54 Pictures of Miley Cyrus Looking Really Gay

It’s official, Miley Cyrus has been named number one on this year’s Maxim Hot 100. Normally I wouldn’t care, but is it just me or has Miley Cyrus been looking gayer than ever these days? I suppose we should have all seen this coming when she got a gay marriage tattoo. Or last August when she got a sweet alternative lifestyle haircut. Or, I don’t know, when she began making vague references to girl-on-girl sexual fantasies in January.  It doesn’t really matter how gay she looks or acts, because Miley Cyrus is pretty much definitely definitely straight. But hey, here’s a gallery!

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    • Yeah I seriously doubt she’s straight. The haircut is one thing, but tweeting about your girl-on-girl dreams? She’s still wicked young. It doesn’t seem right to assume that she’s straight no matter how she acts just because of the way she was styled as a pre-teen. If she ever comes out, I think we should take her word for it.

    • Straight or not, she’s marrying a dudely man thing. Sooooo off the market anyway.

      • What? Ah, well I wish her all the happiness. I do.
        I always cry at weddings, just that I mean it more at some.. apparently. :)

  1. At first I was like “oh yeah but she’s totally straight”… I’m feeling much less of that right now. The hair and the tattoos didn’t really make me assume anything but the making out with girls thing….

  2. the picture of her and noah ahahahahahaaaa did you really just. (that’s her little sister)

    but yeah this is pretty much the best post ever.

  3. How many dogs does that girl have? Gotta say I’m unconvinced, surely if she were really gay those would be cats.

      • Really? Really?? ;) I have never met a lesbian who owns a pit bull (and we are talkin 25 yrs out lesbian with a very wide circle). I wouldn’t own one. They wouldn’t. I will assent to knowing a Bi gal once who did have a pug. P.T. Penis left it behind. Couple of lesbos with Yorkies. The remaining 400 lesbians? hehe….CATS. And too many of them! LOL Perhaps it’s a younger generation-thing. Like the tattoo fetish.

        • tried a web search but couldn’t find it: what does “p.t. penis” stand for?

  4. It’s funny how I went from barely knowing Miley Cyrus existed to her cutting her hair and suddenly I can’t stop looking at her.

  5. After viewing this gallery, I no longer fully believe Miley Cyrus does anything other than kiss dogs and stare deep into my soul.

  6. I’m just super attracted to anyone who kisses dogs as often and as gratuitously as I do.

  7. I swear some of those photos were of Justin Bieber, but it was just Miley in a snapback. I would like her to come out as a huge lesbo stoner, cos we already know the latter is true.


    P.S: The Climb was literally one of my coming out songs, that and Freedom 90, sweet lesbian jesus, I can’t with myself.

  9. What is everyone’s “evidence” that she’s straight though? Because she’s dated men or what? Maybe she’s bisexual. I’m pretty convinced at this point that she’s bisexual.

  10. Isn’t it maybe not the best idea to use a picture of her anti-homophobia button as “evidence” that she looks gay? That’s kind of implying that you have to be gay to be against homophobia when there are a lot of straight people — some celebrities, some not — who are. I was kind of surprised to see that photo in the spread.

    • I don’t think the post is implying that all people who are against homophobia are gay anymore than I think it’s implying that all women with short hair are gay. I think it’s just one of many pieces of “evidence” that, when all *combined* together, make her look pretty darn queer. ;P

  11. I really don’t know much about Miley, couldn’t name any of her songs or anything, she barely registered with at all when her hair was long, she was a celeb that did nothing for me, but then came the crop, and woooahh, where did this Miley girl come from. I’ll give her this, she looks amazing with short hair.

    I still don’t have much of a bloody clue about her though, but my interest starts and stops with the crop!

  12. My initial reaction was “great journalism” but I wanted to let you know that I actually do mean that, I’m not being sarcastic.

    This is quality shit right here.

    • yeah my routine google searches have produced nothing of this caliber. i mean my friend’s routine google searches.

  13. Am I the only person who gets grossed out by all the dogs licking her face? I hate that, so gross. Other than that, she looks super gay.

    • The things dogs can eat and where they put their mouths, I would never, ever kiss one. At best its a health hazard, at worst the unmentionable.

    • so grossed out. they legit spend hours of their lives licking their own buttholes. i love love LOVE dogs but you can keep that dirty mouth the hell away from my face.

  14. If Miley Cyrus wasn’t real life famous, she could have at least been Tumblr famous with her exceptional use of snapbacks, gay face, and puppies.

  15. Damn, she gets a lot of action from those dogs.

    Also, isn’t it funny that Maxim 100 (which is essentially for straight cisdudes) named the most famous Biebian as the Hottest this year? Like. Come on. That has to be at least ironically homoerotic.

  16. These comments made my entire life.

    She was a child pop star just yesterday…her physical portrayal of her sexual fluidity makes me feel weird, yet excited simultaneously.

    I’m feeling so many things about Miley Cyrus

  17. I may be the sole voice here, but I think its great to see women who are not gay freely express their femininity and beauty in ways not stereotypically expressed. Usually, only gay women are strong enough to do that, but all women have the potential, that’s why people automatically tag any women who do this as gay…think Pink…I hope we start to see more – you go Miley.

  18. i get told i look like her every single day. also, robyn. so basically anyone with short blonde hair. miley has been killing it lately, though!

  19. I swear as I went through this my reaction to seeing her slowly changed from “There’s Miley Cyrus” to “There’s super queer Miley Cyrus.”

  20. I feel like maybe she’s bi… Regardless, she totally makes my top 100 list…

  21. My gaydar always went off when my sister used to sit in front of the TV and watched Hannah Montana…now these pics kind of confirm it, but I’m still waiting for her to come out. My Gaydar cannot lie..also, photo booth pic totally hott and adorable! :D

    • It’s that husky voice, it would set anybodies gaydar off. She’s still too young for me though. Don’t get me wrong, she obviously got a look and an ‘aura’ about her.Her personality is unique too, something people tend to forget when they are busy pigeon-holing her. But I can’t stop seeing her as Hannah Montana just yet. It’ll take a couple of more years or so before I can see her as a woman, in my eyes she’s just a cute kid.

  22. besides the fact that she cant really sing, and at first I wasn’t a fan of her doing short hair..im still confused as to why shes famous..never watched Disney but all my friends did..and yes she could definitely be Tumblr famous..well not now bc yahoo! bought it and now wants to make it more family friendly which honestly is dumb and ridiculous. ok now im rambling.. sorry for wasting a minute of your life

  23. I always thought Miley was a cute girl on Hannah Montana, but after she cut her hair (which is really cute btw) I’ve found her to be very attractive. I don’t know or care if any of these photos proves she’s gay or bi, I just appreciate the beauty of them.

  24. She may be positively 100% straight, but I was straight once too.
    I’m so gay now that I’m working on creating a rainbow bow tie collection, and my definition of shorts requires side pockets for cargo-purposes (You never know when you’ll need to break out my handy-dandy lesbian snootch that I keep in my cargo shorts pockets)
    Also, follow her I/G- she keeps her nails super short, and she’s posted a pic of her wearing a shirt that says “Cover my in honey and throw me to the lesbians” and a pic with her next to a girl that says “mauh girl” and HELLA SNAPBACKS and HELLA BASKETBALL SHIRTS WITH T-SHIRTS AND THE LONG SOCKS..she legit fits the lesbo bill.
    I’ll accept that MAYBE she likes the occasional dick, but she’s for sure getting pussy this week. There is only ONE reason we keep our nails trimmed that short.

    • ALSO, she has a photo that says “don’t be a pussy, eat one” and she’s got her tong hanging out begging for someone to ride that face.
      ONE OF US
      ONE OF US
      ONE OF US
      (minions begin coming over mindlessly chanting while a massive rainbow flag falls behind me and the mic drops dramatically…)

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