck Me’ on Whitney’s eyelids, for the sake of the fine ladies of Fashion Week.

Chi it Up

Nikki notices that they did such a good job with the tent. Flares of inner panic stoke inside Jill’s gut regarding the possibility of Wedding Tenting

Laneia: Oh now it looks like The Hills. This I would watch.
Riese: Nobody else wanted to come to fashion week, so they had to invite the cast.
Carly: Oh let me guess, the entire cast will be at a fake event?

Riese: “We’re gonna be stars soon enough, just take photos.”
Laneia: “They did such a good job making this appear real, right?”

Hey Hey The Gang’s All Here

Mikey “holds the show” for Raquel, who is running 10-15 minutes late surprise:

GODDAMIT RAQUEL. Can’t you be on time for anything?  I SAID NO WIRE HANGERS.

Jess: Does Raquel have a secret family or what?
Carly: Raquel gurl get a watch.
Riese: Mikey, stop expecting her to be on time. Raquel is just a mirage.

Laneia: She needs to do that thing when you tell them it’s 30 mins earlier than it is.
Riese: She was busy blowing her hair. That thing she does.
Carly: She was busy bleaching those jeans.

Taking Photos for

Riese: This is itunes stock music. Stamie is like “this is insipid.”
Carly: I bet the name of this track is something amazing like “Rock N Rolla” or “Fashion Craze.”

Carly: I want Nikki and Jill to be really judgey to Mikey.
Laneia: Yes, because you know that they are.

Mikey: Tonight’s show was amazing. I truly feel this is the biggest and best thing I’ve ever done in my whole life. I’m not really one that would ever say that I’m proud of myself, but I’m actually proud of myself.

Just when you think the worst is over, Mikey runs up on stage with the eagerness of a freshly Bar Mitzvahed lesbian with a sleeve tattoo.  She calls out Raquel and we scream too loud to hear the rest.

Mikey: Tonight was so amazing that I cannot even stop myself from sharing the biggest moment of my life. Do we have a Raquel Casadega in the house? Raquel Casadega? You need to move your car, you’re blocking valet.

Mikey gets down on one knee as Raquel trots out, bra strap waving in the wind:

Jess: This show would be better if it was subtitled by Stamie’s internal monologue
Riese: ohngaodgjkjadhd;gdfjhganohnon ohnonohnhohno
Riese: You guys seriously I am covering my eyes
Carly: OH NO. It is TIME.

Mikey: Will you marry me?

“Whatever motherfucker it’s an excuse for me to GET LOUD LIKE I WANTED TO ALL ALONG!”

Mom is Flip-Camming = She Has Accepted The Gay

Laneia: BRA STRAP.
Carly: I am mortified and am not entirely sure why?
Laneia: They’ll need a tent. Maybe a parking lot. Extension cords!

White Trash Beautiful!

Mikey has one thing to say:

Raquel says this gesture was v.meaningful ’cause it’s hard for Mikey to “express her feelings,” and Mikey says that now she and Raquel can start a family and live the American Dream, just like Whitmey and her Dinah Shore babies and Portia De Rossi De Generes.

Riese: Mikey always talks loud. Why is that special?
Laneia: Right?
Riese: For her to talk loud?


Next week: The girls go to Dinah Shore.

Julie Goldman FTW – Autostraddle Battle of the Lesbian Webseries from autostraddle on Vimeo.

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  1. sorry, those pants raquel was wearing were the same pants romi was wearing when she raped whitney in the creamed corn.

    in case you were wondering where raquel has been, i think that answers your questions.

  2. I’ve finally registered to show my love and appreciation for these hilarious recaps. Brava to you, Riese! And Laneia’s g-chat contributions are especially priceless.

    Is it terrible to admit that the only thing that caught my attention during this episode was Whitney’s possession of a shopping cart? See in Canada, shopping carts will automatically go into a “lock down” mode when a customer attempts to take the cart beyond the proprietors parking lot. This doesn’t occur in America? How fascinating. Yes, this is pretty much all I got out of episode 8 (well, maybe with the exception of Jill/Nikki/Tracy/Stamie’s storylines).

  3. So for the first half of the recap, upon reading the captioning/subtitles on the screenshots, I thought they were fake ones you made up. And then I realized they actually happened. o_O

  4. This show is such a train wreck; I can’t take my eyes off of it. At first I wanted it to go away, now I’m hoping they renew it. Seeing Angel shoot Rose down on national TV was priceless. Am I the only one who laughs hysterically watching this mess.?

    Thanks for the recaps. Hoping there’s a Scarlett interview on the way.

  5. The magic gathering card killed me, I’m barely recovering and my tea went through my nose, cool and not cool at the same time but thanks for the LOLZ! :D

    I need to watch that outrageous episode now… I’ve changed my process, first I read YOUR recap, then I watch it.


  6. I laughed so hard at Rose’s face when Mikey proposed. I love the screen-shots! Also, why is it that the cast are the most excited/only ones that stood up and screamed, when they don’t even know her?

    • I don’t know why the other cast members are excited, but on Rosie’s radio show, Rose said she has known Mikey for 10 years. I think Whitney said she already knew Rose and Mikey too? My mind may be filling in the gaps.

      Omg, what if IFC incepted me?!

  7. riese, you have a very little mistake on this part (which is totally understandable): “WHAT? RAPE?! How can a girl not wearing a strap-on be raped by a girl wearing a strap-on? Am I being closed-minded?”

    • “If anyone ever proposed to me that publicly I would refuse to ever see them again. Ever.”

      This has been my long-standing position. Because

      a) Such a public proposal is justthisside of manipulative — like, how exactly could I say ‘no’ with this many people watching, without them all thinking I’m a bitch forever?

      b) If you either don’t know me well enough to know how much I’d hate it, or you know but don’t care because YOU WANT TO DO THIS ROMANTIC THING OMG, then we should never be married ever because you are a fuckhead.

      • you know what i just remembered, didn’t they almost get married in Vegas? So like, obviously the “let’s agree to get married” thing is old news right? Sometimes I think Ilene just puts shit out there like we’ll forget what happened before. And I suppose in this case she’s um, right.

  8. “I Know it Was That Bitch Ilene, She Is Always Trying to Tell Stories About Blackouts”

    I died when I read that! I totally pictured IFC sneaking off and unplugging the lights. And kudos to you guys for being able to sit through the LAFASHIONWEEKBIGGESTPRODUCTIONEVER scenes b/c I just cannot handle Mickey screen time. Dear Lord. Can you imagine if LAFASHIONWEEK had actually lasted a whole week? My ears start to bleed just thinking about it.

  9. I cannot believe that you quoted empire records today. Well, I can actually, because there are many reasons like this that we are friends…but I actually woke up this morning thinking “I wonder whatever happened to Rory Cochran? Because Ethan Embry ended up doing that Vegas Vacation movie, but I never saw Rory again??” and THEN THIS. my favorite movie quoted in the best and most appropriate way ever.

  10. Every bad lesbian decision for me always begins with a gay boy. They make everything lousy with their andro-appeal and their unwanted penises and eyeliner and shit.

    Knee touching is probably third on my Bad Decision list.

  11. First of all: loved the men with hats ref
    second: do you guys read because of the Empire Records ref, they have been giving lots of love to that movie in the last week. Anyway, this show must go down in history as the worst show evah, seriously it is ridiculous and I cannot believe people actually wanna be portrayed on tv like this…The only good thing that came from this show are the recaps here and on AE.

  12. omfg did romi know she had been accused of rape when she hung out with whitney?

    I can’t think of anything lower than using rape to try and cover the fact you had consensual sex with someone, to someone else that you’re trying to keep interested.

    what a failure of a lesbian.

  13. Just like Stamie is thankfor for Tracy’s mom’s uterus, I am eternally grateful that something as wonderful as these recaps has been born from something as horrifying as TRLW. You guys are the best.

    • 1. i watch it the first time when it’s on – 1 hr + 1 watch
      2. i try to remember how to make my computer auto-screencap again, usually forget, this takes about an hour and requires watching The Big C preview 500+ times – 1 hr + .005 watch
      3. computer auto-screencaps, during which i sometimes listen to start making an outline, but sometimes lie on my bed and cry – 1 hr
      4. formatting and selecting of g-chat – 2.5 hrs
      5. go through screencaps (which is basically like watching it again on silent) to pick the best ones for recap – 2.5 hrs + 1 watch
      6. format with line breaks, go scene-by-scene to outline/commentary/transcribe/describe until i start crying, usually get about 20 minutes through – 3 hours + .33 watch
      7. next 10 minutes of show writing/graphicing/formatting – 3 hrs + .15 watch
      8. next 30 minutes of show (leaving about 5 minutes at the end which i figure i can do when i’m done with the rest of it, at which point i will be so euphoric that it will ‘go faster’), pausing almost every 10-15 minutes to solicit a graphic or make another graphic or complain – 5 hrs + .40 watch
      9. put into wordpress, additional html – 1 hr
      10. upload photos into wordpress, do more html + formatting + graphic-making, finish watching for real this time – 5-7 hrs, depending on strength of internet connection, .10 watch
      11. final read-through/edits/commentary – 2 hrs
      12. misc re-watches for additional transcripition or graphic capturing – 1 watch, 1 hr
      13. inevitable disaster of out-of-order scenes, html apocalypse, lack of ability to be funny – 1.5 hours

      total – 5 watches, 28 hours

  14. umm… why do you keep watching this show? it’s trashier then trash. and quite frankly painful to watch. and while entertaining, your re-caps are almost as painful. These women need to get over themselves.

  15. ya know, I was just thinking about how there aren’t any cats on the show right before the recap pointed out it is only dogs. I feel like cats would be better than those little cute but panting things.

  16. I think it’s in Laneia’s best interest to never watch this show again.
    She sounded really upset, and I like her. She seems nice.

    That being said, I once again made a scene at work reading the Lolapalooza that is your recaps. Thanks for taking one for the team guys. You’re giving us a good laugh and keeping us from watching this awful show.

  17. in the interest of relating everything to harry potter, this: “There’s a hole in the bag. Whitney’s used up her hole-plugging skills for the week. This scene’s a reminder of how the universe constantly provides you with physical opportunities to regret what you did last night.” made me laugh. and reminded me of this: “harry can’t help but notice the coincidence that last night he ate spaghetti. it’s funny to him that what’s trying to kill him on the outside is just like what’s nourishing him on the inside.”

  18. i just want to take a moment to give some love to the graphics in this recap. especially the whiteboard that explains what rose is getting real about.

    i cried real tears of LOL when i read this in the library. had to excuse myself to the restroom.

  19. Alyssa is my favorite. She should be on the show more.

    Tracy’s mom is so scary. How may times did she need to say “GOT YOU!” when she came to the door? She seems like a real bitch.

    Also, thanks so much for pushing through these recaps even though it kills your soul. Or maybe RAPES your soul?

  20. “Well, that was fun, say Stamie and Tracy. Next time, let’s go to a Cunnilingus Workshop at Babeland, or take Mom camping at MichFest, or just Ice her.” I lol’d so hard at that. Quick question though, has anyone been Iced on tv yet? Cuz if not those are waters that must be charted.

  21. whitney keeps talking about how she’s being honest like so so so so so so HONEST. i’m glad she’s on an honesty kick. good for her. since when is okay to be an asshole as long as you’re honest? an honest asshole is still an asshole.

  22. Is anybody else in the “I’m so excited/I’m so scared” Jessie Spano place about tomorrow night? The REAL IFC will be on Live Lounge “answering questions” after TRLW finale… there is so much potential for good and/or evil. Well, mostly evil.

  23. Just one more to go… I will sadly miss the aftermaths from all of you . Way better than the jaw droppingly unreal lesbians of LA. SAD in soddom & gommora, otherwise known as Holland ,that the recapas are coming to an end. Cést la Riese!

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