Breaking: Miley Cyrus Gets Alternative Lifestyle Haircut, is Probably Still Not Gay

In what can only be called the most shocking short haircut move since Emma Watson, Miley Cyrus has trimmed her flowing locks into a Megan Rapinoe-esque alternative lifestyle haircut. Cyrus took to her Twitter account to announce and show pictures of her bun chopping day.

AUG 12 6:39PM

AUG 12 6:44PM

AUG 12 7:15PM

AUG 12 7:48PM

AUG 12 8:15PM

Despite her West Side Story quote, I’m guessing this is not actually big coming out moment for Cyrus. It is likely just a celebration of the feeling of being 19 years-old and free from the Disney Channel. However, if Cyrus is as much of a trendsetter as I suspect she might be, it is about to get really difficult to tell a fellow queer girl from the sea of girls just bein’ Miley.

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  1. I’m very slowly warming up to having the same haircut as Miley Cyrus but it’s a slow and arduous process.

    • I’ve totally been going through the same thing. My feelings about my hair are love-hate at best. And now I have to deal with my patients telling me “you look like Miley!” on top of it.


  2. Smiley Miley!
    She loves it, and I’m happy for her.. as long as she keeps singing Party in the USA – THAT’S SO MY JAM.

      • Favourite comment.

        I have never consciously thought of that before. I would never ever wear a matching necklace/bracelet set. That’s like something my grandmother would do…

        Is that a queer thing? Can we do a study to find if this is generalizable? Ya know, since we no longer have the hair. (Which, btw, I think rocks so hard, Miley, as I already tweeted to you last night! You do you, girl!)

  3. how dare she tease me like that! I already have to deal with the “hipsters”… gay or hipster. Now alternative lifestyle haircuts on the straights. How am i ever going to be able to talk someone into making out with me…

    • I know, my gaydar was shitty to begin with and now it’s just useless. Solution: be so charming and attractive that girls will walk up to you begging you to make out with them. :P

  4. I’m actually pretty grateful to Miley for helping to normalize short hair cuts on girls. It isn’t much in the greater scheme of things, but maybe it’ll make society less oppressive toward non-binary confirming traits.

    • I hope you’re right. Comments on non-AS sites are plenty oppressive. At least three I’ve read have to do with long hair being a “must” for a bride and how dare she cut it before her nuptials…H O R K.

  5. I know next to nothing about Miley Cyrus, but I do enjoy the winking trollness of “pretty and gayyyy.” And she looks rad! I also like her oversized sweater a lot.

  6. I think Miley having an ALH could be useful for femmes. Think about it, if straight and gay ladies officially start sharing all of the haircuts, then we are gonna be forced to get better at paying attention to BOTH straight and gay looking ladies, right? We’ll finally stop believing we know which one is which just by looking at their gender expression.

    I know hipsters did that for me, a little bit.

    • Yes to this!!! Maybe people (ladies) will start paying more attention to the femmes! Even at the gay bars I get overlooked, everyone assumes I am just an ally. Plus Miley looks super cute and happy. That’s all I want for anyone really.

  7. My first comment when I found out about the haircut was “Oh, this could take her from commercial to high fashion,” because Tyra Banks is so important to me as a woman.

  8. this is a really important story, lizz, and i feel you really did the subject justice. i feel honored to be here, working with you on this almighty voyage.

  9. Great, you mean I have to rely on body language and verbal cues rather than just haircuts now to spot fellow queermos?? *huff puff sigh*

  10. this is basically the haircut i haven’t been gutsy enough to do for years! darn. great for miley though

  11. I take issue with the phrase “alternative lifestyle.” Who says it is an alternative or a lifestyle? It’s who a person is – not a choice! It makes it sound like one is taking on a persona, when really they are being authentic in who they are.

  12. Miley gets a short haircut so let’s discuss whether this makes her a lesbian or not??? Wow. Just…. Wow.

    BTW since when did a fricking HAIRSTYLE become an alternative lifestyle choice???? I’ve seen edgier do’s on ANTM!

  13. This looks totally adorable, and I hate that it has to be Miley Cyrus but she pulls it off perfectly! Glad she feels more like herself. One day I’ll have the guts to get an awesome ‘do too.

  14. People who like Miley Cyrus’ new hair = probably gay. People who like Miley Cyrus’ body = *shrug*

  15. If a disney star has one of these haircuts, guess what, its no longer alternative – it’s mainstream. The party is over ladies.

  16. Okay, so, the first time I saw the pics of Miley’s new ‘do on tumblr, I totes thought it was Lauren Lopez from Starkid, in her Draco Malfoy wig.

    So, basically, I’ve had “Granger Danger” stuck in my head since last night. Thanks, Miley.

  17. Now that this is mainstream, does this mean that us Alternative Lifestylers will have to go Stepford Wife to recognize each other? I hope not… Get out your thumb rings, ladies!

  18. okay so even though i’ve never been a fan of miley (not even close), i’ve never been able to dislike her either because THOSE LEGS, but now…aghh this changes everythingggg

    maybe maybe i’m just seriously sexually frustrated though, idk

    • Welcome to the club. Glad to have you join us finally! We have juice and donuts in the corner. We watch the Cant Be Tamed video every second Tuesday and suffer through her movies whenever we have to. I hope you enjoy your stay. xoxo

  19. Okay I had a sex dream (lying face down, so yes nsfw sunday was correct) about a month ago about Miley Cyrus, whom I’ve never found attractive in any way, but now I feel much less weird about it.

  20. I love the headline. But, what if Miley Cyrus is gay? Why do we have to default to her not being gay?

  21. Ya’ll I’ve been thinking about cutting my hair for a long time now. Miley just might be the final push I needed.

    Also, the realization that I would base decisions on the actions of Miley Cyrus is eye-opening and a little scary.

  22. this haircut is SO ruby rose, can’t believe no one mentioned it before.

    therefore: mily cirus + new haircut = ruby rose look ~= gay. qed.

  23. So, has anyone seen the reactions to this on twitter? they’re ever so slightly hilarious. Also apparently this was done for a cancer charity or something. Which really makes me like her for being a generally awesome person.

  24. miley looks crazy HOT in this new haircut!

    love the haircut, and the bleaching with her dark eyebrows. Makes me feel ashamed I dont have an alternative lifestyle haircut. But it just doesnt fit all face shapes, and wouldnt fit mine I think. While I try to figure out wether I should chop my locks off, I’ll just keep smiling at the ‘You dont look like a lesbian’ comments as they look at my hair *sigh*

  25. Ummm…probably not gay probably not straight.I mean she was quoting Tegan and Sara a few days ago on twitter.Not in itself incriminating,but it’s all somewhat intersting.Or she’s just fucking with her tween fans.I get the impression they bore her now.

    • I have more straight friends in Canada who love T&S than I have Canadian gay friends that like them.

      • Oh,I agree.I’m one of them.Which is why I said “not in itself incriminating”.But,if you add it all up it’s interesting to those that give fucks about such things.

  26. She annoys me, but it’s a cute hairstyle. I remember when Maria Sharapova’s fans (mostly males) were going crazy when she cut her hair. I personally thought Maria looked better with the short style. I know I felt good as hell when my hair got chopped off.

  27. Speaking of alternative lifestyle haircuts, is androgyny big in Europe or something? We’ve had so many exchange students that I was sure were so, so, so gay, then they all go and get boyfriends. Then I feel like I’m not just the only queer girl in my town, I’m the only queer girl IN THE WORLD.

  28. I feel weird because now I can’t stop looking at her pictures and I just followed her on Twitter and I don’t know what to do with the fact that this is someone my twelve and seven year old sisters could never get enough of.

  29. She looks like an Olsen twin in the second picture. Triplet? But just the second picture.
    Unless this is just my wishful thinking projecting onto random images now.

  30. my gf and I don’t care so much about the haircut, just that something as simple and mundane as changing your haircut has been nicknamed. We made up a new definition for “getting a miley” , and it wasn’t as innocent, but a lot more fun to think about! Lol

  31. (Is it forbidden to post link on comments?)

    Anyway I just wanted to say that even EVANRACHELWOOBISEXUAL made a comment on Miley’ haircut stating she called the fact that she was becoming more gay. ahahah

  32. Ah just seen the age of this article.

    She/they identifies as pansexual and has made comments that seem nb in the past but never put a label on it.

    We need to be careful not to deny the possibility someone’s in the GSD community just cos they’re not diverse in other ways eg cos they used to act for Disney on kids tv and were pretty femme at the time. You can say ‘not my style’ in other ways.

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