Limited Edition Autostraddle “YOU DO YOU” Stickers

Hey, did somebody say they wanted to buy a t-shirt? (UPDATE: SOLD OUT) Maybe a sticker or two? Oh awesome because those things can happen now!

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“Straddle This” tanks are $20 and v-necks are $23.  These little babies were spray-painted by your very own Alex Vega and Miss April Sarah Croce with the L.A. sunset in the distance and hopes and dreams in their hearts. These shirts are special, you guys. See?

Also when we say “little babies” we mean it — we printed these to fit the team with some left over to sell, which means the sizes are small and we only have like 10 of them. But Alex pretty-promises to totally absolutely definitely print more of the t-shirts we sold the first time. This is just a little bonus fun because, as aforementioned, we’re broke and owe the state of Delaware like $800.


“You Do You” stickers are $5, super sexy and also sticky! They look good anywhere, even on the back of your Blackberry. You can also get 3 for $10 and 8 for $20.

Why are they so expensive? Because we’re broke and we haven’t figured out how to fix that yet!

These were produced via Christmakwanzakah miracle! Very special. Everything in our store is very special. You’re special!

I don’t want to alarm anyone, but there’s an extremely limited supply of shirts, so get on it!

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  1. Goddammit you guys. I’m probably going to have to buy two plane tickets at the obscene pre-easter price just to get one of my aunts to fucking go home before she starts having people send her mail here, and here you go putting awesome things up for sale that I can’t not buy!

    Ah well. With the credit card bill also comes shirts, stickers, and the absence of insane family members.

    ALSO! I can’t find any button or anything to add items to my shopping cart. Is there a problem with the website, or do I fail as a consumer? Because if it’s the latter, I wouldn’t be surprised.

      • Something’s wrong with my computer, then, because there’s nowhere to click quantity/size or “add to cart.” There’s no words at all, just pictures.

        Maybe it’s my internet connection? I hate today. I want to cry.

          • i’m running chrome on a teeny little baby netbook and i don’t have an option to buy either. so maybe we should start a support group?

          • We should! We can cry on each others shoulders when all the other queermos snap up all the goodies!

          • Yeah, I did that. There’s a little box that pops up with pictures and I can click “fullscreen” or “detail” but other than that, there are no words at all. There is a blank space on the right that looks like it’s a place where text is supposed to go, but there’s nothing there.

            The Gods hate me. That’s the only explanation.

      • Apparently Internet Explorer was the problem! I put it in Compatability View and it let me buy the stickers, but nothing else. So I downloaded Firefox and like magic, everything worked!

        Thanks for the browser suggestion! I now have goodies headed my way :D

        • I’m using Firefox on a laptop and I have the same problem you had, just the pictures and blank space on the right but no link to buy. Do somebody have the same issue or am I just cursed?

          I also need one of those tanktops, I hope you’ll make new ones soon!

  2. In honour of the fact that I just made a spiel in my communications tutorial about supporting independent and local media, I just purchased a tank, because you guys are my favourite independent (if not actually local) media and I have to practise what I preach. Also, I’m hoping it will get me lots of cute girls.

  3. I must be going crazy– I cannot figure out how to add the stickers to my cart.

    I bought one of the v-necks when you guys did the first round of grey ones… should I buy another?!

    • Yeah – it didn’t work on my lil’ netbook, but it worked fine on my regular pc. and i’m not really sure about the technicalities as to why?

      but in any case – yes, you should totally buy another v-neck. because your first one is grey – BUT THESE ARE WHITE!

  4. Aw, you guys!! :D

    I was just about to send you some money after reading Laneia’s pleas in her formspring thing, and this was the perfect excuse because I get something to show for it. Yay! Thank you for your perfect timing and your spray-painting skills.

  5. I’m a little broke so I considered only buying one sticker…but then I was like, fuck it, I love autostraddle and they deserve my money so I opted for the three.

    I can’t wait to get stickerssss. :) When I have a job this summer, I will buy a subscription promise. Just like that person above who said the thing about supporting independent media. You are independent media and I have to get serious about supporting you because I love your content!

  6. Its sold out D:

    You said you would make more though right?

    Quick question (if you do make more.) I take a mens small/(xsmall depending)at American apparel, like regular tshirts. Does that mean I would take a mens small for these tanktops?

  7. #neversleepingagainw/terracottatoes!!!

    I mean, as in, I’m never sleeping again either… waahhhhhh!

    Inexplicably, I woke up at 3 a.m. and saw a Tweet from AS. Miraculously hauled my carcass out of bed to get my wallet. Only to find them sold out. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?! I blame the West Coast for being up so damn late while the rest of us are being all responsible and sleeping and stuff.

    But I love you guys and really want you to make more t-shirts so I bought a sticker and a calendar. Maybe gorgeous lesbian pictures will make me feel better about this epic fail of thwarted consumerism.

  8. Just got 3 stickers: one for the car, waterbottle, and ? Perhaps I’ll stick it in a random location. It’d be fun to all get a bunch of these and put up a photo gallery of where we’ve stuck them!

  9. bummer. I wanted a shirt too. But maybe this bodes well for future clothing based fundraising for autostraddle?

    PS – autostraddle, lots of lesbians are lawyers. You couldn’t find some gay girl to do your stuff pro bono? Delaware, home to many corporations. sigh.

  10. Just bought a calendar, some stickers and donated, and clicked on a bunch of ads… Incorporating is expensive :(

    Have you ever thought about doing a store? Seems like the demand is there for it and it could help you make some money. My gf and I would buy/wear tshirts & tanks but we’re not size small.

  11. Normally living is Australia sucks for things AS related due to distance from events… finally it helped! Shirts went on sale at 3pm, prime AS refreshing time at work.


  12. hmm is there any idea on when ANY shirts or tanks will be available? i just purchased two calendars and some stickers, but i definitly wanna rock a shirt or v neck at pride and rep AS (as most of us do)

  13. Hi friends,

    So I started giving out a bunch of these stickers but discovered I’m bad at the explaining what “YOU DO YOU” means and I promise I’m not being lazy, I’ve totally scoured the googlenet and everything for the link but maybe the flu’s eaten into my brain or that I haven’t spoken to anyone for three days or that I spent aforementioned three days in bed shivering and watching Doctor Who but ANYWAYS,

    link to original YOU DO YOU concept answer, plz?


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