The Comment Awards Think You’re Hot and You Can Too

Hello! How was your week? However it was, I can hands-down guarantee that it was not as eventful as Laneia’s week; she mentioned Melissa Ethridge’s very gay pants in Also.Also.Also and the following Twitter thread ensued!

The Internet truly is a magical place.

In other very gay news this week, Stormy Daniels came out as bisexual.

Meg wrote us some Queer Tarotscopes! Welcome, Meg!

Molly went to the Los Angeles Women’s March.

Valerie’s recaps of Supergirl are back, and this episode was a tear-jerker!

This was SUCH a great read, from Carmen: How Coretta Scott King Leveraged MLK’s Legacy to Fight for Gay Rights.

Rachel wants you to write a better Tinder bio!

The pic of Janelle Monae at SoulCycle in this week’s No Filter has killed me dead forever and ever, amen.

Vanessa thinks you’re hot, and you should too. Read this, babes! Because babes you are!

And then there were your comments AND YOU WERE ALL SO AMAZING AND FUNNY THIS WEEK!

On NSFW Lesbosexy Sunday Is Over Nudes:

The Bed, Bath and BEYOND Award to Jordan:

If Erin Sullivan has taught me anything, it’s that someone will absolutely try to use a bath bomb as a dildo.

On Stormy Daniels is Bisexual: Adult Film Actress Comes Out As Fan of Fisting Girls:

The Treat Yourself Award to Maggie McMuffin:

It’s not really the same situation when it’s for money. It’s a time honored sex worker tradition to sleep with shit men and then use the money to treat yourself and your girlfriend.

On How to Write a Swipe-worthy Dating App Bio:

The Tinder? I Married ‘Er! Award to Alicia:

I’m actually going to put in a plug for having a friend *help* you write your profile (not do it for you)–four years ago I ate Indian food with a friend while we collaborated on my OK Cupid profile and then a few months later I met my future wife, so that worked out well! I had a tendency to be a little too earnest on dating sites/apps and my friend helped temper that, I think.

On No Filter: Janelle Monáe Does SoulCycle So I Guess We All Do SoulCycle Now:

The SoulCycle: Rainbow Road Award to Caitlin:

if i’d dragged my tired ass to purposely exercise and get all gross and janelle monae showed up i would just drop dead soulcycle off the great beyond

On Your Homework For 2019 Is To Assume Everyone Thinks You’re Hot, I’m Serious:

The Thank Huji-Sus Award to Molly Priddy:

carpe dm, friends

And the Babe with the Power Award to Jay:

Hi! Wow, you remind me of the babe(What babe?) Babe with the power (What power?) Power of voodoo (Who do?) You do (Do what?) Remind me of the babe. The babeliest babe to ever babe! <3

On I Watched Lesbian Classic “Disobedience” and Be Quiet Tiffany:

The Reductress Redress Award to Sally and bakoelsch:

Sally: I guess this means the Woman Cozily Cupping Mug Secretly Thinking About Getting Absolutely Railed by Rachel Weisz is probably not Erin then. / bakoelsch: Please add me to the W.C.C.M.S.T.A.G.A.R.B.R.W. team roster. Thank you. / Erin: you’d be wrong here sally! not the first time unfortunately

And the P.R. Department Award to Kris:

After the film, I think I said to my friend, “well… it was a film!

And on Pop Culture Fix: Delightfully Weird Period Lesbian Film Gets Ten Oscar Nods and Other Stories:

The Gal Pals Award to

I haven’t watched The Favourite, but every time I see it referenced, I remember an article headline I saw that called it “a movie about female friendship.

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    • All these Labyrinth references are reminding me how utterly campy and great that movie was. Also for a movie that featured exclusively m/f romance, it was incredibly queer.

      • I’m just saying, both Gareth and Sarah are obviously Chaotic Bisexual, and that’s just a stone cold fact.

      • YES! Very campy! The queerness around the importance of found family and they way all the characters are so authentically their whole selves without pressure to change is just so good! For being made by nearly all straight people most Henson productions are very queer imo.

  1. I’d like to nominate my friend for an irl comment award for how she just mindblanked on fishmongers and called it the seabutchers. SEABUTCHERS.

  2. That comment about The Favourite reminded me that when they previewed it on the BBC around Christmas time, they showed a ten second clip with a man in it and I was like wait, what?? How can you do that! Patriarchy sucks so hard.

  3. thank you queer girl! i’m not gonna lie i have screenshots of all the comment awards i’ve gotten saved on my phone for when i feel that queer loneliness^tm

  4. I AM SO HONORED TO WIN A COMMENT AWARD! Funnily enough, only a few hours ago I had lunch with the friend who helped write my profile. Friends who write dating profiles together also stay friends for years!

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