Autostraddle T-Shirts and Stickers Are Back! Get Some!

Hello! Do you remember the last time we sold t-shirts? Probably not because they sold out within a few days. Do you remember the time before that? Probably not, it was over pretty quickly because they all sold out within the first day. Remember when we hand-printed t-shirts for Dinah? Probably not because those sold out within an hour.




The shirts are available for the low-low price of $25, and all proceeds go to benefit this website and the people who operate it.

autostraddle reader wearing auto-shirt with lucky dog leather belt = perfection

This is the size chart:


Important Things You Should Know:

1. Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping. It might not take that long but we just don’t want you to get mad at us.

2. Every time we tell you that the shirts run big and every time you don’t believe us and every time you need to exchange them. So, just so you know, the shirts are dude sizes and run big!

3. Also, Laneia and company wrote a great post about how to cut-up your t-shirt to make it different and cool, if you’re into that.


Oh and yes, our YOU DO YOU fundraising stickers are back in stock! These outrageously popular YOU DO YOU stickers have been spotted all over the universe sported by very stylish lesbians:

what are you waiting for, go to our goodsie store!

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    okay. my life is now made. the end. thanx g(a)uys.

  2. EEK! I remember both times…and I’m yet to lucky enough to find them in stock! Third time’s a charm ;)

    • I know, last time I ordered I was laughing at myself because I couldn’t remember when I last thought about checking my mailbox on my way home from work.

  3. !!! You had to tell me this right after telling me that the box set of Daria was on Amazon for 26 dollars? Graaahhhhhhhh

    • You just made me feel so much better about my $18.76 balance.

      Seriously, though, that sucks, and I hope your money decides to procreate in there.

  4. Gah this post reminds me!Ages ago when you guys were fundraising, I bought a calendar and some stickers..which never arrived :( I think my subsequent emails got lost in the ether. Who do I contact about mayb’s fixin’ something else up? #feelsrudepostingaboutthisbutIwouldquitelikeASmerch

      • Hey no worries! Just one of those things, I do understand how busy you all are :) Thanks for the tip, I shall do just that :)

    • /this is me who briefly wondered what a smerch was
      /this is me who did NOT get enough sleep last night

    • this. i remember paying, but i’m not such a stickler on policing AS for sending me stuff *i bought stickers bc you didn’t stock my size shirt*

  5. Last time, I waited too long to order because I couldn’t decide what size would actually fit well. This is why buying clothes on the internet tends to fill me with anxiety. What if I order the wrong size? I’m pretty sure I’ll die alone.

  6. Yay! I got a shirt and 3 stickers! I’m very happy.

    BUT!!!! I realized that I’m an idiot and didn’t remember that my paypal address is for home (my parent’s house) and I am at school right now. Is there anyway I could change that? It’s not a huge deal if it goes there but it saves me from having to have my parents mail it to me.

  7. can we get fun colors too?

    nothing against charcoal i just think rainbow (solid or tie-dye) would be awesome!! =)

  8. Are you including postcards/pics with a t-shirt order, like with the stickers? Gotta collect them all! jk

    I don’t know what size would fit me. I can’t measure right. It’s an American Apparel t-shirt? I’d have to go to a store to try on the sizes before buying online…

  9. wait a minute. postcards, pics? I didn’t get any with my last order of stickers and a t-shirt and there’s C. above me bragging about her collection. Slip me some in this order please and thank you.

    • Oops. I just looked at what I received to see if I remembered correctly. I got one card that’s half the size of a postcard. It’s got 3 pics of 3 different women, each holding a sign that says
      I exaggerated wrongly in my post above! Sorry for the confusion.

  10. My favourite shirt ever; I’m wearing it first day of school :D I also look super awesome in it. The v-neck is just so flattering (my mom always told me that…do you think she’s onto me? lol)

  11. I was so pissed when I missed out on these last time, I’m doing it now even though I don’t really have the money. Yeah Autostraddle!

  12. Yes… ordered a tshirt. Actually, I ordered two.
    I feel like I have to wear it to the international AS meet-up!

  13. Sweet! I just bought a sticker to go on my new (naked!) water bottle. PERFECT TIMING, AUTOSTRADDLE.

  14. I… am tempted by the shirts but I’m not sure I want to deal with any misconceptions that being seen from the back might produce. /is a prude

    I really like the stickers though? Bought three. In the future, is there any chance of diversifying the T-shirt designs? Maybe making a You Do You t-shirt? Just an idle thought.

        • Wellll true. But at least it’s not saying “You Do *Me*”, which is the impression I, at least, get from “(Auto)Straddle Me.” :P Maybe I’m alone there.
          Anyway. Just a though.

        • JUST TODAY I WAS THINKING (trust me, that needs excitement, I don’t think often enough) and i was thinking, You do You teeshirts they would be the awesome. And then I realised they’d sound dirty. so I was thinking of other things it could say to make it less so.

          I’m not nearly witty enough, but maybe something you do you (it’s only as dirty as you want it to be) or (hey! i didn’t mean it that way) or maybe (but having an activity partner is good too)

          idk. or something.

          or nothing. either way.

  15. I am so excited to scandalize bougie older folk with my back that reads “STRADDLE THIS”. Perfect.

  16. I would so totally get one, but I ordered one last go around and it never arrived ;A;. Got a super quick refund, so yay AS for being cool about it, but I don’t know if I can stand waiting around for another month (i’m in the UK) to see if it comes, trying not to get excited but failing miserably :(

  17. When reading this post title from afar on my tiny phone screen, I initially thought it said: ‘Autostraddle t-shirts and knickers are back! Get some!’

    I mean, I realised my mistake quite quickly, and the t-shirts are awesome, but I still reckon that y-fronts that say ‘straddle this’ on the ass (ASS!) could be a good thing.

  18. Can’t wait to get this baby in the mail; threw some stickers in the cart for good measure as well. Good thing Dallas Pride is in September due to the heat. Hah. (Although I think it coincides with Austin City Limits this year – bah!)

  19. OH NO. Awkward timing when you don’t know if you’ll be at home or back to your college town when the t-shirt is delivered.

  20. My bed is featured in this post.
    Life feels pretty complete.

    So tempted to buy another shirt, but I have the light grey one from a while back… buy a textbook or buy another shirt?

  21. hi! after pre-packing all the orders so far we have a few left over that we’ve added to the store for you

  22. If my shirt somehow gets here before Friday when I go to a superhero party I’m going to wear it as my costume with a rainbow flag cape (and I’ll most definitely upload a picture) SO EVERYONE CROSS YOUR FINGERS!!!

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