Also.Also.Also: Melissa Etheridge Dons Gayest Pants Ever to Sing National Anthem at AFC Championship

I’ve been tracking my fruit consumption and I’ll have you know I’ve forgotten to eat a daily fruit quite a few times and it SADDENS ME and also, to be honest, makes me nervous about my dedication to being happy and healthy in 2019, you know? Makes a girl nervous.

So I’m telling you and I’m telling me: go get a damn orange! They are in season! There’s no need for this neglect!

Queer as in F*ck You

Before we go any further please steady yourself for the gayest pants you’ve ever seen. There are side stripes. There’s pattern. There is — I warned you — a drawstring!

These pants are gay in a way that you and I will maybe never be. I’ve honestly never been prouder to be part of this thriving community. Thank you, Melissa! #ComeToMyWindow #IllBeHome #IllBeHome #IllBeHome #ImComingHome #HomeOfTheBrave

Tracy Chapman. That’s it, that’s the whole headline of this article. A thing of beauty.

Ellen Page: “I’m Not Afraid to Say the Truth”

Do you need some additional Mary Oliver feelings? Here you go: Mary Oliver Helped Us Stay Amazed and Passing Mary Oliver at Dawn

Who Killed Marielle Franco? An Ex-Rio de Janeiro Cop With Ties to Organized Crime, Say Six Witnesses in Police Report

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Casually Drops in on Twitch Stream for Trans Kids

LGBTQ Lit: Two Decades Ago, an ARHS Teacher Pioneered a Life-Changing Class. Today, It’s As Relevant As Ever

Medical Students Push For More LGBT Health Training To Address Disparities

The Artists Bringing LGBT+ Narratives into Scottish Folk Music

From Pariah to Demi-God: Transgender Leader a Star at Massive Indian Festival

High Schools Block Access to LGBT Websites but Allow Anti-Gay Ones

Saw This, Thought of You

Everything You Think You Know About Toxic Shock Syndrome Is Probably Wrong [SHRIEKS TO THE SKIES, THROWS DESK ACROSS UNIVERSE, BLEEDS FROM EYES, TURNS TO STONE]

Fyre Festival Documentaries Highlight How the Disastrous Event Hurt Local Workers: “Here’s how to help the one woman many are calling the hero of the entire story.”

An Interview With Nathan Phillips on the #MAGAYouth Incident

Yelp Reviewers’ Authenticity Fetish Is White Supremacy in Action

Jack Dorsey Has No Clue What He Wants

One Month After Controversial Adult-Content Purge, Far-Right Pages Are Thriving on Tumblr

What Happened To Lindsay Lohan?

Meet the Creator of Everyone’s New Favorite Instagram Filter

The Latest Front in Russian Infiltration: America’s Right-Wing Homeschooling Movement. Yikes evangelical christians!!! Yikkeeeessss! And for even more fun: #ExposeChristianSchools Goes Viral After Karen Pence and Covington Catholic School Uproars

Why Scammers Are Everywhere Now — And Why We Love Them

Here Are the Media Chuds Joining Fake Gawker

Sony Drops R. Kelly

Political Snacks

Kamala Harris Announces Her Historic 2020 Presidential Campaign

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  1. The AOC Twitch story bears reading if you haven’t heard about it — the streamer, HBomberguy, set out to raise ~$3k for Mermaids (a UK charity supporting trans kids) and he’s raised over three HUNDRED thousand dollars so far. Chat has been super positive and people have “called” in via Discord to share support, coming out stories, and gratitude. I was hoping to see the story turn up here. <3

  2. Watching Melissa Etheridge sing the Anthem:
    1. Huh. That’s a really low key.
    2. OMG, it must be so cold in that stadium right now.
    4. She nailed the high notes! YESSS. Good for her for knowing her range today!

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