Google Debuts the Nexus One! Will Apple Still Sit Pretty with the iPhone?

The not-so-rumory rumors about the new Google phone came to light Tuesday when the company debuted the rogueish little Nexus One. I still think that “Nexus One” sounds like a space-station. But hey, it’s a smartphone! Here’s the scoop.

Google Nexus One Phone

The Nexus One will be sold directly through Google. You’ll still need a mobile carrier and in this case it’s T-Mobile (with some very intriguing other options on the horizon, explored later). Google’s little darling is currently the only phone on the market running the Android 2.1 Mobile Operating System.

Google Nexus CameraHTC manufactures the Nexus One and they’ve crafted a sleek and sexy design that isn’t at all resonant of the iPhone, the standard-bearer of smartphone good looks.


The Nexus One will cost you $179 with a T-Mobile Contract and $529 without. Further pricing plans are available, o’ course. Thanks Google!

The Nexus One will also be available across carriers, and kind of is now. You can pop your own sim card in the Nexus One and it won’t self-destruct.  Soon you can get your Nexus One on over at Verizon and you can even pop your AT&T sim card in there, believe it or not. You just won’t be able to use 3G. No unlocking hacks necessary.

The Nexus One runs Android 2.1 so if you’ve shacked up with a Droid or another Android phone before, the OS experience is very similar. The Droid runs 2.0.

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SOME TECH SPECS (more at the Google mothership!):


3.7-inch (diagonal) widescreen, 800 x 480 pixels,
1ms typical response rate


5 megapixels, Autofocus, 2X digital zoom, LED flash,
Video captured at 720×480 pixels at 20 frames per second


512MB Flash, 512MB RAM, 4GB Micro SD Card (Expandable to 32 GB)



Google Android

Can't get enough of this little fella?

+ The Nexus One has a kind of grippy back, unlike the iPhone which is slick, like a seal. Or an aquatic mammal of your choosing.

+ The Android 2.1 OS is currently only offered on the Nexus One.

+ The Nexus One basically just rendered the Droid obsolete. The Droid’s heyday was so short, it’s almost sad.

+ It’s thinner than the iPhone 3GS. And sports a better camera.


Did we mention how you’ll be able to choose your carrier? Um, yeah. That’s a game-changer right there.

“Google says it’s only the first Google phone of many, with one store to sell them all.The idea of the Google phone store is pure, giddy idealism: You’ll buy the phone you want, then you’ll shop for the cell plan you want, from the carrier you want. No more ‘You want an iPhone? Then you get AT&T.'”

– The New York Times

Nexus One Phone - Web meets phoneGoogle’s Nexus One looks to shake up the whole mobile market by totally subverting our existing assumptions about providers and contracts. Because those assumptions are terrible.

We may complain about our carrier, our dropped calls, whatever but hey we’re lazy. We stay complacent with the pretty awful structure of mobile-life as is and let AT&T, Verizon or whoever become our ball and chain.

If people hop over to a different carrier, it’s usually just to score an iPhone. But if Google has it their way (which I hope they do), they’ll be switching up this whole system as we know it.

dotted-divider2Here we are again, as another phone looks take down Apple’s iron smartphone grip. And it sounds like the Nexus One is the first worthy challenger that won’t be an underdog.  If you don’t get an iPhone, get a Nexus One. I just said that, verbatim, about the Droid not so long ago. The phones, they are a-changin’.

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  1. It’s so pretty but the PRICE! I’ve heard it’s over $500? Much less with a T-Mobile plan, but still. I guess I’ll have to wait and see what it costs when it’s available on AT&T.

  2. Okay, maybe I read this too fast and missed it; but besides it having a waaaay better camera w/ flash being huge in and of itself…this thing can turn voice into text! That is huge. hot. chock full of typos.
    WHO CARES?!? I want one.

    • the iphone can too through some apps, but it’s pretty sweet it’s native. heard it’s pretty accurate too. too bad i live in nyc and would look like a crazy person if i utilized that feature, since i am constantly surrounding by people

  3. Google, I love you babe, but you’ll never beat the iPhone. (the Droid comes close though)
    I bought some Apple stock today. Just wait till they *cough* announce the iPhone 4G on the veriozon network and the tablet *cough* this month… Wishful thinking?

  4. isn’t nexus like a hair product or some sort? I think I am totally making that up but that is what it reminds me of

      • I did… and saw nothing.. but I did it again and notice on the bottom it said “nexus hair” …and came up with Nexxus… so I didn’t make it up, yay haha

    • It’s also from Bladerunner, which is why Google is currently getting sued by the Philip K Dick’s children/whomever. It’s ridiculous, but I don’t think it’s as bad as the shit George Lucas did with Droid.

      I agree that the subsidized price is nice, but I’d much rather not be stuck with T-Mobile’s network just to have a sick-yet-affordable phone. Also, I’d be wary of buying it now, as we’re guaranteed to see price drops within the next few months, and there tend to be bugs with first releases of hardware.

      • i almost linked to that on here. it def seems like a nod by google, but also seems totally unprovable. especially since the word “nexus” relates strongly to their tagline “phone meets web” and little crosshairs icon

  5. 1. Build a phone with a huge touchscreen that can display any UI imaginable.
    2. Put 4 static buttons under it.
    3. Sigh.

    also i totally agree the little android is the cutest thing ever.

  6. The Nexus One is not available in Canada yet and therefore I care much less about this than I usually might. Also I la-la-love my iphone and don’t want to think about something being cooler than it.

  7. Google vs. Apple.

    It’s like, I love you both.. can’t we work something out where I can receive partial custody?

    p.s I’ve been off the internet for 3 days and I get on Autostraddle and I miss two interviews, casey johnson dying, a roundtable, AND a 2009 icon post. Way to keep me on my toes! I want to pronounce 2010 the Year of the Autostraddle.

  8. I should be glad I have choices now…. but now that it seems like the smart phone monopoly (because why would i ever want a blackberry) is coming to a close i’m kind of sad.

    i like my cute little samsung gravity. a. because i have no money and am on my family’s t-mobile contract. and b. because i can email. i don’t need a smart phone to twitpic and twitter
    i had plans to get an iPhone once my contract was up/my phone broke/i had money, because it is becoming imperative that i have more access on the go. and i want to stay streamlined with all my apple products…..but google is the other dominant force in my connected life!

    UGH. i guess i’ll have to wait and see how it does.

  9. Didn’t t-mobile just come out with some kickass plan, too? I’m going to look into this.

  10. sigh. i just stole my father’s upgrade pretty recently. because i am THAT POOR. he doesn’t even know yet. sometimes i feel bad about that.

    point being, it’s going to be aWHILE before anything shiny (besides my NEW IPOD THANK YOU GIRLFRIEND) appears on my bedside tablez.

  11. I think Nexus is a sex toy for men? However, until someone creates a comparable application market, which is going to be in 20-never, nothing will dethrone the iPhone.

  12. NICE. I likey.

    However, things to consider:

    1. Apple’s contract with AT&T is up this year. My connected mother says February, but I’m not for sure on the legitimacy there. Also, what do we know about sync capability with Mac?

    2. If I can’t sync a Nexus One with my MacBook a lá Blackberry, I’ll be sticking with my iPhone. Never underestimate the loyalty of a lazy person.

    3. iPhone should be releasing a new generation this year (summer speculation)…It’s likely that that release will include many of the upgrades that will allow them to compete with the growing smartphone phenomenon (ie: better camera + flash, multiple app operation, BETTER BATTERY PLZ.)

  13. Sorry ladies, but Google has already started surpassing iPhone. This is the very reason Apple is suing them. They are in a huge panic right now because the Google phones are stealing a LOT of market share. And since the techies dominate the smartphone market, Google will only steal more and more market share because they offer more control to the user. Since Apple sued Google, HTC has responded by countersueing Apple because afterall, HTC patented stuff long before Apple even considered getting into the phone market. So….. Apple will lose their suit to Google, AND they will lose in the suit from HTC… which is going to cost them MILLIONS. You will never get rich from stock in a matured company because A) they dont grow aggressively, and B) they are subject to large lawsuits just like this… and it affects stock price. Google is CONSTANTLY emerging into new markets. Compare stock prices. But if you really want to get rich, you need to get into baby companies that are emerging.

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