Also.Also.Also: Watch Reading Rainbow All Weekend Long and Other Stories You Deserve

I ate the yellow watermelon and it was delicious.

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You Should Go or Do or Give

+ Support All the People and expand people’s idea of gender!

+ Support Seven Scribes, a site that shares content from storytellers of color with the world.

Queer as in F*ck You

+ ‘I am Alena’: Life as a Trans Woman Where Survival Means Living as Christopher.

If Caitlyn Jenner represents an elite gender transition, Alena represents those left behind. Her mother’s disapproval, the threat of violence in the deep south and a lack of medical care means she must live in a male body she considers a ‘shell’.

+ L.A. Femmes of Color Collective has launched a new story project and here is the first video, featuring Mary Senyonga:

+ Why do dating apps for queer women suck so much? Alley Hector will tell you!

+ On The New Inquiry, Under the Rainbow: “Modern queer politics forged itself against Blackness. Where will it go next?”

+ Here’s Shannon Waters, editor at Boom! Studios and co-creator of Lumberjanes (and the other half of this lovely unit), talking about her awesome job and just generally being cool:

+ The Engaging Parents Project Reaches Out to Parents of LGBT Youth of Color.

Doll Parts

+ The Healing Power of Menstrual Blood. Just putting this here.

+ Young, Black, Trans, Arrested: How Women Like Meagan Taylor Are Made Invisible by Melissa Gira Grant.

+ My Private Shame: I Didn’t Report My Sexual Assault by Ashley Ford. This is everything.

+ Required Reading: Putting America’s Legacy of Failing Black Women Into Historical Context.

+ Poor Women in the United States Don’t Have Abortion Rights.

+ Vocal Fries: Now With 10% Less Internalized Misogyny. CHIPOTLE CHILD-SPEAK. SLAY ME.

+ The Mythical History of the False Rape Allegation.

+ Living Trans: From Iran to New York City.

Saw This, Thought of You


+ Out of Sight: The Labor Abuses Behind What We Eat.

+ The ‘Shock of Confinement’: The Grim Reality of Suicide in Jail.

+ Here’s Your Chance to Snag a Farm in a National Park.

+ 14 Fabulous Loop Hikes in America. Fabulous, ok? Not just good, not even just great. Maybe inspiring, maybe life-changing, but definitely? Definitely fabulous.

+ Obsessed with Atlas Obscura. Why Russian Astronauts Pee on a Bus Tire Before Launching Into Space and Other Preflight Rituals.

+ Cat Yoga is Perfect for People Who Like Cats More Than Yoga, sign me the fuck up.

+ I could play this game all day. Strain of Marijuana or Shade of Covergirl Outlast Brilliant Nail Glosstini?

+ A Nihilist’s Guide to Gratitude. I don’t know this just spoke to me.

+ Why Obama’s Pell Grants for Prisoners Could Be Huge for Students of Color.

+ Let’s do this.

And Finally

The Milky Way Over Yellowstone Is Impossibly Beautiful. THIS IS NEAT.

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  1. Thank you for that article about the Iranian trans woman. As a fellow Iranian trans I can only imagine what’s going on there. Also, I find it interesting that she’s using a name that has traditionally been male(I have two cousins, one on each side with that name, though both spell it ou instead of oo).

    And thank you for that Milky Way post, totally relevant to my interests.

  2. Can I just say as a singer that all the thinkpieces on vocal fry are really frustrating to read? Whatever the take is, they all essentially ignore that overuse of vocal fry IS BAD FOR YOUR VOCAL FOLDS. I fear for anyone who speaks on their fry long-term who could end up with vocal damage–and not necessarily over the course of a lifetime, but even over the course of a few years. There are two girls in my performance university program who came INTO the program with vocal damage from speaking on their fry. They’ve made a full recovery, but it’s because they’ve been proactive about seeking speech therapy and getting regular scopes by an ENT and taking care of their voices the way performers do…but that’s not something that the average individual is going to do.

  3. I was very curious to hear how the yellow watermelon turned out after the last thread, and now I want to try it.

    Reading rainbow! I remember renting the video cassettes from the library and watching them as a kid! They’re the best!

    The 14 loop hikes look so beautiful. I’m ashamed to say I’ve never done the wonderland trail, even though I go hiking every week and see Mt. Rainier from my window every day. It’s definitely on my hiking bucket list.

  4. As always, there’s plenty to address in these posts! Love it.

    The Milky Way thing was absolutely stunning. I know there was a lot of editing involved but…are those images close to what we would see with the naked eye? Cuz that would be fantastic.

    The whole taboo on menstrual blood is just silly to me. Hopefully these breakthroughs in research will help to alleviate the shame. That article was very interesting to me.

  5. There is a studio near me that does adoptable-rabbit yoga and I long to sign up but I fear my inability to leave without a rabbit. Which my three cats would probably kill and eat the second I brought the poor bun home.

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