Welcome back to No Filter! This is the column where I tell you all the hot, fun goings on from celesbian Instagram! Let’s absolutely go off!!

Frankly this whole No Filter could have been shared images of Cicely Tyson, but that is not quite the intent of this here column, so thank you Niecy for sharing this lovely image, and thank you Cicely, for everything. <3

Now let’s settle in with Quinn and a look that I do not think I will be forgetting anytime soon.

I always feel awkward when I bring Earnest™ content here because it’s not like, really the brand? But I don’t know y’all this is cute! Fight the box! (Related I am listening to the Wicked OBCR right now.)

Look, glitter is… a mess and problem but I will be damned if this didn’t make me want to slather my face in it!!

Oh to be a small dog under Chef Melissa’s feet.

This photoset is stunning, and it’s also a nice reminder that everything you write doesn’t have to be consumed to be meaningful.


Alright Stacy talk about that menopause! Hot flashes sound wild! Go off!

I just love this, I love everything about it.

Welp, I gotta stare at this video with heart eyes in my own eyes for the next three million hours!

What a nice, cozy image to round out the week.

Until next time!!

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Christina Tucker

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  1. Came for the photos, stayed for the words 💜💜💜

    Here for all of the beautiful thoughts, musings, for all the inner dreams and changes. For all the thoughts that can just be without having to fit into the stamped box of approval.

    Here for the dreams of queerness where we listen to ourselves.

    Thank you Christina ~ this is all ✨

  2. Excellent representation this week! Glitter, dogs, purple hair and hot flashes!

    Hot flashes are wild. Menopause is wild. The good part is that it’s like being 10 again. It’s great to genuinely not care (or at least care a lot less) about how I look or what other people think of me. Someone I read compared it to coming down from doing molly/ecstasy.

    I was not at all prepared for the symptoms of menopause so I’m trying to be more open with the younger people in my life. I’d heard about hot flashes ahead of time but not the brain fog or insomnia.

    • Ok I’m glad to see this conversation here because PHEW. I started having mini-hot flashes a couple of years ago, and as someone who has always run cold I was like, hey this isn’t so bad. WELL. They have ramped up in the last few months to the point where if I’m on a Zoom call, I have to make sure I’m wearing something work-appropriate under my sweater in case I have to unexpectedly and desperately tear it off my body in the space of ten seconds. And then five minutes later I’m cold again (because fun fact, hot flashes actually lower your core body temperature). It suuuuuucks.

      I was very, very anxious about the possibility of worsening sleep issues (which I had heard about), because I’ve struggled with that all my life, but thankfully, so far it doesn’t seem to be affecting me that way. Sorry to hear that you’re experiencing that though, it’s awful.

      • The sleep stuff has settled down for me. I had periods of waking up at 4 am for no reason and that seems to be typical of perimenopause / menopause. At the moment I’m sleeping OK but not great – but I think it’s probably more about everything else going on than it is about menopause.

        I also run cold so now I’m either too hot or too cold, which is at least different. I hear you on the stripping down while still looking work appropriate. That’s one reason why I stopped wearing turtlenecks.

        I’ve been getting hot flashes for like 8 years now. My mother had them for more than 20. I’m really hoping I didn’t get her hormones (but it seems likely that I did).

  3. I’d like to submit my deepest apologies to Sara Ramirez for misreading this headline as SARA. RAMIREZ. WITH. PUBIC. HAIR.

    I left my brain in 2020, RIP.

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