The Comment Awards Believe in Jenny Schecter

Listen: the internet gets a bad rap. And some of it is garbage! But sometimes, every once in awhile, a really good and perfect thing happens (especially on Autostraddle dot com). LIKE THIS WEEK WHEN MIA KIRSHNER READ HEATHER HOGAN’S ESSAY ABOUT JENNY SCHECTER!

So this week, an honorary comment award goes to Mia Kirshner herself, for this tweet:


This week, Reneice cooked up some blueberry skillet cornbread.

The team went DEEP with their break-up bad behaviors.

Courtney wrote the best thing about squirting I’ve read all year.

You can VOTE NOW in Autostraddle’s Inaugural Gay Emmys!

Adventure Time ended this week, but the finale was sealed with a kiss!

Ahead of the newest season of Doctor Who (and the first season with a woman Doctor!), Heather’s here with a guide for newbies!

And then there were your comments!

On Femme Brûlée: Blueberry Skillet Cornbread:

The Sweet Tooth Award to Lisa:

Femme Brûlée: Blueberry Skillet Cornbread

On Don Draper vs Jenny Schecter: The Sexist Battle of the TV Anti-Heroes:

The Chicken Soup for Sounder’s Soul Award to Hattie and Chloe:

Hattie: I threw all my chicken soup out the window upon reading this for IT WILL NOURISH ME FOREVER. / Chloe: How rude Hattie I would've loved some chicken soup

On No Filter: Hayley Kiyoko Stars in My Imaginary Remake of “Children of the Corn”:

The On Wednesdays We Wear Black Award to Donna M, Dee and Warrior Princess:

Donna M: My takeway here is that Natasha Lyonne is Stef's own personal Regina George. (It was awesome.) Dee: That is so fetch! Warrior Princess: Dee, stop using fetch. It's not going to happen!

On Squirting 101: Soak Up the Pleasure, Soak Up the Fun:

The Somewhere Out There Award to Vanessa:


On Pop Culture Fix: Kristen Stewart’s Screenwriting Debut Includes Line “Her Hand In My Wide-Open Cunt” and Other Stories:

The Open Wide Award to Stef:

i mean my mouth is open pretty wide right now so thank you kristen stewart

And the Wherefore Art Though, Lena Luthor Award to Kristana and amidola:

And on Also.Also.Also: India Strikes Down Gay Sex Ban and Other Stories From Your Week:

The Oral Exam Award to Freakazoid, Carmen SanDiego, Kristana and Iarran mé:

Freakazoid: So, September 6. You all what this means, no? Happy Oral Sex Day!!!!! / Kristana: I’m at work, so I can’t say it out loud. Is it okay if I just mouth it? / Iarran Me: None of your lip! Does a workplace prohibition on hollering “Happy oral sex day

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  1. omg i don’t think i’ve ever won a comment award before, between this and #SoftEggContent and hosting the Friday Open Thread later i am having a VERY EXCITING DAY!!

  2. I hope no one got any tongue-lashings for wishing work colleagues Happy Oral Sex Day. ;)

    Ah, it’s been pouring rain here all day and I have had most excellent hot chocolate with ginger in it. It’s a good day. Hope everyone else is having a good day too.

      • @queergirl Hot milk, a couple heaping spoonfuls of your favorite hot chocolate (I like a dark version), and this stuff which is basically cane sugar and ginger. Ginger syrup is also a wonderful thing, I haven’t tried it in hot chocolate but I’m sure it would work just fine. Can put crystallized ginger in there too for a bottom-of-the-cup treat but at that point you kinda have to detox from all the sugar. (I…heard from a friend.)

        Hot chocolate with just a tiny bit of orange extract or coconut extract is also a good thing.

        The Hot Chocolate Fairy

  3. I was actually mad at myself for not taking the very obvious „Is it a bi..bird?“ route there.
    Thanks for the save Kristana!

    Cast off thy hestal livery.. *cough*

  4. If only the world were this simple…
    The only difference between them is their gender? Nope. Nope. Nope.

    Bc the main difference is that don was actually a creative genius in ways we as an audience could understand and be in awe of.

    He had a unique point of view on the world and humans.

    Jenny only thought she did. And her work was self indulgent and shitty.

    Don was a tortured genius- Jenny was a wannabe.

    She was disingenuous and playing a part- that’s what made her insufferable.

    Don wasn’t precious about his work- his whole job was manipulation and he knew it. It was never about his own self expression.

    Jenny was a self indulgent hack.

    The work is the lens for me.

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