Autostraddle T-Shirts Are Back!

Hello! Let’s cut to the chase — remember the last time we sold t-shirts? Probably not, it was over pretty quickly because they all sold out within the first day. Remember when we hand-printed t-shirts for Dinah? Probably not because those sold out within an hour.



And this time the shirts are CHARCOAL!

These suckers are made out of soft sheer Jersey material, charcoal-colored with a very slim, unisex fit. Ladies and lesbos — this is a “unisex” fit. So if in doubt, go small!

Here’s the American Apparel given size chart for mens/unisex shirts:

Order them now at our goodsie store, sizes XS-XL, for $25, and prepare to get straddled.

Also, Laneia and company wrote a great post about how to cut-up your t-shirt to make it different and cool, if you’re into that.


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  1. Oh, how I wish this was in time for TC Pride this weekend! But oh well, I’m still going to buy one and be REALLY happy about it!

      • Echoed, but Chicago pride. I’m already identifiable to most of the Chicagostraddlers anyway…


  2. I spent the last two hours in a haze of unemployment woes, and then just dropped $25 dollars on a t-shirt. I don’t even feel bad about it.

  3. can someone buy a bunch of these and sell them at NYC pride….cause I am living cash only right now. The life of a hustler….has its pitfalls. Ill pay above face.

  4. I actually spotted Kelsey wearing the Autostraddle shirt in this week’s episode :D It’s like playing “Where’s Wally?” every week looking for Autostraddle references in the show.

  5. Okay I just almost had a heart attack because I thought they were sold out. DON’T DO THAT TO ME, GUYS.

  6. Wait, they aren’t sold out? But it says they are. I will try refreshing. That’s how much I want to give you money for a t-shirt.

  7. I’ve refreshed it like 10x and I’ve opened the site on three different browsers (Firefox, Camino and Safari) and it still says sold out.

    • Same here. Now it feels like Autostraddle doesn’t want me to have a shirt. I might cry.

      • sorry ! alex has a job that she’s at so um, i’m sure as soon as she gets a minute and is not being supervised, she will take care of this… *iwishwehadarealoffice

  8. I put mine in my chart, and then it said “sold out” when I tried to add more.

    Totally bought what was in my cart; hope there was enough stock!

    AS, your merch brings all the queers to the yard!

  9. SOOOO excited about this. Can’t wait to wear it to work!

    Also, I think the HRC t-shirts are the unisex American Apparel jersey knit stuff. The material is super-soft and gets better every wash. BUT, as the girls said above, the sizes do run a little large. My HRC shirt is a medium, and it’s baggy on me. I usually wear a size 6 up top. So, I’m going with a small this time and if it’s still too big, I’m gonna cut it up!

  10. uggggh i have nothing useful to add to this post except I wantz on them shirtz and I wantz on them now. and theyre sold out. FIX IT DAMMIT. dont make me sadface


    • sorry guys! we’re working on the store issue. thank you so much for your patience and enthusiasm and also cuteness.

  11. Are they sold out for real now? I refreshed the page a few times (on internet explorer) and nothing changed : (

  12. TESTIMONIAL: Guys, I’ve seen these shirts in the real life. They are super cool looking and crazy soft. That tone of dark grey is the best/my fav. BUY TWO! You won’t regret it.

  13. i will now spend the rest of the day in front of my computer refreshing the page until i get my paws on one of these babies. (this plan is only slightly altered from what it was before i saw this post, which was spend the rest of the day in front of my computer doing rather useless things including but not limited to finding new tumblrs to follow and googling pictures of baby animals.)

  14. Would there be any way to reserve one of these? I really want one, but unfortunately won’t be able to actually buy a T-shirt until I can use my Paypal account, which apparently is going to be 2-3 days from now, when the T-shirts will probably already be sold out.

    (yes, I totally opened a Paypal account just for this. *fails*)

    • Nevermind, Paypal was quicker than I thought. :D I think I did it right, so a T-shirt should be coming my way soon(ish).

      Woooo Autostraddle pride!

  15. yelped with glee. AUTOSTRADDLE ON MY FAVORITE T SHIRT IN MY FAVORITE COLOR. good bye substantial chunk of my food budget, hellloooooooo LADIES.

    • The ladies will take you on dates and buy you food because you look so cute in your shirt! AUTOSTRADDLE: INDIRECTLY FEEDING THE HUNGRY + FINANCIALLY IRRESPONSIBLE

  16. guys i gotta go to bed (different timezone unfortunately), will you promise me there are still shirts left when i wake up in the morning?!?

  17. Want!
    But it says sold out for me :(
    Also i just moved to a place where i can’t spend outside money and i’ve yet to accumulate allowance. Oh well.

  18. Same – though no rush! (This is a groundbreaking day for shirts, teefury has a custom Watcher’s Council t-shirt up. #BTVS)

  19. Pretty sure I just bought a shirt. Or a Taiwanese hooker. Either way I win! No really I think I bought a shirt and now you have to mail it all the way to Australia. Sucks to be you!


  20. I don’t care if I don’t have any $$ because these are too good to be true. Doubt that my shirt will arrive in time for Pride this weekend but there are many other occasions to rock an Autostraddle shirt.

  21. i am getting mixed messages/am unable to buy a shirt.
    (bahaha, i keep going from excited to so so sad and back)

  22. Yay! I will let my thirteen-year-old cut it up for me when it gets here, she is more skilled at that than I. WHOMP.

  23. I got tired of hitting refresh so i set up an account. now i’m sad because i have no Autostraddle friends and the shirts still say sold out.

    • Cara from CB?! I’m so sorry! I’m sure they’ll be back! You can friend me if you want!

  24. Sold out…? I really want to shower you all with money in exchange for sexy goods. MAKE MORE.

  25. hey there Straddlers. My birthday is in about a month. So that is a month of you collecting change and saving it and then buying me an autostraddle t-shirt. kthnxbye

  26. Either your sold out error persists, or holy fuck you guys should print more T-shirts.

  27. Hey guys. There are a shit ton of shirts. They are not sold out. Goodsie has REALLY PERFECT TIMING with their errors.

    I’ve emailed the tech team there who will hopefully correct this issue.

    Myself and others have sat at their computer in the admin panel switching “Sold Out” to “Available” all afternoon to no avail.

    Trust me. Shirts are NOT sold out and everyone who wants one will be sure to get one. Hang tight while Goodsie gets their fucking shit together and gives us a free year to use their service to make up for the glitch that is costing us these sales and headaches.


  28. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemustmustmusthave!!!!!

    *sits and waits with credit card clutched earnestly in hand*


    I’m hoping if the glitch is fixed soooon it will arrive in time for London Pride. Plz, internet gods?

  30. Oh where’s my debit card? I want I want! Must have mine before pride! :P

  31. Things that will get me to buy a shirt:
    -The world “Autostraddle” anywhere on the shirt
    -American Apparel
    -Any shade of grey

    Alex, you tricky bitch.

  32. Initial reaction upon seeing post: ZOMFG SHIRTS
    Secondary reaction upon hastily clicking link: D: God DAMN IT
    Current state of mind induced by reading comments: blank, just refreshing zealously.

    • they’re not sold out, if that’s what you’re saying — there’s something wrong with goodsie, alex is working it out

      • No, I gleaned from the comments that there was a glitch. I refreshed doggedly and was rewarded with success.

        Alex: you are the bomb. Do people say that anymore? I used to say it a lot during sixth grade; this is the first time I’ve used it in lesbionic context.

  33. Will there still be shirts in like two weeks? Because I am on the whole other side of the country from home and blah. BUT I WANT ONE SO BAD SO BAD I TELL YOU

    • i GOT one! you took my hard-earned dollars tutoring football players in Finance and Statistics. fyi! true love!

    • Dang, it still says sold out T_T I’ll try again tomorrow. May I ask how many you have in stock?

      • I had to refresh over and over for about a minute for it to work, but it worked. Try that maybe?

  34. Will these be selling through Friday? Because that’s when I get paid. I would really appreciate it if these were still here Friday!! Please! I love you guys so much. :)

    • aghhh this should be my self-birthday present as well. I was planning on buying a softball bat. this is a more financially responsible decision. because thats totally why I’m buying it.

      • Definitely the more responsible choice, ’cause you can’t wear a softball bat everyday for the next month. That would be sooo gross.

  35. AGHHH YES. Today on my lunch break I checked the site and was mega bummed that I missed the flurry of shirts. I was literally about to post a sadface facebook status update about it because uh that’s how I roll. LUCKILY I RECHECKED. Life is good. Wearing this to SD Pride if it arrives in time!!

  36. Yay finally I did it, Auto T-shirt coming to Mexico! ;) Totally loved the color!

    Alex = Genius!

  37. oww yes. i was contemplating using my very limited online tshirt buying impulses to buy a tegan and sara shirt yesterday, but something told me to withhold, and now i know why. oh autostraddle how you’ve changed my priorities!

    • Missy, if your regular size is a 2xl, I bet you could buy an XL of these and it would fit you. They run pretty loose and comfy.

      • i dunno. i’m a pretty, um, broad-stanced straddler, shall we say, and it’s not a matter of losing weight. hmmm. shall ponder.


    Ps. Riese and A;ex you are super geniuses and I luuuurve you.

    Pps. Am I the only one who pronounces A;ex as “Aiyex” in my head whenever I read it? Alex, you’ve been re-christened, fun right? :D

  39. I bought one I bought one I bought one!!!!!!!!!!! And a sticker! I’m gonna be straddled up! Wooo! =D So happy!

  40. P.S. AS team, you ROCK for working like crazy to get this fixed and reassure us that there are, indeed, still t-shirts to be available. We <3 you!

  41. This thread reads like a litter of cute kittens mewing to be fed then then afterwords purring with satisfaction. Well, maybe more like screaming to be fed then running up the curtains in joy but you get my point.

    In the early days of the site did you ever envision this kind of response from readers for a t-shirt? I know it was a day of frustration but I hope you let yourselves realize how awesome AS is.

  42. Yes!! I got two! A medium and a small, so that I can be covered in AS both while I’m sleeping and while I’m awake….

  43. Woohoo I woke up to available shirts!! After reading different comments I’ve decided to say I bought mine as a birthday gift to me, makes slightly more sense then for buying an awesome shirt that I couldn’t actually afford…. And so what if my birthday isn’t until October! It’s just really early and Imma be awesomely dressed when it comes!

  44. I had a friend doggedly refreshing the site while I was in the shower last night, so I could go and buy one. And some stickers while I was at it, cause why not.

    happily eva after :D

  45. I’m so stupid… I just ordered a medium when I really wanted a small (was thinking girl sizes not unisex… cos obviously I was too excited to actually READ THE INSTRUCTIONS)

    is there anyway I can get this changed around? Let me know…

  46. i specifically logged in today for the words “t-shirts are back”…done and done. how long do you think it’ll take to get here in Singapore?

  47. question… will you be getting 2xls and 3xls for us fatshionistas? bummed that you’re only going up to an xl when it looks like you have more sizes available to choose from! …for such a size-positive site, i’m disappointed! :-(

    • Hey Kim, American Apparel goes only as large as 2XL. I’m sorry we didn’t order any of that size (I’ll be sure to take that into consideration in the next run!) but we also didn’t order any XXS’s. We just picked out of the middle, not knowing what we were going to sell.

      Please note that these sizes are MENS sizes. A “slim” mens (not as box-y cut as say Fruit of the Loom) but mens nonetheless. I’ve already had a few people email me to switch their sizes because they didn’t realize this when they ordered.

      • yes i need to know. i think i can fit into a small but i’m not sure if i wanna chance it…

        • I have the same American Apparel-type shirt from HRC. I ordered a Medium, and I really wish I had gone small. It’s baggy enough that I want to cut it up and reconstruct it. This time I ordered a Small.

          (For point of reference, I am a 34D so pretty… um, busty, with a small waist. I usually wear Size 6 on top.)

    • me too! I am so sad. I just got home from work to find the larges already sold out. Damn my workplace for blocking Autostraddle!

  48. Please say that XS isn’t the only size left! Please let this be another error! *cries*

    • I have no idea how this happened, but yeah we totally sold out of every size already. AND I ordered way more t-shirts this time! I underestimated the love, for reals. We will do another run as soon as this last one gets mailed out, promise!

  49. Has anyone received theirs yet? Or had a confirmation email? I don’t want mine to get lost!! :P

    • Well, Canada Post had a lengthy strike, so I’m expecting all of my stuff to be a little later than usual. Dunno if this relates to your anxiety though :p

    • I got mine today but I’m super bummed. I ordered a Medium, but it’s so big! :'( I’m willing to trade/sell/gift to anyone that wants a medium.

  50. ZOMG! I got my shirt t-day. Discovered it when I walked out the door to go to work at the bar, and it was laying there. So I immediately ripped it open, and put it on instead of the shirt I was originally wearing.

    At work, I had a big table of HRC peeps there for happy hour (we’re in D.C., a couple blocks from the HRC HQ) and one of the girls commented on my AS shirt. SCOOOOORE! I hardly ever get to talk to cute gay girls at this place.

    As if getting the shirt wasn’t awesome enough by itself. I <3 you guys! Thanks, Alex! (And everyone else who helped.)

  51. I go so excited on the arrival of the tshirts today but only one arrived :( Do you send them individually or together?

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