Weekend Fix: Interns and Muppets Should Win Everything

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1a. This week in Autostraddle: Robin took sexy photos, Riese made “TLW WTF” Video #2, Green celebrated Earth Day, Carly was your Tuesday Televisionary, Riese recapped the Jennifer Beals Times Talk panel, and Crystal & Stef teamed up for the week in music.

2. If you’ve already contacted us about becoming an “Intern” for “Team Autostraddle” OR if you’re just now thinking that’s exactly what you’d like to do with your life, —  please email [email protected] before nightfall on Tuesday, April 28th. Tell us how many hours a week you can devote to AS (at least two), where you live, what computer/internet skills you’ve got, why you wanna be an intern and what you are willing to sacrifice for the revolution (your life? your feet? your chapstick?) . If you’re already an “intern” in any capacity, email us anyhow. Questions? We’ll answer them!

3. Many of y’all have suggested an L Word WTF Part #3. Are there enough WTF moments left to warrant a Volume 3? All I can think of is when Shane hooked up with EZ Girl, the Alice-Dana car chase, and Max telling Grace about how that little f*cker bit him on the nose. Suggestions are welcome.


1. Sarah Waters’s newest book is her first without lesbian characters. (@wall street journal)

2. Britan’s Next Top Model to feature openly anorexic contestant. (@top model gossip)

3. Sarah Haskins thinks there must be a better word than “vagina.” How about “peeper.” Personally I like c*nt, because so many other people don’t.

4. In any event, LiLo spent the night with Samantha Ronson!

5. I feel like Depakote would maybe fix a lot of the problems that happen in cults like the God Hates Fags Club, which may be planning a mass suicide. Even the Godhead speak itself, down to its very subject matter, is classic extreme manic psychosis. Anyhow, so the end is nigh or whatevs.

6. NOM is blowing its load all over Miss California. (@pamshouseblend)

7. Q & A with Iron Chef Cat Cora. (@hollywoodreporter)

8. Rent: The School Edition opens in Corona Del Mar, students counter anti-gay protest. (@la times)

9. Also, Vote Beeker for the win in the Webby Awards. C’mon. Muppets should win everything, is my advice.

Also vote for Degrassi, they love the gays.

10. Late add. RIP Bea Arthur, 1922-2009.


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  1. dude. honestly. when i watched lilo on ellen and she was saying ‘we’ll see how things turn out’ about the samro situation. the first thought i had was ‘some lesbians you need to break up with more than once’

  2. when I grow up, I want to be beeker. I have a plush idol of him and he is always in a state of awe. I love him and science!

  3. MEEP! BEAKER! My muppet counterpart. I can’t even begin to express my love for him. There is just. so. much.

    • not only did I add your photo to the site, but the watermark informed me of a lovely place called souliejolie.com, where I found many beautiful things including another Angelina pic!

  4. Riese…..TLW WTF Part 3 – definitely – I mentioned the 1950’s Shane and Paige thing (as did another user)….and of course that hyper weird “party” with the straights vs. the gays at Henry’s house (Angus and his ass butter – yes, he said that!)….

    And anything f’ed up by Jenny and Max…that’s gotta be what? A lot! Plus if you include EZ Girl, and Betty that’s a whole heckuva lot, yes?

    Perhaps you could also include the Bette Porter being hit on by Phyllis, and the weird bedroom scene with Phyllis’ ex coming to ask for advice of Alice why Phyllis left him for women…that was a phucked up sleep over party scene….

    Also, many things with Papi-Papita….
    “Really Papi, Really?”

    And perhaps, just perhaps the weird WTF male lesbian that dated Alice, and anything with Dana’s ex-fiance….wtf??? I hated her…the ex-fiance…..

    • Defo paige-shane 50’s scene … the time Leonard came over i remember i hated that whole scene but strangely my friends liked it.

      See, some of those things were WTF-ish … but also kinda hilarious. Like as redic as Tonya was, it was funny, and I actually thought the reason Dana explained for being with her (“I confused gratitude with love”) was really compelling and good and almost redeemed the whole thing for me.

      So it wouldn’t be lame if i used just more clips from the scenes I already used clips from? Hmmm.

  5. Everytime I read something about NOM my brain explodes. All I can think is WTF!? WTF! Who the fuck are these people? What the fuck are they smoking?

    “Help us be your voice for our shared values: to defend truth, and decency, and civility and the liberty of all Americans, including Carrie Prejean, to stand for marriage in these troubled times.”

    I think they mean the “liberty of all Americans, excepts gays and lesbians.”

    Remember that Keith Olbermann video? All I can think of is “why does this matter to you?” Can someone ask NOM that? Honestly, why does it matter so much to them? I couldn’t even finish reading the article, it made my heart hurt too much.

    • I know, they make me insane. I just went to their website and found out they’ll be in NYC on May 17th to stand outside of Bloomberg’s office and yell about how they hate gay marriage. Carly has a flipcam. We have a lot of feelings. So hopefully we can rally the team to go there and interview some of these people on camera to explain why they think this is a good place to put political energy right now.

      Or, in other words, “why does this matter to you?”.

  6. Yes, very sad about Bea Arthur – that’s 2 Golden Girls gone now (Estelle Getty b4 that)….

    Loved Maude – will miss Bea…

    Yes, Riese, use diff. clips of diff. scenes we haven’t seen yet in your WTF Pt. 1 & 2 – and hey, wtf why not include them??

    Or even hey….hell…….some of the scenes with what’s his face – the guy who ran the Planet for Kit – the crazy crap he did…..

    And hell, even Kit’s facination with all the crazy ppl. she dated….or hell, Alice or ANY crazy Jenny diatribe…..ANY! I’m sure there’s crazy Adele crap too!

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