The Comment Awards Are Watching Old Dykes On Tiktok

A small, brown and white dog peeking over their laptop screen, with a caption that says "Hey did you see that comment?!"

Hi there, sunbeams! We made it through the week!!

This week for The Drop, Shelli Nicole and Dani Janae talked about Jenna Wortham and Kimberly Drew’s Black Futures. 

Have you been catching Drew’s fantastic Sundance 2021 coverage? She watched 4 Feet High, went to a panel with Rose Troche and Cheryl Dunye, watched Patti Harrison shine in Together Together, wrote about the Casey Affleck-shaped problem with The World To Come, and more! Also, Carmen wrote about My Name is Pauli Murray, a film that could have shone as brightly as Pauli themselves, if the film hadn’t, for instance, misgendered them throughout.

For this week’s retro review, Heather watched The Truth About Jane, my very favorite Lifetime movie about The Terrible Secret Burden Of Being A Teenage Lesbian.

Nic’s Batwoman reviews have been going strong, and this week Ryan put on her new batsuit!

In No Filter, Sara Ramirez continues to steal my heart.

Queer! Tiktok! Babes! (This is so much better than when I tried to do Tiktok and it just showed me people making weird crockpot “keto-friendly” recipes that involved actual bricks of cream cheese and so, so many chicken breasts.)

And then there were your comments!

On What Lesbian Stereotypes Our Merch Represents (and a 30% Off Code!):

The Stereotypes Award to monae:

I have been most of these stereotypes at different points of my gay life.

And the Visibility Matters Award to Cleo:

I love my vintage bi pin! It fits the “yes I’m bi, is that going to be a problem for you?

On Pop Culture Fix: The Kate McKinnon Sketch Rachel Maddow Says Is the Best One in 100 Years:

The Coat-ure Award to :):

Feeling for that dog. In addition to boots for all the salt on the sidewalks and a little waterproof flannel vest for the snow and wind, my poor baby boy is currently stuck in a giant cone for at least another week :( He is not excited about winter storm walks.

On “The Truth About Jane” Is Dated as Heck, and That’s a Very Good Thing:

The Very Special Episode Award to Lisa Franklin:

The Truth About Jane was such a bummer that I remember at like, age 15, cooking up an elaborate heterosexual justification for having watched it in order to ask my mom if all Lifetime movies were this depressing.

On 32 Queer Covers Of Songs by Straight Artists Because Everything’s Better When It’s Gayer:

The Seaweed Is Always Greener Award to Kristana:

LGBT (LGBT), LGBT (LGBT), Baby it’s better, Down where it’s less hetter, Take it from me


The Stacey Merkin Award to Gilbert:

I’d like to submit my deepest apologies to Sara Ramirez for misreading this headline as SARA. RAMIREZ. WITH. PUBIC. HAIR. I left my brain in 2020, RIP.

On FYP: Your New Weekly Queer Babe TikTok Round-Up!

The Old Dykes, New Tricks Award to Andrea_T:

Old dykes on Tiktok give me so much life, wow

And on What If “When Harry Met Sally” Was a Feminist Lesbian Love Story? Emily Hashimoto Has the Answer with “A World Between”:

The Money Talks Award to Becca:

Omg this review is incredible and I am 100% buying this book with the money my homophobic aunt and uncle gave me for the holidays

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