The Comment Awards Gets A New Shirt

The low point of my week was when my wife took one look at me in my new shirt and said that it made me look like Larry King. Not exactly ideal.

But its no matter because the high point of my week, as always, was Autostraddle dot com.

Ali got us drunk on grapefruit (well, something that tastes of grapefruit).

Mey made the playlist of your dreams, if your dreams include a world without patriarchy, that is.

Carrie wrote about going to the gym and being physical with a disabled body.

Dinah Shore Weekend happened and Molly has visual proof. An adorable dog makes several cameos.

Record Store Day is near.

So many Camperships are available! One sponsored by Outplay ends April 10th and one sponsored by Lunapads ends April 13th. Get on it, kiddos! Don’t let the sun go down on you, etc.

Also Erin’s strange and wonderful brain! And comments!

On Serial Lesbian TV Character Killer Strikes Again: “Empire” Murders Two Terrible Women:

The She Who Shall Not Be Named Award to Rachel W.:


The I Dream of Jenny Award to Sally:


On Playlist: The Most Misandrist Anthems:

The Closer to Fine Award to Carmen SanDiego:


The Hopeful Award to queer girl:


On Pop Culture Fix: Lesbian TV Characters Keep Dying and also 14 Exciting Queer Things:

The It’s A Marvel Award to turkish:


On PHOTOESSAY: Dinah Dinah Dinah:

The Real World: Palm Springs Award to C.P.:


On 30 Book Titles That Sound As Gay As “Tipping The Velvet” But Mostly Aren’t:

The Father Knows Best Award to Nik:


On Sunday Funday Is Coming Out and Taking Over:

The Best Callback Award to Lexa Woods:


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  1. Such an incredible week for comments. Brava.

    Also, I find Pride and Prejudice to be an almost flawless litmus test for homosexuality. If you find yourself waaaay more interested in the dynamics of Elizabeth Bennett and Charlotte Lucas’ particular sort of friendship than the brooding Mr. Darcy, you should probably confront your true feelings about women and then get busy processing them by writing Elizabeth/Charlotte fanfic. And then link us to the fanfic, please.

    • See also, if you didn’t care who Jo ended up with in Little Women. Or if you were way more interested in Anne / Diana than boring old Gilbert.

      I was so shocked when my college friends went on about how romantic Anne of Green Gables was because I honestly didn’t care about Gilbert and totally missed the romance. I attributed it to being like 9 when I read them – which may have been part of it, but it’s also that I was a big old queer.

      • I’ve got no video editing skillz but this acceptable, no?

        Scarlett’s chest heaved with fury further drawing Melanie’s gaze to her bosom in that scandalous gown and her beautiful eyes blazed like fire set in her sharp little face.
        Guilt settled like a cold stone in her gut, for this is display of flesh was not a willing one. Judging by the way Rhett shoved her through the door and wrathfully abandoned her to the crowd.
        Taking a breath Melanie steps forward to play the gracious hostesss and shield Scarlett from the cruelty of the stares and venomous whispers.

          • I rewatched that birthday party scene after writing that and missed the chance to add in “defiant lilt of her chin” or cause that is totally what Viven Leigh is doing. But what I remembered most was the fire in her eyes, like copper sulfate.

            Ready to defend or avenge Scarlett she was, I gasped too.
            Mousy little Melanie ready to shank people for her family, but I felt bad for being surprised.
            Quiet rivers can drown you just as well as a raging one and her family mattered to her so of course she’d ready to shank the fuck outta people.

  2. Aww, another comment award!!! I swear, each time I win one it makes my week!!!!! Thank you, anonymous AS readers for giving me a smile and hear lift <3

    But the real MVP this year is definitely the Vrn diagram! That baby is special, I wish we could retire to a Hall of Fame and have it bronzes for eternity ???

  3. I appreciate all the love for my diagram.

    I read an NPR article that made me decide to try to be more positive on the internet. And it kept me from unnecessarily ripping into the USMNT while ranting and raving about the injustice of USSF’s treatment of the USWNT. I’m pretty proud of myself for that restraint (also, Vice Sports did it for me anyway!).

    But I felt like this was a very merited and constructive exception to my online positivity, because WTF ILENE CHAIKEN HOW ARE YOU STILL SO UNAPOLOGETICALLY BI-PHOBIC AND FAR MORE GAINFULLY EMPLOYED THAN I AM????


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