Autostraddle T-Shirts Are Here! Get ‘Em While They’re Hot

ETA: You guys are serious about these shirts and we love you for it! We have already sold out of sizes XS and S, and almost M. BUT DON’T PANIC! There will be another shipment very very soon. You will all have an Autostraddle This t-shirt or my name isn’t Alex Vega AND MY NAME IS TOTALLY ALEX VEGA.

It’s been a long time coming, you guys. Hi, my name is Alex. I don’t write much here, but I do all the graphics and things that involve design with Let me tell you the story of the “AUTOSTRADDLE THIS” t-shirt:

This past April when Team Auto invaded Dinah Shore, I worked with a friend of mine who had some airbrushing & stencil-making resources so I could make t-shirts and tank tops for the Team to wear this particular weekend. OBSERVE:

That's Nat Garcia's ass!

By the end of the weekend, Taylor had her tank literally taken right off of her body by an anonymous lesbian, and I was talked into exchanging my only extra Auto-tank with a Club Skirts merch girl for boy-briefs.

In a way, these shirts passed the test and I set out to get them made so other people could have an ‘Autostraddle THIS” shirt too! Only I had no idea what kind of debacle was in store for me with the t-shirt guy. I’ll save the details, but I will say that I wanted to have these ready to go the last weekend of June. (You know, in time for the Rodeo Disco and all.) It’s the middle of September. I am not happy. BUT YOU WILL HOPEFULLY BE because that’s all behind us now and we are ready to roll!

So it’s with that that I officially announce:

Our heather grey-colored American Apparel
Unisex V-Neck
Autostraddle This” T-shirts

Ladies and lesbos: this is a “unisex” fit! So if in doubt, go small!
To our straight dude reader: Foist, go with a medium probs.

I’m assuming there’s a good amount of people who know what size of American Apparel shirt they wear. In case you don’t, this is the given size chart for mens/unisex shirts:
Size chart

I chose this shirt because I have an intimate relationship with American Apparel V-necks, and I feel that all different shapes and sizes and gender expressions of people can rock this style. I’m also of the opinion that they stand up really well to multiple washes. I have American Apparel v-necks from 2005 and they get better with age, I swear.

Also, Laneia and company just wrote a great post about how to cut-up your t-shirt to make it different and cool. Just saying.

So you wanna know where to get these bad boys yes?
At the store I made just specifically for them of course:

Autostraddle Apparel Store

Thanks to anyone that has ever bought anything from us or donated, and thanks in advance to those purchasing one of these shirts. It’s a way to help us keep running cause really, Tinkerbell has an insatiable desire for vodka-tonics and that habit ain’t cheap.

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Cofounder and Design Director of Autostraddle. Professional web/graphic designer. Whiskey enthusiast. Drumming hobbyist. A past speaker at the 2010 BlogHer Conference ("Good Blog Design: The Role of Layout in an Online Medium"), 2013 Salon LGBTQ Conference ("Innovative Best Practices for Brand-Blogger Campaigns") and featured in the Los Angeles Edition of Refinery29's 30 Under 30 in 2013. Co-owns and manages Tully's Training, a dog training company in Los Angeles. Twitter: @a_ex Instagram: alexxxvegaaa

Alex has written 100 articles for us.


  1. I will never get bored of seeing the photos of the Mason Dixon bartenders in their Autostraddle tshirts. never.

    I am ordering mine right now obv

    • I was also confused by this. I just kept clicking on things and the order went through, but it didn’t charge me anything for shipping…?

      • The shipping policy says that orders without a shipping option added cannot be sent out. Which would be heartbreaking. I need this RIGHT NOW, you guys.

        • Paypal says that the money transferred, but there’s a big $0 for shipping. I’m super upset. I guess I’ll try again later and essentially pay $46 plus shipping for my shirt instead of $23. Oh well, it’s for a good cause. Maybe Alex could rub it all over her body before she ships it or something.

  2. Ordered! And now, every day I can run to my mailbox with the sweet anticipation that I had as a child sneaking out to the living room on Christmas morning. :)

      • any chance you guys would carry anything larger? i know there’s usually an extra charge for larger sizes that i wouldn’t mind paying.

      • We will definitely do an “XL” size our next run but we don’t have them available for this run. The “large” we have is basically a womens “XL” – but if this isn’t what you want we’ll be sure to include ‘XL’s in the next round fo sho.

  3. I will be buying this instead of my last text book for school tomorrow…Dont judge me! I can borrow the book from the library and that is my rationalization. I’ve wanted one of these shirts since I saw them! :D

  4. Sorry about that shipping thing guys. I’m still figuring this crap out. Now its all good and everyone can add the appropriate shipping to their order. NO MOAR MISHAPS I PROMISE.

  5. i just got so excited that i forgot my e-mail to log into paypal…then i remembered! thank g-d!!! and thank AUTOSTRADDLE TOOO!!!!!And THANKS A;EX!!!! they look great! im soo excited! i just cant hide it…. :)

  6. I THOUGHT I FIXED IT THIS ENTIRE TIME. But this store program didn’t save my changes. Wonderful. I really hope I fixed the shipping problem THIS time for reals. Thanks for your orders guys!

    Let me know if you have any problems.

    • It seems to be working now. I included my name and the transaction ID from my earlier shipping-less shirt order in the notes. Is that okay?

    • Wasteunit – that is perfect! I can actually see the names of who ordered so I know who added shipping later on when it was actually working. I got you GIRL.

  7. WOOOOOO ordered! I feel like this shirt is going to be a total babe magnet! I’m going to go autostraddle everything in my apartment in excitement. Thanks AS!

  8. This mens/unisex ‘large’ that is offered can be considered an “XL” in womens. If it doesn’t fit right you can send it back and I will refund your shipping and everything! and additionally will be sure we print a larger size our next run.

  9. As soon as there is an opportunity for an XL Imma be all over that shit…like I’m all over cake and Guinness ;)

    Power to the AutoStraddle!!! Can I get a whatwhat or an Amen?!

  10. Decisions, decisions, Alex… I’m in between sizes, had to go with small; probably won’t make someone too happy when they sell out.

    And I’m pretty confident Littlefoot must also be partaking in this expensive habit. :)

    • Yep. We have a couple of straight male readers. Some of which have been reading and commenting for years now. We know them and appreciate them lots.

  11. First, I’d like to mention that I have that very same Andy Warhol print (and three others) hanging on my wall. They’re so lovely, right?

    Second, these shirts are so fantastic, Alex. Thanks for all the hard work that you do, you little unsung hero. Things would not be as wonderful without you. <3

  12. One AS-this tshirt on its merry way to Australia!!
    Im gonna be the *coolest* lesbo around town!!! (unless anyone in SA ordered one!!!)

  13. ORDERED. But now there’s only 20 bucks in my bank account for the next two weeks until I get paid. It’s cool, I’m on a meal plan, and it was totally worth it! <3

  14. In the first picture there were shirts with the Autostraddle colors around the letters will those ever be available?

    Also are there plans for other Autostraddle merchandise?

  15. So, a few weeks ago, my Mum told me that grey wasn’t a good colour on me, and made me looked washed out.

    I asked her, “light grey, or dark grey?”

    She replied: ALL THE GREYS.

    Might have been nice of her to mention this sometime over the past two decades of me having choice of the clothing I wear.

    Anyway, this leaves me torn between the opinions of my mother (ostensibly in my best interests) and the sartorial wisdom of those behind my fave website.

    And now I see that all the non-large t-shirts have sold out, which means I can’t get one anyway, which handily removes the need to decide, yet unhandily leaves me more naked of autostraddle attire than I would like to be.

    It feels really bad that, having toiled for so long to provide us with these, you are now going to be subjected to “please sir, can we have more?” requests, but on the upside I think it could be the basis for a great musical.

  16. A+ for color + style!
    now just bring em back so i can order 2 for me and the gf!
    oh and i’m crossing my fingers you’ll start selling tank tops before next summer too!

  17. I came home all sad and pissed about the DADT vote today. Then I saw that my shirt arrived, and I was super excited but also still sad and pissed.

    I feel compelled to leave ebay-style feedback…
    A+++ Fast shipping, great product, would buy from again!

    I ordered a small, and it is mos def too big. Imma chop that sucka up and turn it into a bag and order an XS when more happen. I’ll rock both at the same time, and all the ladies will think I’m super cool.

    • Hey thanks for the raving review!
      re: the size — I TOLD YOU SO, YOU GUYS. But hey, that’s okay! Big t-shirts are in I think! :)

  18. just got mine
    put it on
    walked to the dining hall
    got a high-five from some chick with an alternative lifestyle haircut.

    oh boy.

    • score for you!! i got mine yesterday, put it on in my truck while driving up to my house, fits beautifully!!! gonna wear it out to this weekends festivities!!! eeeee!!!!!

  19. so jealous….I wanna AS t-shirt and I want it NOW!!!!! Its coming though, damn living a zillion miles away.
    I’m so excited, hopefully there are enough girls here who actually know how amazing you wonderful people/website are and then hit on me because of that….

  20. YAY!!!!Mine came in the post today….and I’m wearing it now….and hoping that I will get Autostraddled!!!

    Thankyou to everyone at AS for my new favourite t-shirt!!!!!

  21. hey AS when are you going to do another run of shirts? Can you do the deep v-neck next time? Looks soooo much better on my rack!

    • I love deep Vs! Since we’re focused on the calendar right now [] the new batch of shirts won’t be around at least for this holiday season :( I know, I am sorry. But hey! Calendars!

      • I heart you alex…if imove out to Cali, will you marry me?! Of course, it would only work out if you acknowledged that I heart Laneia too. :-)

      • Thanks for getting back to me a;ex! At least I know I should already start saving now for the next batch!

        The calendars ARE super exciting, and now that shoots will take place in LA I plan on applying. Then maybe I can get my rack Autostraddle-approved!

  22. Shirts? Pleeease? Us sexy women need sexy t-shirts. And Autostraddle T-shirts make sexy women even more sexy.

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