Fandroid Style Guide: What to Wear to Janelle Monáe’s Summer Tour

Janelle Monáe recently dropped her newest album, Dirty Computer, an “emotion picture” to accompany the album, and release dates for a 2018 summer tour! I’m so excited I can hardly wait! But what to wear?! This tour feels like it might be one of the gayest events of the year!

Do not fret, my friend! I’ve got you covered. My rules for concerts: comfortable enough to jump around in, carefree enough that if someone spills a drink on you it won’t matter, and no heels. I’m sorry, you just can’t do it; heels at a concert don’t make any sense! They’re uncomfortable and dangerous!! Just wear flats or sneakers. With the rules behind us, here are a few options for inspiration!

Cindy Mayweather

1. White short sleeved top, size 0-14, $40. 2. White ruffle long sleeved top, size 14-22, $42. 3. Gingham cropped pants, size 0-14, 14-26, $56. 4. Metallic Oxford shoes, size 4-11, $64. 5. Red loafers, size 4-11, $56..

These pieces are for the vintage Janelle Monáe fan who misses her simple-but-striking looks in black and white. Remind the crowd that you’ve been with it since Metropolis Suite I (and that you’re still waiting on the final suite!) with a mostly monochromatic palette of black and white with a pop of color in your shoes and/or makeup.

I Like That

This look gets its inspiration from Janelle in the video for “I Like That”: the powerful-yet-understated femme goddex who lives inside of us all.

Make Me Feel

1. Jeans, size 14-24, $40 2. Pink sandals, size 3-11, $103. 3. Bisexual cape, one size, $40. 4. Silver combat boots, UK size 3-8, $39.50. 5. Blue mesh shirt, size XXS-XXXL, $29 6. Striped shirt, size 0-12, $19. 7. Purple dress, size 2-12, $15.50. 8. Contrast mesh shirt, size XXS-XXXL, $26. 9. Striped shirt, size XL-XXXL, $42. 10. Mom jeans, size W24-W34, $117. 11. Fish scale bomber, size S-L, $64. 12. Scarf print shirt, size 0-14, $23.

In honor of Janelle’s coming out, wear everything you’ve got that screams bi+ pride. This means find all the pink, blue, and ultraviolet that you can, find all the mesh, cuff a pair of jeans, and put on some haloscope highlighter because this night is for you!

Django Jane

1. Fly green suit, size 2-8, $632. 2. Black crop cami, size 0-14, $9.50. 3. Chain har=ness, size S-L, $72. 4. Studded boots, size 5-11, $48.

1. Leopard print suit, size 14-24, $122 2. Short sleeved crop top, size 14-24, $19. 3. Statement earrings, $19. 4. Gold flats, size 4-11, $35.

If you wanna look like a badass bitch, wear a suit. Bette Porter taught us this and Janelle Monáe reaffirmed this during the video for “Django Jane.” This is for all my badass bitches who wear well-fitted suits, have nails that might make me bleed, and who exude “don’t fuck with me” everywhere they go.

I’ve given you lots of inspiration and now it’s time for you to fly. If none of these float your boat, just remember that Janelle Monae dedicated this album to queers and women and people of color and I bet that you’re at least one of those things! No matter what you wear, you’re gonna have a blast, and she’s gonna be singing right into your queer little heart!

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  1. Alaina, yay!!!!!

    I just bought a rainbow striped bodysuit and mom-jean high rise jorts from ASOS. I’m gonna break out my first-ever white Nike hightops and just be so so so so fly.

  2. Wow I love that fish scale bomber jacket (and the pants) and I am so there for the leopard print suit ! Thanks for finding these they are fashion gems

  3. June 12th for me! I.Can’t.Wait.

    And yes I LOVE her black and white outfits SO MUCH.

    • Honestly it’s like I’m reliving my teen Janet Jackson crush all over, but now with amazing added queerness.

      It’s just the way she makes me feel.

  4. Does anybody know where one could acquire something like the rose sheer pants Janelle wears in Make Me Feel? I think I need those in my life.

  5. Still holding out hope for those Pynk vagina pants to be manufactured in time for her show here, though.

  6. Thank you for this great overview!
    Saving most of it for the August date in Paris ??

  7. Oh man, so relevant to my interests. I have tickets for Charlotte and the second night in Atlanta and I cannot wait! I may also use some of these outfit types for a drag performance I’ve been low key planning involving my drag king persona embracing the femme for Make Me Feel but I do not feel personally equipped to come up with an outfit to do that concept justice but that song just inspires all sorts of gender fuckery in me.

    • Yes, CLT! I’ll be these. Also I’m jealous you’re going one of the Atlanta shows. It’s going to be crazy.

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