‘Journey of a Gay Athlete’ with Brittney Griner Premieres this Weekend

Brittani’s Team Pick:

This weekend, CNN International will air an original one-hour documentary about homosexuality and homophobia in professional sports. The feature, World Sport Presents: Journey of the Gay Athlete, will focus on three out athletes including WNBA superstar, Brittney Griner (Phoenix Mercury). The documentary also features American soccer player, Robbie Rogers (LA Galaxy) and New Zealand Olympic speed skater, Blake Skjellerup.

These athletes share their personal struggles with growing up as queer athletes, trepidation about coming out on the national stage, bullying, and how being gay informed their career expectations. You can see the piece for yourself on CNN International this weekend.

Air Times:
Saturday, January 11th at 4am EST, 3pm EST, 10pm EST
Sunday, January 12th at 6am EST

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