Holiday Merch Alert: Safe Space Sweatshirts, Throwback Tees, New Enamel Pins and MORE!


Every winter we smash our heads together to bring you brand-new Autostraddle merch for the holigays. There’s no better way to come out to your parents than requesting a scissoring sweatshirt for Hannukah, and there’s no better way to love your girlfriend than to snap a She/Her pin on her denim vest. Everything in our store is designed and illustrated by queer artists, with our senior and writing staff at the conceptual helm. This year we’re bringing back some old favorites in new colors, some fresh tees and sweaters, and a ton of colorful enamel pins to decorate yourself with!

New Enamel Pins

New Enamel Pins / High Femme, Bi Bi Bi, Hard Femme, and Pronoun Pins!

Did y’all know that the process of making enamel pins is extremely intense? I stumbled upon a video about how they are made from the Discovery Channel and was floored to know that each little pin is hand-painted! HAND-PAINTED! Like tiny little works of art. If you have five minutes, were really into the “How Things Are Made” segment on Sesame Street, and love cheesy music, you’ll love this mini-documentary.

Bi Bi Bi Enamel Pin – $10
Bi Bi Bi Enamel Pin

We’ve turned our Bi Bi Bi Shirt into a wildly bright mint and purple pin! We’ve produced most of our new pins on black enamel because it looks so gosh-darn pretty, however this particular pin radiates Millennium energy with a dash of J.T.’s silvery afro, so we finished this design with antique silver–oOoOo! Bi This Pin →

Pronoun Pins: She/Her & They/Them – $10 each

pronoun pins she/her they/them

We’ve been talking about this forever, and finally the pronoun pins are here to declare you in a tiny, but powerful way. They’ve been painted with “goldenrod” and “pansy purple” enamel, which are two of the hues recommended by our color-trends expert, Mey Rude. She also notes: “I think the yellow will look good on ppl who wear lots of blue (including denim), pastels, bold patterns, soft neutrals, stripes and/or florals”  They/Them Pin → | She/Her Pin → 

Hard Femme Pin – $10

I don’t know about y’all, but I think I’ve finally found my gender identity this year. I mean, well, I think one of my Gemini soul-twins is a Hard Femme. The other one is still deciding. What I mean to say is if you, like me, enjoy Kaylah inspiring you to wear the tallest pompadour of your life, and rock lipstick and short shorts with boots, this is the pin for you. It’s painted with coral and hot pink enamel, and looks like something you smear-wrote in lipstick on a mirror last weekend. Buy This Pin →

High Femme Pin – $10

high femme pin

Don’t you wish you were enveloped in a hazy marijuana cloud, eyes half-closed, with the biggest smile on your face for no reason? So does this pin. All this pin wants to do is remind you of how high you usually are and love to be, and is all “listen, I’m not about to not be high!” I think is what it says. I’m not sure but does anyone want tortilla chips with cherry salsa and Dr. Pepper? No? Just me? Buy This Pin → 

You Do You Pin – $10

You Do You Pins

Alex Vega designed this sexy pin in 2012 for all of you who want to celebrate queerness and originality in a sophisticated, understated way. This gold triangle (which is a queer symbol did u kno?) is painted with black enamel, and stands tall yet tiny at ½”. Now that enamel pins are back in style, so is our first enamel pin ever! Buy This Pin →

Tees! Tees! Tees!

You Do You Tees – $25


ydy tee

Another golden oldie, the You Do You Tee is back with a vengeance, now on heather grey and heather blue! We’re only doing one run of these, so get yours ASAP. Heather Grey Tee → | Heather Blue Tee → 

Queer Deer Tee – $25

queer deer tee

How queer is the Queer Deer? Welp, with a plaid bow-tie and a flower crown, I’d say off-the-charts gay af. Our talented illustrator Cameron Glavin first brought Queer Deer to life on A-Camp Midwest banners, and now it’s making it’s debut on a soft deep-grey unisex tri-blend tee from American Apparel. To be transparent, we were supposed to print it on a different style of shirt but messed up, so if you’re a v-neck fan, you should get yours now because when we re-stock this tee it’ll be in a TOTALLY DIFFERENT CONTEXT. It’s also important to note that QD has been known to inspire wildly passionate dancing and late-night shenanigans. Buy this tee →

Black Scissoring Tee – $25


Black Scissoring Tee

We’ve only had these tees in the store for over a week and they’re selling like hot-cakes! Speaking of, does anyone know why that’s a thing? I don’t really eat hot cake and I’m pretty sure most people don’t. But regardless, we wanted to bring you a flashy femme Scissoring tee, so we found a cute slouchy cut called the Backstage Tee from Alternative Apparel and washed our classic scissors in a bright gradient. Buy this tee →

Warm Things!

Safe Space Eco-Fleece Sweatshirt – $48


safe space sweater

Dang y’all, we have been wanting to bring you more Safe Space merch for ages, and now seems like the best time to do it. Listen, the other side doesn’t really understand what “safe space” means, so it’s up to us to signal to each other that in a dangerous world, we are each other’s safe spaces. We want to wrap you in a warm and cozy hug during the sometimes weird and unsafe family holiday gatherings, so we screenprinted the cosmos on our favorite eco-fleece sweatshirt from Alternative Apparel in vintage black. The words “Safe Space” are in declarative and visible chartreuse hue. Buy this sweater →

Gal Pal Hoodies – $48

Black Gal Pal Hoodie

We are seriously into this hoodie, y’all. This is our third time printing on this pullover by Independent Trading Co., and we honestly can’t get over how cool it is. Have you ever cut holes into your sleeves so you could hook your thumbs into them? Ok, this hoodie has those holes BUILT-IN, and they are so damn fun. We also happened to find out that the pocket in the front has a second secret pocket, which is about the size of a credit card, and is perfect for whatever tiny thing you’d like to slip into it. Oh, and don’t forget the earphones jack in that secret pocket–yes–there’s a teeny hole where you can plug your headphones into your Zune or whatever the kids are doing these days. And of course it features Samira Wiley’s favorite design by Alex Vega–a bright magenta and cyan splash of color declaring your ownership that you are part of the Gal Pal army. I mean, let’s face it. We’ve hit an all-time high of Gal Pal merch. How could it get any better? Buy this hoodie →

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Sarah is gay.

Sarah has written 39 articles for us.


  1. I LOVE all of this! Also, I will definitely be adding some instagram photos of me in my plethora of Autostraddle merch!

  2. Those little You Do You pins made A+ gifts for fellow and incoming members of the LGBTQ student group I helped run at my graduate program. I should pin one on my jacket before I go to some NYU events tonight, now that I think about it.

  3. I love the Bi Bi Bi pin. I was really hoping that design would become a pin at some point!

    On a somewhat related note, that new scissoring tee is in the bi pride colors, and from the thumbnail it’s not entirely clear what’s going on there, and I will admit that I thought maybe “safety pinning” was a new bi girl sex move that I hadn’t heard of.

  4. I literally had -2.36 in my bank account a week ago….and yet ALL THE MERCH. I can’t stop buying merch from you guys. It is all so perfect <3

  5. i just spent all my money on holiday travel plans but i have been waiting for the you do you shirts to come back forever!! so i might have to make an exception

  6. Damn, I ordered all my stuff last week,…….maybe there’s still a bit of change in the kitty though?

  7. … Should have bought the ‘butch, please’ pin when I saw it at A-Camp, regrets!

    Snagged the YDY one, as well as the pronouns ones. I’m kind of fluctuating in what I’m thinking right now, so I wanted both. 9__6

  8. I desperately want a “Make the Yuletide Gay” ugly sweater and I can’t find one. Any autostraddlers have any links? I feel like this is a giant missed opportunity.

    • I haven’t seen a sweater, but there was a “Make the Yuletide Gay” winter bobble hat in one of the shops on the 72 Queer-Owned Businesses list that was excellent.

  9. those sweaters are sooooo comfy! soft on the inside, feels like its own safe space–warm and perfect for winter.

    my gal pal has one of the hoodies, which is a lot lighter material so it was great for keeping the bugs off during the summer. highly recommend both!

  10. Okay, I have to ask. Why are there pins and shirts for almost every conceivable type of femme, while butches get to choose from one pin and one shirt… and the shirt requires me to announce myself as a “bulldyke,” a term that a lot of people find discriminatory and pejorative (and with which I feel zero personal connection)?

    … Oh, wait. I just looked, and now the “Butch Please” pin is gone. Seriously, Autostraddle, I give up. I’ve been coming here for a while, and I want to support this site, but it really feels like butch women are straight up ignored (or otherwise presumed to be some uniform block with zero variety, unlike the myriad types of femme women out there), and I’m increasingly over it. Reading older articles, it didn’t always seem to be this way, so I’m not sure what’s changed, but it’s not encouraging. It’s hard to keep coming back to a place that purports to represent queer women at large but seems to have zero interest in representing you or addressing your issues.

    • just gonna quote a section of the most recent Insider here –> “This phenomenon (readers perceiving we are favoring a thing that we are not favoring) happens to us a lot, but the other area in which it’s most apparent is fashion coverage — equal numbers of readers say our content is too butch/moc focused and that our content is too femme/foc focused.”

      • Well, that manages to be both condescending and unhelpful, seeing as how it doesn’t answer my primary question about merch, and only people who have subscribed can see the Insider (and personally, I’m not subscribing if there’s zero indication that AS is invested in addressing issues that I care about). On the other hand, I can literally go to the AS store right now and find seven separate, femme-specific pieces of merchandise. There are two that are butch-specific, one of which is sold out (and which I already own, anyway), and the other of which has a slur emblazoned on it.

        If anyone would care to address that particular phenomenon, I’m all ears.

          • Then maybe don’t tell me anything. Maybe whoever’s doing the merch could, you know, come up with a couple of more items for butches. Or maybe you could actually take what I’m saying seriously instead of blowing me off and acting like I’m a moron or somehow inconveniencing you for making a relevant comment about merchandise on a post announcing new merchandise, all of which is either femme-specific or unrelated to gender presentation. I would happily buy a “soft butch” hoodie or shirt or pin, for instance. There are items targeted to all kinds of varieties of femme, so what exactly is so difficult about throwing a couple in for butches? The way you’ve responded, you’d think I was suggesting something completely crazy.

            And when I alluded to a near-absence of topics related to MOC women, I wasn’t just talking about fashion coverage. I was talking about articles across the board. But hey, a response of ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ is always helpful and productive.

        • Just two things? A lot of stuff in the store right now looks MOC to me – the boxer briefs, the dapper deer t-shirt, all of the unisex tees with small/round necks or smaller v-necks…

          I’m sure you get that AS does limited runs of merch, since that’s obviously not their primary business, so older stuff starts to run out. It’s always a bummer for me personally when they start to run out of extended sizes on the tees I like, but I get it. As they run through stock, they can’t possibly be everything to everyone…

          I hope they do another run of the Butch Please pin!

          You also mentioned site content, but a LOT of AS writers ID as MOC, so I’m not sure why you’re feeling so unseen…

          • That’s great that a lot of the writers ID as MOC, but if none of the articles are actually addressing MOC-specific issues, then that doesn’t really mean much, frankly. And I’m not just talking about fashion stuff- I go to DapperQ or Qwear for that, anyway. I’m talking about things like an article similar to the one they did about what it means to be femme (which people asked for in the comments, actually, and were dismissed).

            As far as the merch goes, there are specific items for you if you identify as Tomboy Femme, Hard Femme, Lazy Femme, and High Femme. If you’re butch, well, you’re butch. Oh, or a deer in a bowtie. Which is… a deer in a bowtie, not, you know, anything about your actual identity (unless you identify as a deer in a bowtie, in which case, I would like to meet you and hang out).

            A unisex t-shirt is unisex. Crew necks are not inherently MOC. Neither as anything to do with being able to wear something that speaks to your identity as a butch or MOC woman, whereas femmes have a bunch of specific items covering all different subsets of femme. Butches are treated as an afterthought and a homogenous block, which we’re not. I really don’t think it’s much to ask to want a lousy t-shirt that doesn’t have “bulldyke” on the front but lets me show some butch pride, but apparently it is.

          • If I sound frustrated and annoyed, it’s because I am. I expressed a concern and was immediately met with a response that basically blew me off and said, “Well, equal numbers of people think we’re biased towards butches and femmes, so there’s no issue here.” It didn’t address my original comment about the merch, and when I gave specific numbers illustrating my point about the merch, people insisted that it’s fine, because there’s equal representation for MOC women in the cut of various shirts. Whether it’s intended to or not, that comes across as really dismissive (although the irony of this happening on a post literally advertising “safe space” shirts isn’t lost on me).

            Look, it’s great that there are unisex cuts available for the various shirts. That isn’t just sarcasm. I own one of the Gal Pal hoodies and several of the pins. But it seems like there’s an attitude of, “Hey, we’re doing MOC women a favor by stocking crew neck shirts, so stop looking a gift horse in the mouth.” I don’t really think it’s unreasonable to want a shirt that I can wear that showcases my butch identity but doesn’t have the word “bulldyke” on it. I mean, hell, I loathe pink, but I would have bought that shirt even in the bright pink color if it hadn’t had that word on it, just to try and demonstrate that there’s a market for butch merch in the hopes of getting more in the store. It was really disheartening to me that when a butch shirt was finally added to the store, it was one that was as polarizing as possible. Like, I’m obviously queer. I’ve been called “dyke” plenty. I don’t need to actually WEAR it and provide more opportunities for people to call me that, too. I get that some people are into that, but a lot of us aren’t.

      • It also seems weirdly opaque to bury the results of the annual survey behind a paywall. I get wanting to provide incentives for people to subscribe, but the survey itself was open to all- shouldn’t the findings be, as well?

        And perception is not reality. Unless someone actually goes through and counts the general bent of the recent articles posted here to get hard numbers showing that there’s a fifty-fifty breakdown, then the argument that everyone feels underrepresented is basically meaningless. There are a ton of studies out there illustrating this phenomenon (such as the one in which men complained of women “dominating” a meeting in which they spoke fifty percent of the time, simply because they were speaking more than usual).

        • they aren’t “burying” anything. the survey only happened a month ago and they usually follow it up with literal pie graphs available to all, but shit takes time. this sentence was just an aside.

          anyway i didn’t mean to get roped into anything so i’m done here.

        • That’s good to know. That response rubbed me the wrong way in part because it seemed like I was being chided for not taking note of something that was posted behind the paywall. Maybe it wasn’t intended that way, I don’t know.

          Really, all I’m asking for is a butch-specific shirt or hoodie that has something other than “BULLDYKE” across the front. A few more MOC-specific articles would be a bonus (and really aren’t something I expected to get, anyway). But asking for merch that speaks to your gender identity and doesn’t have a slur on it doesn’t seem like something deserving of a bunch of ridicule. And honestly, appealing to the cut of some of the clothing in an effort to claim equal representation really seems like grasping at straws. I also don’t get why they decided to make the existing butch shirt bright pink, but it is what it is.

        • The confusing thing to me is that the only ridicule I see here is coming from you. It seems like you assumed a lot of sarcasm and bad intentions when it wasn’t there to begin with.

        • “Like, it feels like you’re accusing us of being biased against masculine-of-center folks (we’re more often accused of being biased in moc folks’ favor), which is fundamentally ridiculous.”

          Well, that’s always a great way to start a dialogue. Thanks for that. I am saying that MOC people are massively underrepresented in the merch on offer in the AS store. I have provided specific examples and numbers to back up what I’m saying. Appealing to the cut of certain garments is really grasping at straws. I am also saying that it FEELS LIKE there are way fewer MOC-specific articles and stories now than there used to be. I haven’t sat down and gone through every article published over the last couple of years, so I couldn’t say whether or not that’s true. That’s my perception. I’m sorry if you feel that my perception is “fundamentally ridiculous,” but I feel that claiming a crew neck shirt is magically butch is also a bit ridiculous, so I guess we’re even.

          You’ve addressed the shirts, but I was talking about merch generally, which includes the pins. I think it’s a cop out to try and narrow this discussion to shirts and claim that hardly anything in the store is gender identity-specific, when I just went through and counted up items (see above) and found a massive disparity. But even looking at shirts, there are three femme-specific shirts (two varieties of “Lazy Femme” and the “Hard Femme” one) and one butch-specific shirt.

          I read the post with the designer of the existing butch shirt when it first came out, and read it again recently. When I saw there was a new shirt for butches, I was genuinely excited and planned to buy it- then I saw that it had “BULLDYKE” on the front, recoiled and that was that. I get what the intent was, and if people find that shirt empowering, that’s great! But it comes across as a bit of a slap in the face for the only shirt specific to butch pride to be both bright pink and emblazoned with a word that a lot of people consider a slur (or at least don’t want to encourage the use of outside of certain, very specific spaces). I would find it similarly objectionable if the shirt for bi people broadcast some kind of super negative stereotype about bisexuality, just for the record. If there’s only going to be one shirt for a particular gender identity or orientation, it doesn’t seem ideal for that shirt to be as polarizing as possible.

          As far as what I’d like to see, a “butch please” shirt would be great. So would shirts and/or pins for different types of butches, the same way there are for different types of femmes (i.e. hard butch, soft butch, et cetera). I would buy the hell out of a “geeky butch” anything. Wildfang also doesn’t carry plus sizes, so their stuff doesn’t work for a lot of people, but I can understand not wanting to duplicate what they’re doing.

          And sure, I can go elsewhere to buy stuff that says, “Tomboy” on the front, or whatever. But I actually would like to support AS, and I actually would like to buy merch from the store. Although with the way I’m being ganged up on and pilloried here, maybe I shouldn’t bother. I’m definitely not going to make the mistake of posting anything critical about the site or the merch offerings again.

        • i understand and support and am A HUGE FAN OF the idea of wanting to support us rather than those other companies — it’s more like *we* don’t want to be seen as ripping off the designs/ideas of other queer-owned businesses, you know? and like i said, the reason we don’t make butch please apparel is b/c of the backlash we got to the column from a person who sells butch please hats.

          thank you for the feedback though, it’s good to hear that it’s what you want!

          it’s just like behind the scenes we aren’t operating with bias, it’s more about like “this design is done” and “this one still needs some work” or “this will sell b/c nobody else is doing this” than it is about counting representation.

    • Hey @diplogeek– we just ran out of the Butch pins yesterday and have already placed a re-order from our vendor. Several butch pins are also in the works, as well as a Soft Butch (maybe long-sleeved!) tee. We’re not 100% into the design yet and are still exploring ideas.

      Check out a sneak-peek:

    • Hello!

      I love it when big generalizations are made about our intentions! Like, it feels like you’re accusing us of being biased against masculine-of-center folks (we’re more often accused of being biased in moc folks’ favor)? I don’t even know how that would be possible… like if you know us… at all…

      Firstly — aside from summer merch that’s being phased out, all our current apparel designs except the Hard Femme tee, the Bi tee and the Butch tee (also you should read the post we did with the designer of that shirt) are not restricted to a particular gender identity or orientation. Nor are most of the pins. Safe Space, Queer Deer, Scissoring, You Do You, Gal Pal (the black gal pal tee is v. popular amongst masculine-of-center folks), Cats, Bi-Bi-Bi… this is all unspecific. I understand you don’t like the Butch tee we have, but the fact remains that we’ve debuted only two gender-specific tees this year, and one is femme-oriented and the other is butch-oriented.

      Is there something specific you’d like to see in Butch-related merch? When Kate launched the “Butch Please” column, a person who made Butch Please hats got upset and said Kate (who’d never seen their work before) was copying their idea. (she wasn’t, but there’s no way to prove that.) Because that person sold apparel (hats, specifically), we have stayed away from making Butch Please apparel b/c we don’t want to encroach on their territory.

      The Butch Please pin is on backorder but will return soon.

      Sarah’s made mock-ups of a Soft Butch tee but we’ve not found a design we’re 100% into yet. That’ll come next year.

      We can’t do “Tomboy” shirts because Wildfang already does them. If you look at the 72 lesbian businesses post, you’ll see that about 20 of them are queer clothing companies making masculine-of-center apparel for “women’s bodies.” So when we design merch we look at what’s already out there, and there are quite a few companies already making more butch-focused apparel. We don’t want to use the same slogan already being used by another shop.

      We sell most of our merch on unisex cuts in gender-neutral colors — and until last year, got tons of complaints that our merch was too geared towards masculine-of-center folks and people who dressed more androgynously. We started doing brighter colors and using femmy-er shirt cuts because we got requests for it.

      Also what Brianna said is true. My head spins from the time I spend defending us from being biased against femmes vs. biased against masculine-of-center folks. I don’t even know where to begin. Be the pitch you want to see in the world!

      here’s some survey results for you:
      23% of readers feel we need more content about femme people
      24% of readers feel we need more content about masculine-of-center people

      p.s. pink is not a femme color

      • And no, “pink is not a femme color.” Sort of like, “a crew neck is not an MOC style,” right? But the shirt still says “BULLDYKE” across the front, and pink (at least that shade) is probably the one color that would give MOC women pause if they were thinking of buying the shirt (although as I said above, I would have bought it anyway, in spite of hating the color, if it hadn’t said “bulldyke,” in order to encourage the appearance of more butch merch). Like I said, it’s as polarizing as possible. Which wouldn’t bother me if it weren’t the sole option in the store for people who want to wear a butch pride t-shirt.

        Were there some other butch-specific shirts or hoodies that were in the store before that are gone now? I don’t recall seeing any over the last year or year and a half, but maybe I missed something.

        • i guess i misunderstood — i thought you were saying there was nothing in the store for folks who weren’t femme, and i was pointing out that there was. not that a crew-neck is an MOC style, just that it’s not a *femme-specific* style.

          i mean we decided to stock that shirt b/c my then-girlfriend, who is butch/masculine-of-center, had one, and wore it all the time and always got tons of compliments and attention from other moc folks who wanted one when she did.

          • I suppose it’s possible that I’m the only MOC woman who doesn’t want to encourage people (especially non-LGBT people) to refer to her as a bulldyke, or that I’m a super rare exception, but I really don’t think that’s the case. I grew up getting the word “dyke” thrown at me. The idea of having it on a shirt that I would presumably wear in public makes my skin crawl. I actually considered buying it even though I hated the color and that word and wouldn’t actually have worn it, because I wanted to encourage the production of more butch merchandise, but I just couldn’t do it. I understand that some people find it empowering to reclaim slurs for their own use, but a lot of people don’t- and especially in light of recent political events, I have zero interest in wearing something that would encourage people to call me that, especially when I already get anxious about using public restrooms and stuff when I’m back in the States.

            Anyway, my point wasn’t, “There’s literally nothing in the store that MOC women can buy,” so much as, “Hey, all of these different subgroups of femme get their own shirts or pins or whatever to show their pride, and butches have one pin and a shirt that forces them to call themselves a ‘bulldyke’ on it. How is that equitable?” I would find it similarly troubling if there was tons of stuff for hard butches, soft butches, stone butches and only one femme pin and, say, one, olive drab shirt with… I’m trying to think of a comparable pejorative for femme women, but I’m not coming up with much. Insert gross slur of your choice here. It’s just frustrating to feel like you’re being treated as a homogenous bloc when other people have this range of nuanced options available when they want to buy merch that expresses their gender identity. For whatever it’s worth, my (femme) fiancée said that she had also noticed the lack of butch-specific merchandise options and that it’s frustrating because she wants to buy me something, but there’s nothing to buy.

      • And sorry, we seem to keep crossposting. I’ll check out the articles you referenced (I trawled through the site a while back for butch content, but I may have missed some- I really loved the Butch, Please column and would love to see more of it).

        Anyway, it’s 1:30 in the morning in balmy Pakistan, so I should really crash. But you know, I would love to represent for butch folks here if I could get some cool stuff to wear to do it.

        • I think you’re being got at unfairly Diplogeek, I didn’t read you as being accusatory, but people who ARE accusing you of being so, don’t seem to have really read your comments, or the countless times you’ve asked for specific butch-identified clothes/slogans ( we don’t use the term MOC here in England).. that’s my 2 penn’orth anyway

  11. Oh, also other feedback – I already have a scissoring tee so I probably won’t pick one up but I LOVE the cut of the new black scoop neck scissoring tees, I have that same cut in some tees from Modcloth, I hope you keep using that cut with different designs!

  12. I love all of the options with the pins. I’m very much not a person who likes messages on my clothing, but those pins!

  13. The new scissoring tee…. on my birthday list :)

    Hot cakes are like fresh out of the oven cakes which are the very best cakes of all! At the veggie cafe I used to run folks got to know when it was scone baking day and there’d be a bit of a queue cos getting one when they’re still oven-warm is a piece of edible, buttery, freshly-baked heaven.

    • you had me at buttery. i’m salivating now.

      also Mey pointed out that hot cakes are like, pancakes. To which I was like “duh, ofc they are.” :severe blushing:

  14. Why is it taking so long though? It’s been in transit since 12/02, what gives? Can’t give Christmas presents on Christmas if the gifts don’t arrive on time -_-

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