You Should Come: July 15th Is International Autostraddle Summer Brunch Day

Brrrrrrrrunch! It’s like crunch, but colder. It’s like lunch, but …. with more eggs? Brunch! It’s whatever you make of it! Just like life. And we decided to make brunch of July 15th and call it International Autostraddle Summer Brunch Day, or AS Summer Brunch, or Int’l AS Brunch, or #ASSBrunch or just BRUNCH.

It’s happening on July 15th!

The original idea came from Rachel in NYC, who’d already planned a brunch at Petite Abielle, and it all just sounded so lovely that we couldn’t stand to be left out. This is a great excuse to ditch all your other friends and find new friends! Or wear that cute vest that you still haven’t worn yet. But most importantly, it’s your chance to meet other Autostraddle readers in your city! If you’re new to Autostraddle meetups, please see:

+ It’s A Thing: International Meet An Autostraddler Week
+ International Know Your Autostraddler Week

Doesn’t that look like fun? You’re damn right it is.

As with past Autostraddle meetups, if you’re interested in hosting / coordinating a brunch on July 15th in your city, email autostraddlemoderators [at] gmail [dot] com with the following info, and update this post to include your meetup!

Brunch Location
RSVP info
Special Instructions

International Autostraddle Summer Brunch Day locations and times are below. Wanna go to your local meetup? Just RSVP on Facebook and get your cute shoes ready. Have fun, little fish!

New York City
host: Rachel
Candela Candela (in the East Village) *NEW LOCATION*
12 PM
Flagship brunch!

Oakland, CA
host: Marni
The Fat Lady Bar & Restaurant
12 PM

Boston, MA
host: Lizz
The Friendly Toast
10 AM
“That’s technically in Cambridge but that’s totally the same as doing it in Boston.”

host: Carmen
Carmen’s Haus
2 PM

Columbus, OH
host: Grace
Surly Girl Saloon
1 PM
You can catch Alex’s band, Hell & Lula, later this night at The Basement!

Portland, OR
host: Taylor
Mississippi Food Carts
11 AM
“Meet me by the cupcakes!”

Phoenix, AZ
host: Laneia
Switch Restaurant & Wine Bar
1 PM

Ann Arbor, MI
host: Rachel
11 AM
“Because love means never having to choose between going to a gay bar and going to brunch.”

Chicago, IL
hosts: Elli & Liz
Liz’s Place
11 AM

Northampton, MA
host: Jesse
The Roost (corner of Market St and Main)
Special Instructions: I will be wearing my “STRADDLE THIS” t-shirt so y’all can find me!

Orwell, VT
hosts: Lisa & Angela
Singing Cedars Farm
RSVP – Email lkalan89 [at] gmail [dot] com

Eckerö, Finland*
host: Soph
Linny’s House
RSVP: email Soph at karmedic [at] gmail [dot] com
“It’s not everyday you get at least four straddlers on an island in-not-really Finland.”
*Brunch will be held on August 13th!

host: Hannah
Cedar Park Cafe

Bloomington, IN
host: Paige
Rachael’s Cafe
RSVP: email her! guitarchicpt [at] yahoo [dot] com

Ottawa, Canada
host: Kristin
The Lieutenant’s Pump, 361 Elgin St.
12:00 noon

Nashville, TN
host: Rae Schobel
Brunch Location: Bagel Face Bakery, 700 Main Street, Nashville, TN. 37206
11:30 AM
Special Instructions:  You want Nashville to have more queer events?  Here ya go.

host: Alison
Brunch Location: Lucile’s  (Logan and Alameda)
1:30 PM
Special Instructions: “I’m trying my bestest to get Lucile’s to take a reservation, but they never do, so we’ll see! Just please RSVP with your amount so I can give them a tentative number!”

host: Seph
Brunch Location: The Curler’s Rest on Byres Road
12 noon
RSVP – Email josy [at] lavabit [dot] com
Special Instructions: “I will put a wee rainbow flag on the table for identification purposes.”

host: Camilla
Brunch Location: The Beaver (yes, really)

host: Kristen
Brunch Location: Royal Phoenix Bar 
12 noon

host: Ferin
Brunch Location: St. Augustine’s
12 noon

St. Louis, MO
host: Bethany
Brunch Location:  Uncle Bill’s Pancake and Dinner House, 3427 South Kingshighway Boulevard, St. Louis, MO 6313
12 noon
RSVP – email Bethany: bethany.nikstad [at] gmail [dot] com

hosts: Allie and Shelby
Brunch Location:  Volunteer Park (it’s a picnic potluck!)
12 noon

Wellington, New Zealand
host: Nicole
Brunch Location:  Espressoholic, 136 Cuba Street, Wellington

Auckland, New Zealand
host: Frith
Brunch Location:  Zus & Zo, Herne Bay, Auckland, New Zealand 1011

Brisbane, Australia
host: Tiara (Creatrix Tiara)
Brunch Location: TBA (likely somewhere in the West End) — Come to the FB page to help decide!
Special Instructions: Friends of AS readers welcome too!

Melbourne, Australia
host: Cara
Brunch Location: The Bell Jar, 656 Smith st, Collingwood
RSVP – email crgreenham [at] gmail [dot] com AND/OR RSVP here
Special Instructions: “Please come! I will feel very odd alone at a meet up!”

hosts: Christine and Nicole
Brunch Location:  Buzzbrews (On Lemmon)
RSVP – email christine at boomhowerchristine [at] gmail [dot] com

San Diego
host: Leslie
Brunch Location: Bread and Cie *NEW LOCATION*
12 noon

host: Julia
Brunch Location: Yellow Jacket Social Club
12 noon
RSVP on the FB event page OR email Julia at jaykayebee [at] gmail [dot] com

Host: Daniela
Brunch Location: Brickway
RSVP – Join the Rhody Straddlers Facebook group, and we’ll go from there!
Special Instructions:  “Rhode Island is tiny, we probably know each other, let’s just make it official.”

Aberdeen, Scotland
Host: Ashleigh
Brunch Location Giraffe, Union Square
Time 11am
RSVP – email Ashleigh: ashleighjayne.allan [at] gmail [dot] com
Special Instructions meet at those bench-y things by the top of the escalator? I know it’s very unlikely that they’ll be many, if any (hey that rhymes,) people for this one but it’s worth a shot.

Los Angeles
Hosts: Brittani, Alex Vega, Sara Medd
Brunch Location: Barnsdall Art Park
Time 11:30AM
Special Instructions: Potluck in the park!

Arnhem, The Netherlands
Host: Anna
Brunch Location: Arnhem’s meisje / Dudok / open for suggestions — meet up at the train station
12:30 PM
Special Instructions: Hop in the train and meet us for brunch!
Hosts: Lora and Jen
Brunch Location: Lora and Jen’s apartment
SATURDAY! July 14th, 11am
RSVP – email lora.difranco [at] gmail [dot] com
Special Instructions: “It’s a potluck, ya’ll!”
Lawrence, Kansas
Host: Sherri
Brunch Location: Milton’s
RSVP – ASS message Sherri (link to come!)

The staff at Autostraddle would like to formally acknowledge that it isn’t summer all over the world. We just really love the word ‘summer.’ 

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  1. I really need to move to a place with other autostraddlers in it. I think I will have to sit in a cafe, eat things involving hollandaise sauce and read AS so I can pretend I’m part of the fun.

  2. hi! i just added RSVP info to the things that you should email us if you want that to be part of your brunch! if you’ve already emailed us and want to add RSVP info, just reply to the first email

    autostraddlemoderators [at] gmail [dot] com

  3. ANN ARBOR PEOPLE GO TO AUT BAR (they have delicious breakfast).

    Me, I’ll be in Chitown that weekend, staying at the place where brunch is being held, so I really just hope to stumble out of Liz’s room in my boxers to find a giant crowd of hot queers. It’ll be my birthday weekend. Don’t disappoint.

  4. all you international people have to email laneia and make a brunch because in order to be international brunch day, there need to be meetups in other places too like other places in the world

  5. Tampa/St.Pete anyone? Definitely thought I was the only lesbian in the area until I actually saw lesbians my age at Pride this past weekend. Where did you all come from and can we eat brunch?!

  6. I am going to try really hard to be in North Portland by 11 am but that sounds so difficult! Also what is brunchy at Mississippi Marketplace? Well honestly if Native Bowl is open I will call that brunch because it is delicious.

  7. DAMN IT ALL TO MITT ROMNEY’S ASSHOLE (hell). I told myself I’d have the ovaries to show up this time, especially after all that A-camp envy, but it’s the ONE weekend I won’t be in the bay area. ah well, maybe I’ll be able to store all that hypothetical courage and save it for next time.

  8. Anyone else in Orange County, CA? I’m in Anaheim, but I’m new-ish and have no car, and also literally live at Disneyland so I don’t know of many places to eat outside of the park, oops. But I’m down to co-host if anyone else is in the area!

  9. Charleston, SC you guys. It’s pride weekend and everything.

    And I will be in America from Morocco for the first time in 16 months and it would be my first chance to meet some real life autostraddlers!

  10. QUEERS.
    Y’all wanna meet up in Denver? I won’t do it until I get like, three responses. Otherwise it’s just another Sunday of my girlfriend and I having brunch, talking about how we need homo friends and staring at cute girls.

  11. I will arrange a Montreal brunch on the fifteenth. Eating brunch at the Royal Phoenix just makes sense… (Actually, depending on how many people would be interested I will gladly host it at my place/cook… as long as you chip in and promise not to rob me blind.)

    • Ohhh! I’m in Atlanta, but I also might not be free on the 15th. Maybe if there’s enough interest we could set a “rain date”? I know it wouldn’t be the same, but it might still be cool!

      • So Liz, Brooke, CCG, and maybe Gwyn, you’re up for this? I’m excited! Does The Flying Biscuit in Buckhead (on Peachtree) work for everyone? I said Murphy’s earlier, but the parking and seating can be awful there. It may be hard to find one another. Does anyone know how to create an RSVP for our brunch?

        • “If you’re interested in hosting / coordinating a brunch on July 15th in your city, email autostraddlemoderators [at] gmail [dot] com with the following info, and update this post to include your meetup!
          Brunch Location
          RSVP info
          Special Instructions”

          I would really love to to come, too, but as a teen reader, I’m not positive I can make it happen for myself. Though here’s me, putting my vote in :] I’m glad this is coming together.

        • Ah, rats! Looks like I actually am busy on Sunday, which is making me curse my weekend commitments and bang my head into a wall (okay, my pillow. but still). HOWEVER, Flying Biscuit is always awesome and therefore y’all should go and eat delicious food served by waitresses with adorable alternative haircuts.

          And Jo–aww! That sucks. Good luck!

          • Thanks, Jo! I sent the email last night with the deets to the moderators, but it hasn’t posted yet.

            So…if anyone is still up for it, let’s meet at the Flying Biscuit on Peachtree (in the Terminus building) at 1 p.m. on Sunday. I’ll be there awkwardly standing around hoping someone shows up! :)

          • Yay, Brooke! Looking forward to meeting you on Sunday. Hopefully we’ll have a nice little group..

  12. Anybody in Minnesota want to get together? I am in St. Paul. I know there were a bunch of us when groups were still a thing. Even though this would be the day after my really-straight-best-friend-from-high-school’s bachelorette party (like so so straight, um, we’re having a lingerie gifting and “fashion show” but also starting the night with a “craft”…what?!) I would totally go to brunch if it involved straddlers.

      • Oh, but humon has the whole Åland/Sweden dynamic all wrong. The Ålanders really don’t love Sweden in that way – at most we rely on them for the tourist trade.
        (A while back in the papers there was a discussion on whether we should switch to a Swedish timezone instead of the Finnish one, and everyone said no. Then someone suggested we switch to “Central European time” and people thought that sounded wonderful.)
        But both Sweden and Åland really is a remarkable place!

  13. Hi! We just added a bunch of new cities (Auckland, Wellington, Brisbane, Melbourne, Toronto, Vancouver, Seattle, St. Louis, Dallas, Austin + others!). If you sent us meetup details and do not see your event in the post PM me or email us at autostraddlemoderators [at] gmail [dot] com and we’ll be sure to add your city. Thanks!