The HTC Evo 4G vs. the iPhone 4G: The Next Generation

Yes, I’ve been singing the (possibly premature) praises of Sprint’s HTC Evo 4G, as has most of the internet. I’m thrilled about the Evo 4G. I want it, and I will have it by whatever means necessary. (Happily that just means, like, buying it, and not hand-to-hand combat or a show of wits or anything.) But how did I arrive at this zen-like state of dawning mobile bliss? And how long can I really resist the iPhone 4G’s siren song?

After recently growing resentful of my aging iPhone 3G, I realized two things:

1) I wanted to try out an Android phone (maybe the adorable little green R2D2 finally got to me?).

2)  I wanted an HTC phone.

I love the look of my iPhone, but HTC might be the manufacturer able to pry that sleek little black chassis out of my iron grip. The mobile market suddenly seemed full of possibility! It was high time to give Android & HTC a possibly-two-year, contractually-obligated spin.

Google Nexus One

Google's Nexus One

Google’s Nexus One (here on Amazon) began to court me almost immediately. I was drawn to support the no-contract model that Google managed to wedge into a very flawed and very stubborn mobile industry. This resonated with me. I could stick it to the proverbial man.

But soon, this ideological harmony between the Nexus One and I wore thin — there was little else to sustain me that I couldn’t find on another phone. It wasn’t long before I turned away from the high-res gaze of the its illustrious AMOLED and delightful Googliness to properly scope out my other HTC/Android suitors. To play the field, if you will.

The Droid Incredible

On the rebound, I instantly fell for the Droid Incredible (here on Amazon). It boasted the finest specs of any phone fitting my two fixed criteria (Android/HTC) on the market. And it one-upped the Nexus One by offering HTC Sense, the manufacturer’s much-lauded custom version of Google’s mobile OS. And an 8MP camera! I use my phone’s camera almost constantly, so this is a make-or-break factor for me. And like the Nexus One, the Incredible offered a 1 Ghz Snapdragon processor paired with HTC’s good looks and Google’s brains! At the time (a few weeks ago), it had yet to hit the market. If I could have rushed to a Verizon store in a fit of mobile lust, I would have bought the Droid Incredible on the spot, in spite of its really, really clunky name. But fate took its course: my would-be impulse buy had time to ripen, and my eye started to wander.

That’s when Sprint’s HTC Evo 4G appeared. Oh to have that thing of glorious 4G legend! I pored over the Evo’s tech specs. We had so much in common. And I wasn’t rushing in this time — I’d have more than a month to consider my most impressive mobile-suitor yet, as it wouldn’t hit stores until June.

The Evo 4G

So now comes the tricky part. Waiting for the Evo 4G to materialize, I have to steel myself. The tiny Apple propaganda factory nestled in some obscure, likely patented recess of my brain caught wind of this. Usually it lays dormant, sated by the obscene preponderance of Apple-branded technology strewn about me at any given time. But the looming threat of the Evo 4G has roused it. The slumbering Jobsian beast has awoken.

Given the Evo 4G’s June release and the iPhone 4G’s likely “summer” release, I will set aside some recent rumblings of smartphone greatness to come later in the year. According to Engadget, the impressive Dell Thunder “will be sold in AT&T and world-friendly HSDPA versions around Q4 of this year, with an LTE model to follow near the end of 2011.” Q4 looks to be a different playing field altogether, but the summer mobile showdown has two clear contestants: the HTC Evo 4G and the iPhone 4G. And by god, I want a phone now. Or like, super soon. ASAP, really.

And while we know most of the facts about the Evo 4G, the newest iPhone remains mostly a mystery. Gizmodo tore their recently acquired prototype limb from limb, but there’s still quite a lot we don’t know about the iPhone 4G. We don’t know it’s called the 4G, for one thing — it may very well be called the iPhone HD, but we’ll say 4G, in reference to 4th generation rather than a “4G” network, and that’ll be accurate enough for our purposes. Here’s how what we do know stacks up:


The HTC Evo 4G vs. the iPhone 4G



I’m not sure why the iPhone 4G apparently scales down the iPhone 3GS’s 3.5″ inch screen. I like the idea of a larger looking glass into my phone-of-all-trades and the Evo 4G’s huge 4.3″ will be just that. Both screens feature capacitative touch capability, of course.


Unfortunately, the jury’s still out on resolution because we don’t know the full story with the next-gen iPhone. Gizmodo suggested the resolution appeared noticeably higher, but as the phone wouldn’t actually boot to the OS after Apple pulled the kill-switch on the lost phone from their HQ fortress, we just don’t know. Neither phone sports an AMOLED screen (like the Nexus One and Droid Incredible) so it could be a toss up if you factor out the size difference.

Network Provider:

Presumably, the new iPhone will be stocked by AT&T. But it may not be that simple. The WSJ reports:

Apple Inc. plans to begin producing this year a new iPhone that could allow U.S. phone carriers other than AT&T Inc. to sell the iconic gadget, said people briefed by the company.

The new iPhone would work on a type of wireless network called CDMA, these people said. CDMA is used by Verizon Wireless, AT&T’s main competitor, as well as Sprint Nextel Corp.

Could we finally have our pick of iPhone networks? Sounds like the iPhone 4G will at least show up on the shelves of mobile’s big two, AT&T and Verizon.

The Evo 4G looks to be Sprint’s first hot phone in some time. (Does anyone even have Sprint? How’s the service?) AT&T and Verizon hold the majority of the mobile market in their thrall, but this looks to put Sprint back in the game.

And T-Mobile is hanging in there with the Nexus One, for now. Mobile network providers are notorious, so this really boils down to a matter of local coverage, personal preference and exposure to customer service horror stories. Pick your poison.

4G Network:

There’s no denying that 4G connectivity is the future, with speeds rumored to be 10x that of 3G.  Sprint went rogue, setting up its Wimax network, and they’ve cobbled together a 4G network that’s in place this year. Granted it’s not everywhere, but most major cities will see coverage in 2010, with the network expanding from there. And of course, the Evo will launch with 4G capability and native tethering. Sweet, sweet native tethering.

As for the iPhone, according to Gizmodo, “AT&T’s “field trials” of LTE are promised for later this year — with commercial deployment slated for 2011.”

WiMAX and LTE are two different flavors of 4G connectivity — Sprint chose to develop for the former network, while Verizon and AT&T chose the latter.


The Evo‘s snappy Snapdragon processor offers top-notch speed. Odds are a next-gen iPhone will improve on the 3GS‘s already respectably zoomin’ speed, so I’d imagine they’ll balance out.

iphone 4g camera front

Jason Chen of Gizmodo showing off the back camera on the iPhone 4G.


The Evo will take the cake unless the next iPhone can top 8MP, which would be a pretty huge jump from 3MP on the iPhone 3GS.

Both the Evo and the iPhone 4G will have front and back facing cameras, seemingly to support video chat (!), and both have flash.

As for video, the Evo 4G‘s got a big emphasis on HD streaming, HD recording and HD output (see the unphonely inclusion of an HDMI port). We don’t know yet about the iPhone 4G’s video capabilities beyond knowing that they’ll certainly exist.


HTC’s Sense + Android 2.1 vs. iPhone’s OS 4.0. This boils down to preference, really. Though obsessive customizers would be better served by the Evo 4G, Apple fans are famously loyal. And the new iPhone OS 4.0 will allow for background customization, folders, multitasking (kinda) and a lot of other long-awaited features. But keep in mind, Android’s had these features all along.


Apple invented apps and naturally they reign supreme. Android’s marketplace definitely has some catching up to do: the Android Market’s 30,000 apps to choose from looks kind of pitiful next to Apple’s 180,000+. But these numbers change every day, and they’re both growing exponentially. I figure almost every sweet iPhone app will have an Android correlate in due time.

Android‘s marketplace is far less restrictive than the app store, so you’ll be able to find some apps for Android that Apple just won’t stand for. And Steve Jobs isn’t backing down about Flash any time soon.


The Evo will come with an 8GB card that’s expandable up to 32GB. The iPhone? Well, we just don’t know.


It’s a matter of preference, though the phones actually kind of resemble one another. The HTC Evo boasts a huge screen. The iPhone is an iPhone, so of course it’ll be sexy and sleek. Both are kind of squared-off and a bit more rugged than some of their more curvy counterparts.

Overall, I think this epic showdown will come down to matters of preference. Do you admire the openness and Googliness of Android, or do you prefer the attractive, solid iPhone OS? Does an oversized 4.3″ screen make you get all hot and bothered, or do you prefer your gadgets functional and increasingly svelte? Do you need 4G right now (assuming you’re in a 4G-ready area), or can you wait ’til next year? Got a grudge against Sprint or AT&T or maybe even Verizon? Would you prefer a Google overlord to kneeling at the gilded Apple throne?

If there are just too many weighty decisions to be made here, don’t worry — you can always get a Kin. I’m just kidding. We’ve gone much too far together for that kind of backtracking. Do not get a Kin. I implore you.

What do you think? Will you be switching things up this summer? What’ll it be?

For further in-depth, illuminating info on the Evo, check out “Why the HTC Evo 4G Might Blow Your Mind.” You know, if you can’t get enough of the thing.

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  1. I am waiting for the Evo. The combination of the HDMI out(I don’t know how often one can use that on a phone but I will make excuses to), as well as HTC sense sells it for me. HTC sense is by far the best manufacter made software bundle. I used the Incredible and could not believe how smooth it ran (including with multi-tasking and multi-touch).

    Great article. One of the best I have read about the Evo 4G or the Iphone 4G!!

    • You would do much better in a kitchen making my food than you do as a psuedo-reporter. Fix that.

  2. Ditto to Steve’s comment, this is the most extensive article I have read about both phones. I currently have a jailbroken Iphone and cannot wait for the EVO, the growth of the Android platform sealed the deal for me.

  3. So excited to see the Evo, but I will likely wait to hear reviews on both phones. Sprint is okay, but not as good as Verizon. It’s better than T-Mobile and AT&T. I’m still rockin’ the first iphone. Despite not being a fan of apple in general, I do love my phone. (see, e.g., my blog If another phone can offer what the iphone offers, I’m in!

  4. I’m going to re-iterate the words of the author and implore you all NOT to get a Kin!!!!!

    I will be getting an EVO for three main reasons:

    1. I already had Sprint. I would have gotten an iPhone had it been released on Sprint, but Apple chose to remain only with AT&T. Sprint has the best service pricing and even though I have had a love-Hate relationship with Sprint, I am NOT paying an ETF just to get an iphone!!

    2. My phone Must Multitask. Apple’s reluctance to include this until now kind of bothered me. Frankly, I love HTC’s solution to a cool user interface better than Apple’s and YES I do prefer, Google’s openness over Apples snootiness. Apple will one day pay for the mistakes they are making today. Denying Apps because a developer decided to make an app that worked better than the one Apple included on the iphone, denying apps because they “could” be used to to put porn on the device!! I ask why aren’t the web browsers and camera apps included since they, too, could be used for such purposes? They also denied an app because it featured political cartoons!!! Because Apple does not want its customers exposed to literature that mocks policticians— even in good tastes!!! That is actually kind of scary. SO NO, I will not be signing on to the Apple Club. I will be getting my google powered HTC phone (4G).

    3. $G and wifi tethering!!! Enough said.

      • Yes, I can only hope that the tethering is as good as promised. This could really help me when I travel from Atlanta to Chicago (Both being 4G cities!!!)

        Of course there are still questions, like, can I talk and use 4G data simultaneously, like iPhone users can with AT&T’s 3G?

        Will there be a 2-way video chat application? Because if there will be, I will find the hottest girl that is waiting in line with me to get the EVO on launch day, and exchange contact info so we can video chat to show off to our friends…LOL

        How long is the battery life? The phone has a 1500 mah battery, which is huge, but with the inclusion of a 4G and FM radio on top of the 3G,CDMA,1rxx, WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS radios, a digital compass, a 1ghz snapdragon processor, a 4.3 inch screen and HD recording and encoding, the battery life can’t be good.

        • Sprint is finalizing testing of simultaneous voice/data, it will be a feature of the EVO. Also, the 4G network has less of a strain than 3G CDMA and 3G GSM, that coupled with, the processor in the EVO was designed to provide great power management. No need to worry about battery drain, especially with the size of the battery the EVO has.

    • Those are my main gripes on the iphone side. Really, apple *forced* me to jailbreak my phone, right?

  5. Best article I’ve read and you took all the words out of my mouth. I’m torn between the two. I’m not sure about sprint but i don’t think it could get any worse than Att voice service and most of all wifi tethering, 4.3 inch screen, hdmi out sounds tasty! Sprint might have a customer if apple don’t produce better specs than the EVO!

  6. I love the iphone it is the greatest piece of technology made by humans but AT&T is not. Having use sprint it has to be the best carrier if the iphone 4g and the Evo can make it on this network i think sprint would be the choice of many.

  7. Iphone 4g definately, it may not win in spec sucha s the camera and screen size but it wins in durability, reliability and longevity, apple only refreshes it once a year if that, the evo 4g will quickly be replaced by another android phone within months, truly the iphone is the better offer for the mid-long term.

    • Says the guy with the name of Android Dog? Why have an Android name and bash android phones and go with an iPhone?

      Starfleet Captain made very good points in his comments.

  8. I am very glad to have hesitated while the last few “iphone killer” mobile phones appeared and then fizzled. The last was the Palm Pre, which is about as flash in the pan as one can get. The Spring Evo is slated to be a very capable device and – surprise – the O/S is actually built to be used with fingers.

    I’ve been with Sprint for many years (old Nextel customer) and have suffered for long enough with Windows mobile on an HTC touch pro. Although at the time quite nice, I was not discriminating enough to recognize exactly how totally useless the U/I of this device is. It’s a phone. Yet to dial it I need a stylus. It’s a phone. Yet while on a call I should be careful to avoid pressing buttons with my ear, or cheek.

    Enough of this nonsense.

    Although Verizon’s version (HTC Incredible) is nice, their data plans are too restrictive and tethering is not an option. Plus, the EVO’s screen is of far better quality, particularly in bright lighting.

    As for Sprint’s network? Never had much of a problem with dropped calls or coverage issues, and I do travel.

  9. I have been an iphone fan since it came out and I even went from Verizon to AT&T to get it.. I have had all generations of the iphone and I just sold my 3GS so I can use that money to get the new iphone when it comes out. That said, I have been looking around for new phones and I have been intrigued by the android os as probably a lot of others have been. I don’t know too much about it but I gave it a test drive with the incredible on verizon just at the store. I really like the droid os but only got a small glimpse of it. I really like the specs and videos of the EVO.. It looks sick and i’m sure will be a great phone but I won’t go to Sprint for it. I might be the only person but I actually like AT&T’s service (other than their lack of tethering) I really haven’t had any issues with it and I got better service with them than I did with Verizon. My whole family has Verizon and I still get better service then them in most places. Plus I hate CDMA technology. Everyone wants the iphone on Verizon but you won’t be able to use voice and data at the same time and I do that more often then not. Maybe you don’t need that but I definitely do. And for the person that asked about EVO being able to do both, it definitely can’t! It is CDMA as well and its the technology not the phone that is restricting you! If I could find a way to get the EVO on AT&T then I will definitely get it. I tried the HD2 out at teh t-mobile store (I would never go to t-mobile either lol) and it is similar to the EVO but it has Windows os and i’m not a fan of that, but It was a great phone and response time for everything was great but its not android so won’t get that.
    Now I don’t know if it is possible but does anyone know if they will make an unlocked GSM model? My guess is not happening but maybe someone knows something I don’t know. Thanks in advance for your reponses!

    • Actually… HTC/Sprint has been providing the world with a phone that has seriously been overlooked… LOL! Umm.. the HTC Hero is by far the best phone today… but I will be upgrading to the EVO as well…

      The Hero has wifi tethering, flash capability, I can stream Iron Man 2 on my phone today, and it does not even come out until Friday…. The HTC Hero does more than the Iphone does. Oh, and everyone when you get a chance, please take a look at an app called Jet-flicks… it’s only offered for Android. It’s by far the best App ever…. Also, Music Junk isn’t bad either…

      The only reason I am upgrading to the Evo is because of the 4G rumors, the HDMI and TV Output, Android 2.1, the upgraded camera, and the larger screen…. Question… Does anyone know what it is that the Ipad can do that this phone can’t?? Because I can tell you several things that this phone can do that the Ipad can’t do…

      While everyone is comparing the Iphone 4G which we know nothing about to the HTC Evo 4G, we should be comparing HTC Evo to Media Tablets….

    • I have a palm pre.. i surf the web and talk at the same time.. i have no idea what propaganda you are spreading.

  10. Well of course you can use both on WIFI.. but I was assuming everyone knew that.. You cannot and I repeat, cannot do both on the cellular network! cdma networks do not allow it

    • Rumor has it that they now have the phone working well with simultaneous voice calling over CDMA and 4G data over WiMax. I suspect they will be announcing this soon, perhaps at the media event on May 12th. Since voice calls and 4G would be handled by two separate radios within the same handset, you CANNOT say definitely that it CANNOT be done.

    • What are you talking about?. Did you bother to ask anyone on a sprint network if they can do voice and data at the same time or you just a paid AT&T shrill?..

  11. WOW, first off, GREAT post! As many others have been saying, this is by far the best post I’ve read about the EVO itself and the comparison is the best I’ve seen also. Just as a quick note, I’ve been on sprint for about 6 years now. IT has always been producing just mediocre. However, the service is actually quite good. I used to have an iphone for a little while. Long story short, Sprint decided to renew my contract without telling me and I got hit with an ETF. The supervisor I spoke with apologized but obviously couldn’t do anything unless I went back to Sprint. Sold my iphone and went back to Sprint and got the ETF waived. Nevertheless, Sprint’s service is pretty good. The customer service is really good, but Sprint does tend to be nitpicky with charges. But hey, in an economy like this, who isn’t? Bottom line..I like Sprint and will definitely stay with it, especially because of the close release of the EVO!

    • Even though this is not ONTD and I ~hate when people just say “mte” I’m just gonna do it anyway: my thoughts exactly.

      I just upgraded to a Bold 9700 and I la-la-love it but just looking at that HTC makes me fingers all tingly.

      Taylor, let’s do this again in two years when it’s time for me to upgrade again. I don’t think I’ll be able to do it without your expertise.

      • If you guys ever do want out of contract, early termination fees vary and aren’t always THAT painful. Usually people don’t even consider it (me neither!) but it’s just how the companies structure our thinking around their services, we really do think we’re stuck with a device for two years. And there’s always eBay if you want to get a little DIY!

        • I think they’re (ETFs) just about all pro-rated now (didn’t used to be the case), so if the max is $200 bucks and you’re 18 months into a 2-year contract, you might wind up paying closer to $50 as an ETF. It’s worth looking into.

          By the way, EXCELLENT post. Love the writing.

          And while I absolutely LOVE my Blackberry Tour, I AM currently out of contract and am REALLY tempted to give the EVO on a go-around.

          And I thought I wasn’t an early adopter anymore.

    • I had a blackberry and when I got it, it was my first one. I quickly fell in love with it. However, when I took a tour of the EVO 4g it was everything my Blackberry Tour and my laptop could do. I decided to go with the EVO 4g so I could have best of both worlds.

  12. Let me preface this by saying that I am a big apple fangirl, secondly I am in this same predicament, new phone this summer = lets go!

    The patent law suits, Job’s conceited remarks, and the unwillingness to work with anyone has not only seriously turned me off but found me considering alternatives to the once solid iphone replacement. It seems as though apple may have to answer for some of their arrogance soon though:

    I would absolutely love the big screen and the tethering, gives me goosebumps. But what really gives me goosebumps of another nature is Sprint. I am so hesitant to even contemplate this network, so what if this phone has all these amazing features if I am unsure of the network itself, jailbreak it? *blerg*

    When I buy a new phone it’s making a commitment, a commitment involving, money, time, and love. I really want to try something new, android seems capable, HTC specs seem delightful, but some pieces of me still belong to apple, so we’ll see I guess. Great article Taylor!

    • and yes, I would like a google overlord to a kneeling apple. But then I’d like them to look each other in the eye, savagely make out, have hot love/hate sex and create marvelous babies. This was the dream right?

    • I will make it simple for for sylvie, At&t’s 3G network is 1/4 of Sprints 3G network, by years end Sprints 4G footprint will be larger than At&t’s 3G network. Sprints and Verizons networks are so similar, Sprint customers can roam for free on Verizons when they are out of Sprints coverage. At&t recently said, “it is normal to have 1 out of 3 calls drop on our (At&t) network.” Those At&t commercials that boast the fewest drop calls and the fastest 3G network are marketing gimmicks.

      • Trust me I am no big fan of at&t, currently on verizon, but don’t actually know anyone with Sprint in this area so I was/am hesitant. On the plus side I found out I get a *major* discount with my employer on sprint, which i desperately need. Thanks for the info though.

        • I forgot to mention, you will be saving at least $30 a month with Sprint. Sprints plans include, Data (internet) GPS, MMS, Voice Mail and Text messaging, at no extra charge. Also, Sprints 4G will not cost extra and it will be unlimited on the device.

        • But if you get to roam free on Verizon’s network, wouldn’t you at least have the same coverage you have now? (And I bet for much less of a price.)

    • Also, if you want to give it a go, this is amazing:
      “The Sprint Free Guarantee gives any customer opening a new line of service the chance to try Sprint for 30 days. If a customer isn’t completely satisfied, they can get reimbursed for the device purchase and activation fee, get the early termination fee waived, get a full refund for service plan monthly recurring charges incurred and get all associated taxes and Sprint surcharges associated with these charges waived. In addition, Sprint will waive the restocking fee for new customer exchanges as part of this policy.”

      They’ve got a new no-strings (seriously no strings) money back guarantee to jumpstart their subscriber base.

  13. um, u will b able to use 4g web and talk,but i dont think 3g and talk.

    i will def. go with sprint and the evo
    1 better phone vs more popular..for now
    2 4g…at&t hasnt even started upgrading
    3 better overall voice and 3g coverage
    4 cheapest 69.99 vs 89.99..and u get more
    5 android open and growing
    plus the hdmi out,kickstand , bigger screen,flash support,hd video recording , processor, and better camera,and yearly phone upgrades …not sure if at&t does this

    ps. did on ps3 so its a little sloppy

  14. Dear Taylor- Hi. I want a smart phone but they scare me. Also I am the poor. I don’t really like the Blackberry or the iphone, but my little Motorola w490 (the narrower Razr) can’t do much. And T-Mobile doesn’t have very many fancy phones, but I’ve been with them since it was Voicestream so it would feel like I’d be cheating to go elsewhere. But I want a better camera and a phone with internet. This article was good but I don’t speak phone well enough to be sure that I got everything. In conclusion, help. Love, Elli.

      • So, what you’re saying is, I should probs still consider leaving T-Mobile…

        • You can get the Nexus One without switching from T-Mo. If you’d like to stay with them, that’s definitely the phone to choose, I think. And it’s a great phone! I almost switched immediately for the Nexus One because I want to save a little money and the big 2 (AT&T & Verizon) will cost me a little more a month vs. the little two (Sprint & T-Mobile).

        • …Or you could get the HTC HD2 for T Mobile. Hardware wise, it’s the same as the Evo (Sans the front camera, HD recording and 4G). As far as looks go, it looks just like the Evo, right down to the 4.3 inch screen. Software wise, it does not have Android OS like the Evo, but Window Mobile 6.5 OS. A lot of peeople dislike Windows Mobile because it’s not as clean and finger friendly as iPhone OS or Android, but HTC’s Sense for Windows Mobile does a heck of a job cleaning it up so it runs smoothly and is finger friendly.

          My cousin got one and I got to tinker with it briefly,
          but really couldn’t play with it in depth because I was at a funeral, but I liked what I saw.

          Besides, the HD2 comes preloaded with the entire “Transformers 2” film.

  15. oh ,,,and tethering to up to 8 devices …knew i was forgetting something…and sprint has def. gotten better…dont forget about the 30 day $ back guarantee, and i dont think anyone is worse than at&t for coverage, though tmobile is close…i would say at&t is in more trouble than sprint if the iphone is to be available on the equally priced verizon,,,

  16. I want to see the battery life. From what I have heard from a friend of mine who is in the cell phone industry is that the Evo has the same battery life issues as a 3G S, which is fine with me in the long run. The way the phone feels in my hand is also going to be a deal breaker. The larger screen is nice however, how does it feel in my pocket? which is where i usually carry my phone. The back looks a little weird and is not flush because of the camera I am assuming. What is sprint’s warranty coverage like?

  17. For the umphteenth time, there is no iphone 4G, it is the iphone HD 4.0. The next iphone will be a rehashed 3GS with OS 4.0 and a 5 mega pixel camera. Still stuck on At&t’s network.

    • Not sure who this comment is aimed at.

      1. The author said in the article she was using 4g to refer to the generation and not the network.

      2. How are you so certain what apple and AT&T (or whomever will carry the future iPhone) will have in store?

      • Well, 4G is “Forth Generation Wireless”, 3G did not start with the iphone. At&t will not have a 4G network until 2012, At&t are still rolling out their 3G. Verizon will not have a 4G capable handset until mid 2011 at the earliest.

  18. I jumped ship from Apple and AT&T a year ago when the 3G network was starting to groan under the weight of all of the iPhone use. I went to Sprint and an HTC Touch Pro 2 (which I am using to compose this note!) Sprint has been way more reliable than AT&T and less expensive too. The phone I have now is beautifully designed and mostly works great! (crippled by windows mobile) I use it to tether for my laptop and even on 3G it is good. I can’t wait to move up to the EVO and Android and 4G from HTC, Google and Sprint! I will never be using an AT&T phone again. HTC makes some beautiful hardware and the sense UI rocks! Android apps are quickly catching up to iPhone and there are no restrictions on them, unlike at the Crapple crapp store.
    Go EVO!

    • PS- It isn’t just about the number of apps available, it is about quality and having apps that you really want. how many of Apple’s apps are just iFart and crap like that?

  19. Interesting article. I think the only real ace-in-the-hole Apple has is the app store, but android has broken 50,000 apps in recent weeks and the best of the iphone apps are already on, or being ported to, android. just released their android app today and it works great on my HTC Hero…if mint makes an app for your platform, you know you’ve arrived. The widget is slick too…iphone doesn’t even have widgets, which is just inexcusable.

    I’ve been a Sprint customer for over ten years and just never understood the distrust for them. I’ve heard the awful customer service stories but the new CEO Dan Hesse has really taken the company in a great direction the past few years. Theres 4G in about 30 markets and LTE is still on the drawing board. I’ve never had a customer service issue and the plans are by far the best value on the market. I think I’ve had less than five dropped calls, ever, and I travel consistently in a 150 mile radius and always have coverage. Trust me, SPRINT should be the least of anyones concerns, they are a good company.

  20. *I’m with Verizon right now and the HTC Incredible is very tempting.

    *I also remember a time when I wanted an iphone so I could jailbreak it to use with T-Mobile. I’ve had AT&T before and their service was miserable.

    *Sprint became next on my list of service providers when I read about the HTC “Supersonic” now called EVO 4G. This phone has it all and then some. My next phone will be the HTC EVO 4G!

  21. Having had every new phone since they left the trunk of the car in the 80’s, I’ve got a good feel for iPhone vs Evo. First, at&t’s gsm service absolutely sucks unless you are 100% metro so the great features of the iPhone are wasted. The single tasking os is also very limiting which is a severe drawback to the iPad I’m typing on now. That said, the iPhone on verizon is a very workable solution… And it has video out. A real plus for someone with kids…. Like a Cadillac… Solid and reliable. If jobs would only broaden the os to support open apps, multitasking, and add more codecs, it would be a winner. He won’t, of course. The Evo will get my money. I hate the clustered screen but appreciate the versatility that only android or windows and the open market can provide. HD out, wifi hotspot, open apps, multitasking, killer exchange support (I had the droid on verizon to test the latest android rev), and Bluetooth that supports multiple and simultaneous profiles. Apple just can’t compete in versatility.

    Btw… webos, android, and windows mobile all have apps out that turn your phone into a mobile hotspot.

  22. Nice pics(which we’ve all ready seen a million times) stupid info (nothing we don’t all ready know) thx for wasting my time

  23. I’m waiting on the HTC EVO 4G from Sprint. I love Sprint because you get everything unlimited for one price instead of getting ding’d for every service.

    I just wish Sprint would announce a launch date or pre-order date. It’s not like they don’t need some help. They are 3rd or 4th in the market and they finally have the badest phone around and they are being so quiet about it. What gives?

    • I am an at&t customer for a little over 2 years. I have an iphone 3GS. I like the iphone but don’t like at&t service. I got at least 10 dropped calls and i can’t stand that i pay $130 for 900 minutes. I see other carriers offer unlimited minutes for a lot less. I hate the fact I have to pay $50 per month just to have the phone or top of the rest of the bill. I don’t know much bout android and sprint, so someone help me out.

  24. Sprint is awesome. There is no comparison. Look at the current ads–Sprint offers unlimited mobile to mobile (any network), full unlimted text, data, and messaging for $70, nights and weekends start at 7pm (instead of 9 like everyone else), and the coverage is much better than AT&T. Verizon is equal in terms of coverage (my wife has it and neither of us have service or dropped call issues but she pays 2x as much as me for all the same services).

    I’d say its hands down. And now with 4G (the network, not the generation) and the EVO, there is no reason to stay on any other network.

  25. I have sprint. been with them for over 5 years now. The first 2 years were nothing to write home about . wireless Service was blochy, and customer service was for the birds, but I stuck around and let me tell you there 3g service has dramatically improved and there customer service is the best ever. I had verizon , and cellular one which is now att. They dont compare to sprint”s customer service. They go way out of there way to take care of you now!!!!

  26. CURRENTLY VERIZON customer but as soon the HTC EVO comes out I’m moving to sprint I don’t really care about the next gen of the IPHONE

  27. @Yawn…. & ur bffz

    Yea shud think twice b4 chking out a lezbo website… the headline made it sound useful….
    Of course it was MY time wasted..I can only figure that out after reading it u dumbass….
    Guess u and ur bffs can get back to ur lil ol gossiping and barbie dolls and let real men talk tech

      • I work for a major phone retailer and have been following the Evo since it was rumored and was the Supersonic. This is one of the best articles I have read about either. I didn’t even realize that this was a Lesbian website. That is irrelevant.

        • If you were going to be upset over an article go over to Ozcarguide. The articles on the Evo there are not only all speculation but they are misleading. This article took what we knew (or at least know right now) and compared the two phones while other sites (Ozcarguide for example) is all based on hearsay and unverified claims.

          • Thanks Steve! Yeah, that Ozcarguide site is about to drive me crazy, clogging up my Google News results!

          • I was really excited (probably more than necessary) when I saw that Ozcarguide reported that there was a price leak for $199. This was until I read the article and found out that the “leak” was the author going to a Best Buy employee (and not even one that works in the phone dept) and asking him how much he thought the phone was going to be.

            I would much rather read your site:)

          • Wow. I might go to a Best Buy today to buy an ergonomic mouse. In which case I’ll be sure to get the scoop from the least competent, most stoned-looking entry-level employee possible. I’ll report back when I get a good lead.

    • You are a real dumbass. Just because this pub is geared towards lesbians doesn’t mean it isn’t a credible source. If you think that white straight men have a monopoly on tech you haven’t been to silicon valley much. Go back to the hole you crawled out of and get back to jacking it to your first person shooter.

  28. I live in a small mountain town and have both Verizon and Sprint. Coverage is great with both. I had the HTC touch on Verizon and got a HTC Hero in January on Sprint. After having the Hero a couple of months I gladly paid my ETF to Verizon. I can not wait to get an EVO.

  29. Sake, I wish I wasnt so poor! Plus this is all very complicated and confusing to me, im so dense as regards technology! My phone (this article is about phones right, they look like computers to me!) didnt break when a horse stood on it or when I dropped it into a bucket of pig disinfectant (yes it’s an actual thing) and that is good enough for me!

  30. I will be eagerly waiting in line on Launch Day to get the EVO. I’ve had a Pre for a almost a year now and although I like some of the features, it just doesn’t make the grade. I’m on my 3rd one after manufacturer defects.

    I agree with Mike on Sprint’s service. I’ve been with them for 10+ years and as a Premier customer, their price and overall service has vastly improved.

  31. No one mentions the Samsung Galaxy S. It is the REAL iPhone killer. Compare it’s specs to all others!!

    • Samsung Galaxy S is similarly specd to the EVO but the Samsung does not have 4G. If you live somewhere that the Sprint 4G isn’t, then the Samsung might be the phone for you. I actually prefer the build and Sense UI of HTC over Samsung UI.

      • the Samsung Galaxy looks nice but my complaint would be the “Touch Wiz” or “Live Smart” UI. It has never been at the same level as HTC’s Sense.

  32. I have to say this is a very well written article. Though in my unflinching zeal to find out everything about the Evo, I have actually read most of the info you included, I still really enjoyed the comparisons.

    The one thing I disagreed on (respectfully), were your comments about the network providers. Being the largest does not always mean being the best. As several people have pointed out here, you can get all inclusive plans on Sprint that have unlimited web, text, GPS, as well as unlimited calling to any mobile phone for a flat rate price at or less than the calling only plans offered by AT&T and Verizon. With those 2 carriers you still have to pay quite a bit for your text and web on top of their $70 unlimited calling plans. Additionally (and I’m sure this varies in some areas) I have friends in several metropolitan areas that have iPhones, and almost universally they all agree that they have spotty service, dropped calls, and other network issues that people on Verizon and Sprint rarely encounter. So, I see the Evo being on Sprint as another advantage over the iPhone – better service for less money on a phone with amazing features.


  33. WiMax makes this a complete no-brainer for me. 3G is incredibly slow for data traffic, especially on AT&T’s deeply over-subscribed network.

    I’ve been using WiMAX (that’s the technology that is Sprint’s 4G network) mobile from Clear for a year now (on a laptop of course, not a phone) and it is much faster than my DSL broadband was. You can load a normal webpage in a couple of seconds whilst cruising along the highway or buzzing along on the train. Imagine having that kind of bandwidth to your phone. Network bandwidth is the real killer app for cell phones IMO.

  34. Any idea how they compare dimensions wise? I’d happily sacrifice a bit of screen space to be able to fit it in my pocket.

  35. Actually… HTC/Sprint has been providing the world with a phone that has seriously been overlooked… LOL! Umm.. the HTC Hero is by far the best phone today… but I will be upgrading to the EVO as well…

    The Hero has wifi tethering, flash capability, I can stream Iron Man 2 on my phone today, and it does not even come out until friday…. The HTC Hero does more than the Iphone does. Oh, and everyone when you get a chance, please take a look at an app called Jetflicks… it’s only offered for Android. It’s by far the best App ever…. Also, Music Junk isn’t bad either…

    The only reason I am upgrading to the Evo is because of the 4G rumors, the HDMI and TV Output, Android 2.1, the upgraded camera, and the larger screen…. Question… Does anyone know what it is that the Ipad can do that this phone can’t?? Because I can tell you several things that this phone can do that the ipad can’t do…

    While everyone is comparing the iphone 4G which we know nothing about to the HTC Evo 4G, we should be comparing HTC Evo to Media Tablets….

  36. Actually… HTC/Sprint has been providing the world with a phone that has seriously been overlooked… LOL! Umm.. the HTC Hero is by far the best phone today… but I will be upgrading to the EVO as well…

    The Hero has wifi tethering, flash capability, I can stream Iron Man 2 on my phone today, and it does not even come out until Friday…. The HTC Hero does more than the Iphone does. Oh, and everyone when you get a chance, please take a look at an app called Jet-flicks… it’s only offered for Android. It’s by far the best App ever…. Also, Music Junk isn’t bad either…

    The only reason I am upgrading to the Evo is because of the 4G rumors, the HDMI and TV Output, Android 2.1, the upgraded camera, and the larger screen…. Question… Does anyone know what it is that the Ipad can do that this phone can’t?? Because I can tell you several things that this phone can do that the Ipad can’t do…

    While everyone is comparing the Iphone 4G which we know nothing about to the HTC Evo 4G, we should be comparing HTC Evo to Media Tablets….

  37. oh man. that evo sounds pretty appetizing. though i guess i should wait to hear reviews of both phones.

    i’m sick of at&t owning my soul.

  38. taylor! What a great article, and in such an unlikely place too. (I don’t think I’d ever naturally come to your site, but this really is great!) I wanted to say that I’ve been with Sprint for 13years. Customer Service is the worst, and still is. But, I rarely need them because in every other way Sprint is fantastic. You folks who’ve been leaving Sprint now have a reason to come back. Although I do not travel to every corner of the USA, my Sprint coverage is just great and I’m rarely without bars, or dropped calls. My data access is really the shining star though, with great coverage and fast (3g) speeds, and you cannot beat the price ($15/month unlimited data!) I too am very excited for the EVO and I’ll be getting one on day one. I’ve been a Palm/Treo man since “palm pilots” were out; so this is a big move for me. But all that the EVO offers, coupled with Sprint’s plans/coverage; it’s really the ideal choice (for me). I think that the estimated $200 the EVO will cost is a bargain when u consider all the devices integrated into the EVO easily total up to about $2,500. Well, keep up the good EVO entries. NOW, I have one question, as a straight male…Why do you think us guys love lesbians so much, when the reality is that you guys are really just girls that we have no chance with!! ;-)

  39. Great article!! I honestly can’t wait to get my hands on the Evo.. I’ve been waiting for so long for a device to come out that would knock these iphone owners off there pedestal with the whole “yeah we got an app for that” UGGGGH thank you Sprint Evo here i come….

  40. Love the article. Just one factual correction. Regarding the micro-SD, the Evo will definitely support if, but the iphone will not. It will have a micro-SIM instead of a regular sized SIM card. I doubt that Apple will allot micro-SD cards for any of their phone, ipods or ipads anytime soon because they love charging more for extra capacity.

  41. I am going to the EVO 100%. Apple makes wonderful hardware and seamless software but let’s do the math…

    EVO= 4.3″ of screen vs 3.5″ (Maybe)
    8.0 MP Cam vs (5.0 if we are lucky)
    3G&4G Hot Spot for free vs (unknown, if att offers there will likely be a fee for it)
    Way better coveraeg (Sprint roams of big red, we all know they are the biggest and baddest network and yes EVDO roaming is free)
    $69 a month for any mobile anytime and all features are included
    (Is the iphone called the HD for recording or playback?)

    Did I mention Hot Spot? 8 devices sharing one connection, even 3G? Wow… Where you at iphone?
    Micro SD support up to 32GB
    Live video streaming to your own web page on the EVO
    HDMI out… umm yeah… nuff said…
    Did I mention if you are in a 4G market you can ditch an air card and home internet?

    Sorry but the iphone will be another cool, amped up, apple guarded release but it does not hold a candle in specs compared to the EVO. All apple has to do is change the name of a device, up the megs of the cam, and let a press release go on how the new devices are under armed guard and all the sudden america thinks they have to have it.

    HTC, Quietly Brilliant

  42. @Triangle

    iPad does support SD cards however, only with the apple adapter which connects to their charging port. And you are right, they charge for it… Not included with the ipad… Estimated sales for the adapter… 30% of all ipads sold, 30,000X$29.00= a cool 9 mil for a little piece of plastic.

  43. My step daughter works for Sprint, and she already has my HTC EVO on reserve for me. :-) Can’t wait.

  44. I travel internationally a lot for work / vacation and so a GSM phone was critical to me. I actually gave up that idea and got a Palm Pre on Sprint on Day One. I’d rather just use a WiFi hotspot to get mail while overseas and stick to the superior service of Sprint over T-Mobile here in NYC.

    Based on the Sprint coverage, their all you can eat data plans and the EVO – I’m in line on Day One for a 4G treat…

  45. i used to work for att and my husband is a dm for sprint….att is currently ranked the company with the most dropped calls…we have had them both and in all honesty sprint gave up no troubles. plus they are so much cheaper. we had the samsung moments and besides having a few tech issues with the phone itself i loved it. love the android operating system it left so much open for customization there were no limits on what u could do or how many pages u could have like the iphone. even with the new 4.0 software android beats it hands down because i can have multiple pics on 1 screen. my husband thought he wanted an iphone and now we are just patiently waiting on the evo to come out. the battery life on the iphone is horrid and at least with android phones u can download task force killer and it saves your battery! plus over 60% of apps are free on the android market not to mention the ones u do pay for are like $1 cheaper than apple AND they have alot of the same ones!!! hands down sprint wins this one. they do have good service great customer service and this phone with its ability to do flash will win hands down

  46. Loved the article! VEry nice job. I’ve already read a bunch of the specs info for both phones but I wish I would have read this first since I had to read like 5 articles to get all the info in this one article.

    I just reserved my evo. I haven’t had sprint for even a year yet but I love it. I have yet to have a dropped call. I currently own the hero and I love it. BUt tif evo blows the hero out of the water. BOth my brother and sister in laws have the original iPhone. They love the phone but hate the service. it’s near impossible to reach either of them due to service. I have to admit that I have been wanting an iPhone pretty bad but the evo will be so much better. Sprint service paired with such a great device….you’d be an idiot to switch to or keep at&t just for an iPhone.

    BTW I’m sure lots know this already but you can reserve your evo at radio shack. 50 bucks down and a total of 199.99 when you pick up the phone.(the 50 dollar down payment you make goes towards the total 199.99) I’ve also heard that you can reserve at best buy. BUt every sprint dealer I went to said they aren’t able to reserve.

  47. My Iphoney 3GS is going on sale June 4th…. I am welcoming home a new EVO!!! Apple may have 1billion apps (whatever) but open development and a growing and soon to be in the near future the dominant mobile OS is my choice..

  48. hi
    should i get the iphone or evo???

    my needs are, video, pictures
    2.apps for school, somethinf like documents to go, so that i can send microsoft word documents to myself, a translator app that can speak a phrase in a different language and translate it., and other cool apps.
    3. transfer my ipod music

    i know iphone has great apps like the ones i need, but i know notheing about the andriod market having these types of apps.

  49. I’ve had an HTC phone before..and after sertain about of time, it starts messing up.. LIKE: erases texts, or i will try the new IPHONE 4G..

  50. Evo dosent compete….IT DOMINATES!!!!!
    Better specs over all

  51. Oh HTC, how I used loath you when you were with Windows OS. But now that you have broken up your ties, I might go back to your arms again.

    My first smart phone was an HTC Apache, wow, I used to love that phone! And then I switch to other ones, until I got fed up with the Windows OS. My love for a physical keyboard ended with the Palm Pre… I love the PRE! but its a love/hate type of relationship. From what I have read, the EVO has all the things I love about the Pre and more…

    I love sprint and I have compared the plans from different providers and they don’t come close. I think it is wise to update the discussion with the new ETF policies from AT&T since it has sky rocketed to $315, almost double than what it was before. So anybody that is planning to switch or renewed, be advice, At&t is worried about something.

  52. I would use some caution in assuming that a 8MP camera is automatically better than the 5MP one in the iPhone 4. There are many other factors that influence image quality, such as the spot size that the optical system is able to resolve.

    I have been working with optical engineers for the last five years and am very familiar with these issues.

    It is very common for manufactures to put an 8MP sensor behind optics that have a large spot size that can only resolve around 5MP. This is what optical engineers call “Empty Resolution”. It markets very well, but really isn’t at all sensible.

    Whenever you increase the resolution the general rule of thumb is that it you encounter a decrease in low light sensitivity at the expense of higher resolution.

    Only time will tell, but my bet is that the iPhone 4 will actually take better pictures than the EVO with an 8MP camera.

    It really means something to me that Apple went out of there way to focus on improving image quality rather than just going for specs that most consumers rely to heavily on.

    You act as if megapixels is the only measure of image quality, but in fact it’s not even the best measure of image quality. This is a common mistake.

    • yup. it’s more of a quick and dirty measure, but most smartphone buyers probably don’t intend to use their phone cam as a dslr substitute or anything of the kind, so it’s pretty standard for point and shoot range cameras to rely on these kind of quantifers (whereas more serious consumers consider factors like sensor size, etc). the 5mp could very well equal the 8mp. and they’ll both still be low mid-range consumer cams

  53. Yes!! I am so grateful for this post and I want to thank everyone for their feedback and am pleased to see so many with similar musings. I skipped over switching from Sprint to AT&T two years ago because…..I didn’t like the touch screen of the iPhone and wanted a QWERTY keyboard. Well, after my husband bought me the iTouch last year I’ve mastered my fears and love the apps on my faux iPhone. So here are my thoughts:

    I currently have Sprint service and my two year contract is up, $150 bonus for a new two year agreement if I go with the EVO.

    Even though the iPhone 4G looks amazing, is it worth the additional $30 a month?

    Since I have the iTouch I have the ability to get the same apps for the iPhone….why not try the EVO and the DROID apps and see what that is like.

    I have never had problems with Sprint and my iPhone toting husband says he hasn’t dropped any calls on his end….but there are times I ask him to look up something on his phone and it seems to take a very long time for the page to load. Could this be from an overloaded iPhone/iPad hungry network?

    Why not have an EVO and an iPhone 4G in the same household and then get a side-by-side comparison?

    Currently the EVO is sold out on the Sprint website so either I’m not alone in learning that way or they grossly underestimated it’s appeal and under ordered.

    Difficult choice!

  54. im struggling with sprint to get the evo, i have the money, but because of a technicality, I am screwed. sprint, please dont make me cancel and overpay for second best.

  55. Loved the article! So I went on Sprints site and looked at plans… the $69.99 plan for unlimited text and data (on Sprints network) appealed to me. BUT then at the top reads “If you’d like to use your phone’s Mobile Hotspot feature, don’t forget to add our optional $29.99/mo. Mobile Hotspot add-on.” Now being new to this whole smartphone-web surfing-email writing world, can someone please explain to me what this exactly means and if it’s necessary for me to get it!? For example, If I’m sitting at Starbucks or Borders and they have free Wi-Fi, do I need to have this “Mobile Hot Spot” service for the web browsing to work..or does the Data plan include that?

  56. Hello everyone,

    I really like reading everyone’s posts and bringing each perspective to life.

    I recently switched from iPhone 3Gs to HTC Evo, the very day EVO came out.

    Let me first say, I absolutely love iPhone and have had both the iPhone 3g & 3gs. I am also a big Macintosh & Linux fan at home and I work with linux professionally at work.

    Today I was able to look at the new IPhone and it is a VERY SEXY phone. So many say, “Why move away from the iPhone, when it has everything you can possibly need?”.

    The answer simply is the network. I have been an Cingular & AT&T user for years and have leveraged many 3G phones introduced by HTC that were Windows powered.

    AT&T had a great voice and packet network UNTIL iPhone came to town. Now AT&T’s network here in St. Louis and other nearby areas has become un-reliable (at best). The packet network was great, but now latency and consistant packet speed has taken a “turn for the worse”.

    I want reliability in a phone service.

    Now to the EVO and compared with my experience with IPhone 3GS and very little experience with the new 4th generation IPhone device.

    The iPhone beats the EVO in regards to software available on the iTunes store vs the Android Market. There is NO COMPARISON in regards to “good” software on the Android Market compared to iPhone software.

    In regards to performance, I believe the EVO is the winner.

    And in regards to dropped calls and network experience, Sprint is the winner in St. Louis area.

    Once better software is introduced to the Android Market, I believe that the HTC Evo will be better than iPhone.

    I believe that Apple killed AT&T.

    True Call International

    Get an international phone number for your mobile at

  57. Loved the article! VEry nice job. I’ve already read a bunch of the specs info for both phones but I wish I would have read this first since I had to read like 5 articles to get all the info in this one dress

  58. I trully enjoyed reading your article. Insightful, yet, not boring at all. (Sometimes when people talk tech. it can get a bit..uhm redundant.) I always have been interested in the two [phones], but moreso in the iPhone. While, I never actually considered neither because I have almost ZERO Mobile phone knowledge (network and device wise). I am trully leaning to snag this EVO. I have heard nothing, but positive feedback on the EVO. Ofcourse, that is always a major plus, espicially, when we live in a world where people choose there phones soley because of popularity.(And I don’t mean great reviews) In comparison to all of the UPROAR on the iPhone, I’d have to go with the EVO full-frontal.

    It has all the pros a hesitant person ,like that myself, is looking for! Starting with the 4G network! Quite frankly, the iPhone has one too many cons for my liking. Even being a fan of Apple, choosing the iPhone over the EVO would be completely idiotic.

    Now I do have to say, the way a phone looks and feels can be a deal breaker for me. I have always found the iPhone to be “muy caliente”. From it’s sleek outter appereance to it’s gorgeous screen display….It just is soooo YUMMY! Now, the EVO, on-the-other-hand, is a bit masculine in structure, and it’s display appears a bit clustered/cluttered. (Not so much a deal breaker, but something I’d want to look into further)

    All in all, I believe when your choosing a phone [and a phone provider] it shouldn’t be because your SOOOO damn loyal to Apple/iPhone. You should want the best- when dealing with phones-, and that’s just what the EVO is! (And I don’t think it’s just a momentarily position either…considering there unleashing brand new phones EVERY NANO SECOND! *gah*)


    I still have not made my descision final…a little more probing is needed FIRST! Still, EVO is at the top of my list! ^________^

    visit here for “Cell Phone Providers Reviews”:

  59. P.S. I thought I’d add that I am 17 yrs. old, and this phone is great for young people. Has everything teens/young adults need and then some!

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