“Orange Is The New Black” Releases Season Two Teaser and Premiere Date!

Fresh off yesterday’s (best news ever) announcement that Ellen Page had come out, the queer lady community was given another gift today when Netflix officially announced the premiere date for the second season of our favorite Netflix Original Series, Orange is the New Black. So mark your calanders for June 6, because you’ll be spending 13 straight hours in front of your TV.

It looks like we get an early look at one of the new cast members, Lorraine Toussaint, who, as we told you earlier, will be playing “Vee, a longtime street tough who ran her own drug business, recruiting children to serve as runners.” We also see a bunch of the inmates we already know and love (or sometimes don’t love so much). Everyone from Red to Suzanne to Daya to Piper herself is back in this teaser.

Screen shot 2014-02-15 at 1.21.59 PM

Even though it’s only sixteen seconds long, it gets me even more pumped for this summer than I already was. The official Orange is the New Black instagram has been posting some behind the scenes photos, but this is the first real (although very short) look we’ve gotten at Season Two. You should also definitely check out their instagram to see some amazing Valentine’s Day videos from the characters.


While we don’t get a lot from this teaser, we do get one piece of vitally important information: all thirteen episodes of the new season will be available for streaming on Netflix on June 6. I know I can’t wait.

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    I was at a friend’s house when I saw this post go up. After many, many technical difficulties including his laptop crashing and my phone running out of battery, we finally managed to watch the trailer. Although I am even more excited for Season 2 now, I’m not sure the 16seconds were worth the stress of our mad struggle to watch it straight away!

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        Google Hola Unblocker — it’s a Chrome extension (I think there are firefox and safari versions too) that basically lets you make your internet think it is wherever you want it to think it is, like a VPN but built into your browser so it’s free and way easier (though also without the other security benefits etc of a real VPN). Anyway, I live in Nicaragua and it changed my life. I guess you’ll still have to find a way to sign up for/pay for Netflix from those countries, but this will at least get you access to the website/programs 🙂

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