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    So who do you think will emerge as the front-runner for the GOP leading up to the next presidential election?

    • Either Tim Pawlenty, Huckabee, or Donald Trump. Out of all of them, if I had to pick one it’d be Pawlenty. Not quite as right-wing as the rest, but still suffering from a severe lack of principles.

    • FRED KARGER. Ha. No. As scary as it seems i have this horribly impending feeling about huckabee.

    • I have no clue. From the first debate, I did not (personally) see anyone who I thought could really challenge Obama…which sucks, but there’s still time to figure it out.

    • I think they might put forward a Goldwater style candidate out of the primaries due to the Tea Party’s influence, which, as history as shown, would really only help Obama get re-elected. Jon Huntsman would be a great middle-ground choice, but he has pretty much no shot.

    • So did Trump just use the election as advertisement for his show? ‘Cause that would be a new low, right?

    • Part of me hopes it’s Romney since, as awful as he is, he seems like the sanest of the bunch. Part of me hopes the biggest whackaloon out of the bunch wins so Obama has no difficulty winning the general election. And who would that be – have Sarah Palin and/or Michelle Bachmann entered the race yet?