• Cynthia Nixon: Gay Identity a ‘Political Stance’, We’re All Bisexual.’

    The beautiful/perfect Cynthia Nixon is on the cover of Advocate’s pride issue, talking relationships, sexual identity, her Miranda identity, her hot butch partner and “Sex and the City 2.” Also; Katie Melua questions her sexuality, Julie Goldman covers SHE Mag, Lea Michele covers Women’s Health Mag, Bitch Blogs celebrates the Daria DVD release and Family Guy features a trans character.

  • Is Jennifer Knapp the Brave Christian Lesbian We’ve Been Waiting For? (Larry King VIDEO)

    A full video of Jennifer Knapp’s appearance on Larry King Live is out — will Jennifer Knapp be the one to show Gay & Christian are not mutually exclusive? And when did Ted Haggard stop being an asshat and start being bearable? Rosie makes our little gay hearts feel full of love, Archie Comics are getting a new gay in Riverdale, Will Phillips is the cutest recipient of a television journalism award in the history of television journalism, and there’s a new name in media aimed at Muslim women. And hey, have you made a video for Be Queer, Buy Queer yet? If not, make moves!

  • Prop 8 Gay Marriage Trial Closing Arguments Recap: This Time It’s Personal

    Are you ready to get this Prop 8 thing taken care of once and for all? SO ARE WE. We recap today’s closing arguments on the Prop 8 trial on gay marriage in California, with characteristic Autostraddle style and class.