Pretty Little Liars Episode 424 Recap: A is for Anal

Oh why hello there. I’m so glad you’re here for the long and magical journey we have ahead of us for this season finale episode. I want you to know that Lizz titled this post for us. I miss her, too, ya’ll! Did you read her open thread for this episode? We were all so hoping for something Pailey to happen! Ugh! But onwards, ever onwards. Let’s get us some answers.


omg this is our first meeting of the leather jacket club I’m so excited!

We begin in a strange room. The Liars look bored out of their minds. Where are we? And why the hell is Noel Kahn back at the party? Ali pops on in and I forgot that Hanna and Aria haven’t really seen her much yet. Hugs all around! And now Ali, I think we’re all ready for you to give us some goddamn answers.

I waaaant my phone call.

I waaaant my phone call.

Oh, you wanted answers right away? That’s cute. Nah. Instead we’re at the police department hanging with CeCe, who I’m assuming is in custody because A told the cops about her whereabouts during the last episode. Officer Holbrook is questioning her about Wilden’s death, but she wants to strike a deal out of this. Can’t say I blame her. She tells him she knows who killed the body in Ali’s grave. For a second I think she might tell us right then and there, then I remember the writers of this show hate us.


might still be lying? We’ll never know at this pace.

Let’s jump on back to the random place the girls are and Ali starts flash dancin’ on back to the good ol’ days, or at least the night she died (“died”).


I’ve made a huge mistake.

We begin in Hilton Head, where Ali is on a romantic outing with Ian. Boring. Melissa comes in, asking if Ali is there. She tells Ian she loves him.


Thank goodness. I mean, this is pre-Snapchat and that shit seems like it’ll haunt you even if everyone thinks you’re dead.

Ali switches off Ian’s videocamera, which was pointed at the bed. Can we talk for a moment about how disgusting it is that the show completely glosses over sex with teenage girls, and especially videotaping it for a potential audience? What the fuck. Okay, I’m glad we talked about that.


I read RAWR on a few of these and was excited for dino porn.

Anyway, Ali steals all of Ian’s N.A.T. videos, which is awesome, and sees Jenna and Toby’s lovely little video. She decides she’s going to use it to make sure Jenna stops sending her harassing texts and threats under the guise of A.


Toby has really nice pecs, I’m going to give him that.

But when she goes to see Jenna and tell her she has the video and to not threaten her any longer, she still gets A texts.


I love the ones that rhyme.

It seems like this one is the most violent one yet. “Bitch can’t see you, but I do. Tonight’s the night I kill you.” She says it seemed like Jenna was too shaken up to keep threatening her even then. So, we can count Jenna out of the A game.

biiiiiiitch puhleeeeeease

biiiiiiitch puhleeeeeease

Back at the Hasting’s house, we realize that everyone thinks the girls are missing. Mrs. Hastings is panicking, and by panicking I mean just looking extremely disapproving about everything. Officer Holbrook is ransacking the place looking for “evidence.” Yeah, right.


Yeah this doesn’t look photoshoppped AT ALL

Officer Holbrook shows Mrs. Hastings a photo of the girls talking to Ali the night of that costume party in Ravenswood. The door opens and a Hastings girl comes in. Spencer?


Surprise! My impeccable jaw line is back!

NOPE. Melissa! Surprise! Apparently Toby asked her to come back. Suuuure he did.

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  1. I liked this episode i’m glad we finally got some “answers” even if we still don’t know who A is, but we at least know what Ali was up to. I agree that this show glosses over too much on the whole sex with teenage girls thing, which i’m still hoping it’s addressed some time in future seasons, because it’s a pretty big and constant issue on the show older man being inappropriate and controlling the lives of teenage girls.

    I didn’t like that Ezra got shot and him being all “I’m here to save you girls I know who A is” cause that gives way to people thinking he’s a hero or something which he isn’t in my opinion he’s still a creep and was highly inappropriate not just with Alison but and mostly with Aria.

    I still have no idea who A is, and i haven’t read the books so idk what those are about, I find it strange that Toby and Page weren’t there but maybe they wanted just to focus on Ali and the girls, also Mona could still be A and be working with Wren.

  2. Judging from the physique of the person who jumped to the next roof, A was a tall athletic person. Based on that + who Ali’s mom would protect, I think it’s Ali’s brother. He was in the creepy video club, right? I forget most things about the creepy video club. Obviously the person who jumped was a stunt actor so it’s probs irrelevant what they looked/walked like. I still think Paige is A. I don’t think Mona is A because Mona doing all these A-type things but for her own social-climbing needs is so much more fascinating and nefarious than actually being A.

  3. I was so happy to have Ali’s “final” night laid out in a clear way, but then extremely annoyed when Hanna didn’t shoot A right in the spine.
    Also, really enjoyed Ali’s grip of Emily’s arm when they were all reunited. You’re looking like a possessive gf, Ali. I like it.

  4. I SO agree on the Breakfast at Tiffany’s front. Nevertheless, Tender is the Night is, in my opinion, the shit. Something I’m wondering about – did they actually mention until this series that Spencer was on pills at the time? I swear I don’t remember that. I liked the show way more back when it was Mona – I feel like I’m hanging around just to get answers, and see the outfits and shiny shiny hair, but every time I get one answer, they throw up something new that doesn’t make sense. Why is there still no Red Coat explanation? We also don’t know who tried to kill Jenna, or why…we don’t know much about Melissa, or Ian, or Jason’s involvement in the NAT club, or Cece, or Mona…maybe Mona killed the other blonde to make her whole plan work? Oh, also, Lucas – what happened to him? He was nice, then he was creepy, then he was creepier, and then he disappeared. I both want to know what’s happening and don’t, because I feel like I can just see them ending it really badly. Also did anyone notice Ali said “she” of A? They decided it was a guy because of the Board Shorts thing…wait is Ezra actually Board Shorts? And how much did Wilden know? Oh, and that thing with Noel Kahn and his brother that time… Oh dear, I think I may have just made myself more annoyed at this show with the number of loose ends. I feel like my cat could write a more sensible show…

  5. Oh, also Wren. I’m English, and I know that my people are always evil on US shows – maybe Wren is the architect of it all, and his name is a deliberate pun on Christopher Wren… *Hangs head in shame at awful pun*

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