We Need Help: Autostraddle Seeking Writers And Interns

Hey, are you interested in sacrificing all your free time and possibly also your social life and sanity? Then writing for Autostraddle might be for you!

Your wildest dreams are within reach. We need help. Specifically, we need “help” in one of two formats: Contributing Editors and Interns.

What’s In It For You:

The primary drawback to being an independently-owned website without ties to any umbrella advertising groups is that we run on a shoestring budget and therefore cannot pay you with actual money.

However, we do our best to give you everything we can, short of that. We offer you emotional rewards, free stuff (e.g., books, CDs, t-shirts), free and/or discounted AS merchandise, A-Camp, killer recommendations, press passes to events and financial reimbursement for any expenses incurred while doing your “job.”

You’ll learn a lot about writing/the world, build an impressive portfolio, join a kickass team of passionate queer women, have the freedom to write about the things you’re passionate about, and will enjoy truly being a part of THE REVOLUTION.  Plus, you know, “exposure” on a site that garners over 2.5 million views a month and is the second-largest queer lady website in the universe.

Most of all, you should have fun! This means that you should consider writing, researching and working really hard to be “fun.” We do!


Contributing Editors:

Time Commitment:

You’ll need a significant portion of one weekday free each week to be “on call” and write a post that day and you will compose at least two posts a week. You’ll also be a part of daily reply-alls covering The Issues of the Day. This means your day and our day need to be the same day which means you’ve gotta be on a North American time zone, but that’s the only actual restriction, you can be any age and be from anywhere that’s in our time zones. (Don’t despair, overseas people, you can still submit your writing for other reasons!)

You will also be welcome to pitch and write stories on other topics whenever you want.

Who We’re Looking For:

Those applying for this position must be web-savvy, have a unique, well-developed style and voice, lots of your own ideas and impeccable grammar/spelling. Your sentence structure should be so readable it practically reads itself. Your facts must be checked and double-checked and maybe even triple-checked.

You must be obsessively detail-oriented as well as a self-starter comfortable working independently and taking initiative.

You also must be eager to hit the pavement and hunt down compelling stories, attend events, report on local activism (if there is any), cold-call potential sources and interview people both in person and on the phone. If you live somewhere far away from other queers or feminists, that’s totally fine and we want you on our team! But you’ll need to be cool with making phone calls to get stories sometimes. This is non-negotiable, so if you’re not comfortable calling people, then this probably isn’t the right position for you. (In other words — don’t lie about it! People are always lying about this for some reason.)

We are looking especially for women of color, disabled and non-cis women to join the team!


+ Basic HTML knowledge
+ Online writing experience (personal blogs count)
+ Experience with WordPress or other blogging platform
+ Strong background in queer and feminist issues
+ Knowledge of all things Autostraddle
+ Expertise in at least three subject areas (could be anything from “science fiction” to “gay rights in Australia” to “fashion” or really anything.)
+ Comfort with social media
+ Strong familiarity with the queer web
+ Comfort with having your photograph on the internet
+ Preferably you’ll have experience working for another magazine, website or newspaper, with editors and on a deadline.

We also need people with pop culture and television-related smarts!!

How to Apply:

Send resumé (PDF), cover letter (in the body of the email) and writing samples to laneia [at] autostraddle [dot] com. Please cc laura [at] autostraddle dot com, rachel [at] autostraddle dot com and riese [at] autostraddle [dot] com.

Your cover letter should answer the following questions:

+ What’s your availability?
+ Why the hell do you want to do this?
+ What are your three areas of expertise?
+ What is your propensity for dropping out of college or having a mental breakdown? Because we hate that shit.
+ What are your career/life goals and how does this fit into that?

We also need:

+ Three story pitches.
+ Three clips in the form of links to your writing published online (again, blogs count) or a PDF of clips.


If you’re lacking writing clips or want an extra edge, we invite you to show us what you can do by writing a sample post for us, in the style of posts like this and this. Pick a news story that happened that day… and write the post! It must contain information from at least three stories, make a point, include thoughtful analysis, cite all sources, and communicate effectively with the reader. If you do this right, you’re a shoo-in. Also try not to offend anybody.

Please submit your application on or before Tuesday, June 26th. 




this could be you

+ Summer/Fall Editorial Interns

+ Laura’s Personal Intern

We are seeking interns for the Summer/Fall (July through November) and Laura is seeking her own personal intern (indefinite). Details on applying for both positions are below.

Your duties will be multifarious and often menial/boring! Tasks will include creating and hunting down images, writing and editing posts, assembling and formatting posts, maintaining spreadsheets, assisting with camp preparation, transcribing interviews, communicating with outside stakeholders, fact-checking, promoting posts through social media and lots of other stuff.

Who You Are:

+ You have a lot of free time. Ideally you are stationed inside a lighthouse or a research facility in Antarctica where you have nothing to do besides sit in front of a computer with internet access 12-14 hours a day having demands gchatted at you.

+ You have at least some experience with online blogging platforms. You’re a social media master with basic HTML abilities and Photoshop skills.

+ You are Good At The Internet. If someone wonders idly “Who wrote that one longform essay from like 2009, the one comparing Thoreau’s essays to being a park ranger in rural Alaska?” you know the author’s name and where they went to high school in under 5 minutes. If someone needs a high-res photograph of a lesbian wearing flowered shorts, you will find and deliver that photograph rapidly.

+ You’re comfortable calling people for information ranging from “how much for a bus to drive 56 kids into the mountains at 5:45 AM three months from now?” to “are you dating Clea Duvall?” etc.

+ You are good at proofreading for typos/broken links/things that sound stupid/facts that need to be checked.

+ You are independent, self-driven and can work proactively even with minimal supervision.

+ You feel you can commit to at least 15 hours a week of the activities implied above for the foreseeable future, and are confident that you will be able to continue working in that capacity without nervous breakdowns, sudden trips to a developing nation to find yourself, dropping out of school, eloping, or otherwise punking out.

Bonus: We’re especially interested in interns with design skills, web-coding skills, or video skills, particularly the skill of pulling video clips from TV and movies and uploading them to the internet, like how they do at the nice websites like Gawker.

this could be you


Laura Needs an Intern

Associate editor Laura needs a personal intern. This is how we roll around here — Rachel has Intern Madi, Riese has Intern Grace and Laneia has Editorial Assistant Bren. Now that Laura has joined the management team, she too needs a Number 2.

Laura will need all of these things:

+ Available to turn things around within a week (i.e. I won’t need help on too much insanely time-sensitive stuff, but if you can find an hour here or there throughout the week, that’s fantastic)
+ Able to make deadlines, especially if you set them for yourself
+ Equally comfortable talking via email and on the phone
+ Self-sufficient
+ Hilarious
+ Okay with the occasional mind-numbingly boring task like data entry
+ Organized to a fault


To Apply:

Send resumé (PDF), cover letter (in the body of the email) to laneia [at] autostraddle [dot] com, please cc laura [at] autostraddle dot com, rachel [at] autostraddle dot com and riese [at] autostraddle [dot] com.

Let us know if you’re applying to be Laura’s intern, a general editorial intern, or both. If you’re only applying to be Laura’s intern, you only have to send your email to Laura.

Your cover letter should answer the following questions:

+ What’s your availability?
+ Why the hell do you want to do this?
+ What is your propensity for dropping out of college or having a mental breakdown? Because we hate that shit.
+ What special skills do you have that could make AS a better website?
+ What are your career/life goals and how does this fit into that?

Please attach or link to relevant writing samples.

Internships are unpaid, but you’ll learn a lot about online media, become a better writer, get involved in some cool queer shit and have lots of opportunities to move up in the world. If your school permits it, we’re happy to assist you getting school credit for the internship.

join this team of weirdos!

Special Note for all applicants: Unfortunately, having a passionate love for Autostraddle isn’t enough to make a good intern/writer/editor. This makes us sad too, ’cause we wish we had time to hire and work with everybody! But we don’t. And just because we don’t have space for you on the team doesn’t mean that we don’t want to keep seeing your face commenting and appreciating and sharing and tweeting and being part of the conversation. There’s something specific we look for, so please don’t take it personally if you don’t hear back from us. You’re still a very special, important snowflake!

Please don’t apply if you can’t meet deadlines, don’t understand proper sentence structure, can’t reply to emails, aren’t funny, are addicted to more than two substances or don’t have any free time. Also, we’re a media company, not a making-friends factory. Apply because you want to do the work. This isn’t a hobby (though it pays like one!) and revolutions don’t make themselves.

Before you go! Autostraddle runs on the reader support of our AF+ Members. If this article meant something to you today — if it informed you or made you smile or feel seen, will you consider joining AF and supporting the people who make this queer media site possible?

Join AF+!

the team

auto has written 720 articles for us.


  1. you guys are crazy, this is definitely a friend-making factory, right guys?

    … guys?

  2. “+ What is your propensity for dropping out of college or having a mental breakdown? Because we hate that shit.”

    Appreciate that you’re looking for people who can commit to Autostraddle, but can we cut the mental health slurs please?

    Supportive, inclusive environments prevent ‘mental breakdown’.

      • If by “like me” you mean someone who wants Autostraddle to be affirming of everyone who reads, writes and comments here and would like the writers that AS is recruiting to adopt the same broad-minded attitude, then yeah, there probably is one of me in every article.

        Y’know, you do you.

        • firstly that wasn’t a slur, let’s be real. it was a joke.

          next, if you are going to pick ONE website out of the VAST WEBSPACE of websites to complain about something being noninclusive or somehow nonaffirming or whatever, you are going to have to pick another fucking website because it is seriously not this one. the staff here bend over fucking backwards to not be offensive, and are themselves extremely inclusive and diverse.

          finally “supportive, inclusive environments prevent ‘mental breakdown’” is super, super not true and actually legitimately insensitive to the families & friends of people with mental illness, as though if someone DOES have a mental breakdown, their friends & family & crochet association wasn’t supportive enough? fuck thaaat.

          • I’m not picking on Autostraddle, it’s great here. But I think it’s OK to call out some words that I find offensive.

            I’m sorry you think my statement was insensitive to friends/families, we seem to be coming at the same issue from a different standpoint. In my personal experience supportive online spaces are a crucial aspect of prevention and recovery, including this one.

            AS usually does a great job of reflecting the experience of people w/mental health conditions (riese’s handling of the Emma storyline in the Glee recaps is a good example), and I think this was an offhand remark, to be funny. But just like you’re free to find it funny, I’m free to find it offensive.

          • crochet association.


            also, i think my mother is president of that association.

      • Well, based on that sentence, I don’t apply to AS because I had a mental breakdown and dropped out of college.

        Take from that what you will.

        • Wow, thanks for calling it Mo!

          I too read that disclaimer and felt a twinge of something bad. I would have commented, but it seems the message has already been received at AS, thanks to you and the others who pointed out their bad.

          Btw, we went to Mills together! I recognize you.

    • 1. it’s a joke. for the record, we also don’t expect you to live in a lighthouse.

      2. i’ve dealt with a lot of mental health situations personally and w/friends & family, like this has been my whole life, if you know anything about me you know this, and i’m not comfortable being told how to talk about mental health. i wouldn’t tell you how to talk about it either, i think we both can do our own thing.

      3. you guys! most of our management team is on psychiatric medication! we’ve dealt with our own mental breakdowns in the past, and we try to be as patient as possible with our team. In fact, I once dropped out of college because I was going crazy! (and I would’ve been terrible at this job at that time)

      4. also, that sentence was cut/pasted from our last call for applicants (a lot of this was), and it went over fine then [and this is where i explained where our desire to express that sentiment came from but i’ve since decided to remove this part of the comment cuz it’s a longer story than i can really get into here, but trust me this didn’t come out of nowhere]

      5. this is a really stressful job, and it’s really difficult on your mental health and your time, that’s serious. it’s like the emotional equivalent of lifting heavy objects. and it’s unpaid, so we have no real recourse when things are late or not done, and it’s online, so we can’t ever reach out and hug and/or find you. we’ve dealt with a lot of stuff over the past 3 years, yannow? when y’all ask us where [x] post is, what happened to [x] feature/writer/intern/etc, why [x] post has thirteen misspelled words in it or why [x] post seems like we phoned it in or where [x] interview or video is — 75% of the time the reason is related to the mental health of us or one of our writers. the amount of work i’ve personally done to fill in those holes — you know what, i can’t even talk about this, because i’ll start crying! you don’t know what happens behind the scenes, please respect that.

      6. you’re welcome to personally dislike a joke, but keep it there. it’s hurtful to us that you’re so quick to draw the worst possible conclusions from one line.

      7. “Supportive, inclusive environments prevent ‘mental breakdown’” — actually, they don’t. and that’s a really, really, really low blow, and honestly incredibly hurtful.

      • Hi Riese!

        I totally wasn’t attacking with my comment. Journalism is something I’ve really loved, but haven’t really been able to stick with because of mental health.

        I know that that one sentence is tongue-in-cheek, and also it does prompt me to really consider if I can commit. I don’t know if my desire to participate is enough to push through when I’m going through bad shit (which is often).

        Anyway, I saw that sentence as a shorthand to say your #5 point, and take that as a reason to not apply. I think that’s the point of it, is to be a disclaimer as to who has the capacity to commit to the workload?

        • Hmm. Looks like ya just made Riese have a mental breakdown.

          Sorry, just trying to lighten the mood! I love y’all <3

          • FOUR FOR YOU, MUBBLE!

            laneia and i have been talking ourselves down all afternoon, we’re a PROFOUNDLY SPECIAL BUNCH.


        • HI JACKIE

          i think i was editing this comment while you were responding to this and i didn’t realize it had already been published, so, um, i’m sorry!

          i know you weren’t attacking, don’t worry! –> ” I think that’s the point of it, is to be a disclaimer as to who has the capacity to commit to the workload?

          yes, precisely! and my own mental health issues contributed greatly to why i stopped working for other people (either voluntarily or not) and started working for myself. i could only do this if i had a boss who understood all my complicated emotional (and fibro-related) needs.


          • Realtalk:

            The number one reason I went on anti-depressants was because I was going to work everyday crushed by anxiety that I was going to be fired at any moment, which lead to me being not-as-productive because I was literally constantly struggling with that anxiety, which made it self-fulfilling and self-perpetuating when I’d get in trouble for being behind, causing more anxiety that my anxiety about being fired might actually cause me to be fired…

            Anyway, that sentence for me is a reality-check, that maybe if I’m still having a hard time getting out of bed maybe I shouldn’t apply to be a journalist?

            (Also, that run-on was intentional, and not the result of poor grammar, to demonstrate just how exhausting and ongoing my anxiety/depression was/is.)

          • well put. i definitely have been through similar situations and know many who have as well.

      • On #2: Assuming that Holly is speaking from personal mental health experience – surely she is entitled to speak up on something that could be affecting *her too*?

      • On #2: Assuming that Holly is speaking from personal mental health experience – surely she is entitled to speak up on something that could be affecting *her too*?

        I get the frustration at feeling like you have to disclose information you’d rather not have to so that someone can understand a point. That’s sucky. I’m just seeing it from Holly’s perspective – if she has gone through mental health issues she has every right to speak up and disagree.

    • “Supportive, inclusive environments prevent ‘mental breakdown’.”

      This statement is false, and I say that as someone with a variety of mental health issues with friends with a variety of mental health issues.

      • It probably can’t outright prevent them, but it goes a long way towards health support – moreso than an environment that may judge you on future health issues.

        *also has mental health issues and find supportive environments KEY in recovery*

    • I agree, and thank you. It’s not like one can predict when mental breakdowns happen anyway, and it’s not like having one (or more) in the past means you’re unreliable. Also I wouldn’t say dropping out of college is necessarily a bad thing (maybe you needed to do it to salvage your mental health!).

      If you’re after someone who is reliable or committed, just say that. But also recognise that sometimes life takes over, and not everyone can be 100% on the go all the time. That statement in the job description seems really out of place given the thoughtful articles about mental health and life breakdowns on the site.

      Also, to everyone else: Autostraddle, like every other website, is NOT magically immune to problems of inclusivity. Everyone messes up. It’s whether they learn from it and consider the issues brought up that matter.

  3. So, I’m thinking if we’ve sent writing in a few times, and it’s been rejected, we probably shouldn’t be applying for any of these positions?

    Just wondering, yunno?

  4. Is the “are you dating Clea Duvall?” question regarding Ellen Page? WOULD I GET TO CALL ELLEN PAGE?! SOLD

      • I know where Ellen Page shops. I saw her shopping AT THIS PLACE I CAN’T TELL YOU ABOUT in Manhattan and squealed in my head but had no reason to harass her so I didn’t. Then, THEN about a month later I saw her shopping IN ANOTHER PLACE I CAN’T TELL YOU ABOUT, and I almost went up to her and made some kind of shitty joke about how we like to shop in the same places, but then I realized that I remembered her, but she didn’t notice/see me/care at all about my existence the last time, so duh, that wouldn’t work. And I sulked away/maybe spent the rest of the day frustrated, doing naughty things to Ellen Page in my head. I feel like I should apply for one of these internships so that I actually have some excuse to talk to Ellen Page next time I inevitably run into Ellen Page at one of the places that both Ellen Page and I like to shop for clothes.

    • also editors don’t have to be in the US, they just need to be in our timezone, which includes Mexico and Canada and Central Ameirca and some of south america, i think

      • Ok, so interns don’t need to be in a US time zone? Basically, I live in Europe, should I bother applying to be Laura’s intern?

        • Well, I am. I’m usually around in the evenings which corresponds to the daytime in America, so I figure it’ll be fine. Yay European candidates to be Laura’s intern!

          • I just applied and I live in England so this good news for me :)

            I feel like one has to be hot to work at autostraddle, I know this probably isn’t true, but that’s how I feel.

          • Also, I think you should publish a feature with the most amusing things people say in their applications.

            I want to know how many people included pictures of cats.

          • Dammit! I was totally going to include a picture of my cat! I thought I was being cute and funny and original. Wrong! Fail! :0)

      • laura is actually gonna be in spain in the fall, too, so that’s totally cool and fine!

  5. Also you noticed the two places in this post that had “smart quotes” before I fixed them and thought “Agh! I wish someone would fix that.”


    I’m sorry, I got really excited and started freaking out like that Kermit the Frog gif. But yeah, I’ll be applying to both. It was an honor to get published here the first time, and I’d love to be apart of the team in some way.

    • Oh man, I’m waiting for the day Autostraddle does something on Megan Rose Gedris “I was kidnapped by lesbian pirates from outer space” comic. That comic is just so awesome on every level.

      • Great title for a comic it really drew me in. I wish I could get a job just coming up with titles all day mostly cause that’s about as far as my earlier attempts at creating comics went so I know I can get that shit done

        • Yes, the first time I saw the title of that comic I was hooked, then I read it all in one day. Ditto on the coming up with titles all day long, I’m a behind the scenes person myself and more of an idea maker, pitching creative things with a dose of humor into the mix, visionary, etc. True story, a friend and I came up with a comic when we were like 17 and it was called “Reproductive System Susie & Friends,” (it was created off an inside joke between us) it’s actually lost somewhere on the internet, the original page doesn’t seem to pop up anymore, but it was hilarious, at least imo. I created this story and drew the characters in MS Paint. Imagine one of the characters (and heroines) being fallopian tubes (tossing eggs at the villains), then we had a character made out of a tampon, who was a villain called “Hot Flash Yo Ass,” etc. Ahhhh man, those were the days!

  7. I feel like I want to do this…yet my anti-tumblr beliefs along with “expertise” in such boring subjects as left-handed Presidents, Julia Roberts romantic comedies and US Women’s National Team soccer would probably disqualify me from serious consideration…

    • Yeah what Kelly said and how could left handed presidents be boring? As a left handed individual I am always in search of inspirational left handers to look up to

  8. Can I be your Foreign Correspondent from The Middle of Canadian Nowhere? I can do all the stuff you listed except this part: “interview people in 3-D, attend events, report on local activism” because nothing interesting ever happens within 500 km of me. *sigh*

  9. I have internet access and all the time in the world, unfortunately I lack confidence (kidding) but I do lack a bunch of other skills that are required haha good luck AS team! Can’t wait to see who the fresh blood is!

  10. Does the rule regarding ‘no more than two substance addictions’ mean two per day? Coz I think I could totally maybe cut my addictions down below 14 substances per week. Wait..do weekends count?

    Actually never mind, gotta go smoke crack etc.

  11. Are you looking for the cover letter to be professional or in the style of our more casual writing?

    Also, if our expertise is not in political news, can we submit something different as a writing sample?

    Also also, if we don’t have published articles online, is it worth applying?

    • Are you looking for the cover letter to be professional or in the style of our more casual writing?
      – In the style you’d use to write on the website.

      Also, if our expertise is not in political news, can we submit something different as a writing sample?
      – we’re specifically looking for people who feel comfortable covering breaking news for the contributing editor position, and that includes political news, so although you could submit a sample showing that you can write about news about glee or sex ed in schools, we’d still need to know that you could do political news as well.

      Also also, if we don’t have published articles online, is it worth applying?
      – totally! just give us the writing sample

      • If one has no online articles published and chooses to write the sample article, will two additional samples still be necessary? I have done a good bit of writing, however, as most of it was done in a more academic setting it can be lengthy. In this case would a summary or pitch be appropriate?

  12. If I were seriously considering doing this, the mental breakdown thing is a waaaaaaaay better way to screen people than to say ‘be reliable!’ I think. So kudos to you. Because that made me realize SOMETIMES I HAVE TO BE ALONE AND I CAN’T HANDLE DOING ANYTHING AT ALL and therefore this would not be for me.

    Not that it would anyway, cause grad school kills me already.

    • I concur. As someone who went MIA from a doing similar type of volunteer job (for an organisation that I loved) because I was in a weird headspace and couldn’t really handle things, I think it was great phrase to screen people.

  13. I can’t wait to see what amazing new writers you will find. I love every single contributor and writer on AS, seriously, even when I don’t agree with the conclusions drawn, the quality of writing is top-notch. You guys have a skill for spotting talent!

    I would love to write for Autostraddle but since my free time is virtually non-existent and the only thing I am relatively expert in is entertaining middleschoolers, I don’t think it would work. But good luck in your search!

  14. I so so so want to be an intern but I only have minimal HTML experience and practically none with photoshop :( autostraddle deserves someone that can do cool things! if only the only skills needed were funniness and the ability to make deadlines.

  15. There isn’t enough money to ever get me to do all that you do Riese! Between day to day stuff involved in keeping this site going, writing, editing and constantly putting out fires, I will never understand how you do it. But then, we can’t all be you. Somebody has to sit on the curb and clap as you go by. Good luck with the search ANSI look forward to what the newbies bring to the table.

  16. App sent in! Mine’s the totes profesh cover letter; I take shit seriously, but I promise I can be funny (a Tumblr video of me and my girlfriend ranting about terminology in Cosmo is included in my cover letter)!

  17. This sounds awesome but unfortunately the only journalism experience I have is reading Transmetropolitan and I hate talking on the phone

  18. If I happened to be hilarious and if I didn’t have one semester left of university, I would do this in a heartbeat. Or something that occupies less time than a heartbeat.

  19. the extent of my writing capabilities are limited to the one time i had some lyrics of mine published in my high school newspaper, otherwise i’d apply in a heartbeat.

    #accidentalhumblebrag oops.

    if you ever need bad song lyrics, call me.

    • if you’d like to submit articles or contribute to autostraddle, that’s fine, but we do ask that our contributing editors be “out” enough that they can have their photographs and use their real first names on the site and not have not-outness impede their ability to do their work.

  20. Oh man, oh man, this is great! I really wish that I could do this but I need more time to develop better tech skills. And to procure more free time. And to come out.

    Maybe next year?

  21. I was all like “YAY, I’m gonna apply!”

    Then I saw all the drah-mah. Not worth it, dude.

  22. Does Laura’s intern require a writing sample as well, or do we forward on only the cover letter?

  23. I think I’d be a pretty good candidate for an intern, but I definitely don’t have an extra 15 hours a week. Or if I do, I’d rather spend them not at the computer. Maybe someday! Good luck to everyone who applies!

  24. Thing number 1. I am so SO jealous that Laura is going to Spain in the fall. My dream is going to grad school in Eurpoe. And thing number 2. I just my email outs with all the hope I can muster.

  25. If you need a correspondent from the Philippines, ping me!!!
    I have internet access, I love AS, I am sooo gay, I love to read and research and I can read a map (and ask people to point if in case the map isn’t helpful) to go to wherever you want me to go to like a gay forum or whatnot. I am willing to do work for you at the expense of my real work LOL. I can write too but not as good as you guys. (Coincidentally I called up my gf in Canada last night blaberring about how cool it is to be like you! I sound like an 8-year old being asked what I want to be when I grow up….)

    I am pretty sure a lot will apply and be part of the team because of the website’s goals and visions, and the fun and experience! Screw the paycheck, sometimes there are things that we need and want to do not because we want to get something back in monetary figures. Sometimes, it’s just because it’s our passion and we love to do it and that makes all the difference in the world <3

    • whoops, found a few words that i misspelled lol i was so excited to post this and i forgot to proof read. I FAILED THE TEST. LOL

      • yes but you win in life.

        catching mistakes later is better than never realizing you made them at allllll, homegirl.

        i was hoping to misspell something here in solidarity with you but maybe this run on sentence will suffice……and there’s always room for unnecessary ellipseses.

        • aaw that’s sweet!haha thanks ^^,
          (btw i am serious about extending help if you need anything from a Filipina like me)

  26. Besides being in a different time zone, I have a feeling my PhD supervisor would make it his personal mission to murder me if I applied for anything that would take any more time away from completing this dratted thesis. But good luck finding someone awesome!

  27. If it weren’t for that whole pesky I-live-in-Australia thing and the I-have-a-full-time-job-that-actually-requires-my-attention thing, I’d be all over this shit. Ah well. I’ll just keep annoying Laneia with pitches, then!

  28. Reassure me that this will happen again at some point in the future? Intern recruitment, I mean. Because my July – Nov will be spent in an area of Russia I doubt boasts a high speed Internet connection. And I want so badly to someday be like you guys and to help Autostraddle do all the things it wants to do!

  29. When will we hear baaaack. I am excited by these larks, and have also applied to other, far less cool, internships.

  30. Guys I’m trying really hard to find this essay. There was the response to Chris McCandless that a park ranger WROTE in 2009, but he doesn’t really talk about Thoreau. Chris McCandless compared Denali state park to Walden but he died in 1992, and he wasn’t a park ranger. But he did go to Wilbert Tucker Woodson High School in northern VA.

    Seriously what are you talking about?! I’m a research champion here and I got nothin.

  31. Hey, am I right in thinking that from time to time you publish articles which are not written by regular members of the team? If so is there a way to submit articles to you without having formerly published any writing. I mean, I haven’t so much as recieved a comment award yet, but in my thoroughly unbiased opinion my girlfriend would be totally capable and it’d be the gayest thing if I could say she wrote for autostraddle.

    On a side note- It would actually be great if one of the editors was from europe, as living outside of america I find I know a lot more about gay politics on your side of the pond than my own.

  32. I so want to apply for this because I’ve published a bit of writing and I have ALL the time in the world, but re: “be hilarious”, I fear my deadpan/sarcasm will not read well on the internet.

  33. Whoa universe! This opportunity is coming at the absolute best time for me! I would like to know if Tumblr counts as my blog or if I should consolidate personal writing posts onto my WordPress blog.

    • hey amanda! tumblr counts — as long as there are words you wrote and not just reblogged images of sparse bedrooms and girls with rainbow hair. just include direct links to the samples you want us to read!

      also ftr some of my favorite applications have included poems. IN FACT there was this one girl who wrote the most beautiful poem and i wanted her to work with us SO BAD and then the timing was off and things got crazy and she still hasn’t written anything but you know what? i still think about her.

      anyway yeah i like poetry.

    • The Future Writers & Interns of Autostraddle
      By antiant

      Hark! O ye unicorns of mine!
      Autostraddle is divine!
      Why don’t you come and ride my horn?
      I promise, this is not a porn!

      Hopeful ladies frolic for a chance
      Using their writing skills as a trance
      Hypnotized by alliterations illuminating interesting iconoclasts
      You’d think this was Russia, where Autostraddle has it’s own oblasts
      Don’t fret just yet, this isn’t the Soviet Union and Riese is no Putin!
      You ain’t seen nothing yet, darn tootin’!

      Hurry quick, before it’s too late!
      Your writing samples must beat the date!
      This article lured you into the bait!
      Now you must meet your fate!


      • Is there an online voting process for Most Members’ Choice To Be An Intern? Because if there was, my vote is yours antiant! \m/

  34. I have no writing experience but have pretty mad photoshop, most CS suite program skills.

  35. “…..press passes to events and financial reimbursement for any expenses incurred while doing your “job.”


  36. My friend and I want to be co-interns. Is that ever a thing anywhere? Because… We are funny. And also Good at the Internet.

  37. I am so interested in being an intern. I’ll e-mail my application tomorrow. Thanks for this opportunity!

  38. Why so little produce with so many people on the team ? Not intending to be mean, but you’re one of my fave websites (so I visit you often) and you barely seem to publish at all.

  39. I wish there was a “[S]he’s just not that into you: The Autostraddle Edition” so I could figure out whether to:
    a) keep telling everyone I know that I-applied-to-this-thing-that-I-really-want-and-you-better-send-good-vibes-so-I-can-get-it-because-omg-Autostraddle
    b) take a hint/shot of whiskey.

    PS: I’m not logged in because I’m doing this from my work computer… It’s all good.

  40. i don’t have time to do all this for free but this really makes me wish i could work in a lighthouse and have this job

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