The Comment Awards Are So PYNK


Hi, loves! Have you done yourself a kindness yet today?

This week, Abbi Jacobsen came out!

Laneia answered all your questions (so. many!) in Y’All Need Help.

The team talked about their Myers-Briggs types! (Is it possible to be two different things online and IRL? I think my E and I switch off.)

March Madness is over! Kate and Emaline won! Long live the baby gays, now and forever.

I am so excited for this! Read a F*cking Book: N.K. Jemisin’s Broken Earth Trilogy Is a Revolution.

I don’t know if you heard, but Janelle Monáe did a thing that might, ya know, make you feel.

The trailer for Pose is here, and people seem to be just a little excited about it.

And then there were your comments!

On The National Champion of Kissing: Kate and Emaline of “Everything Sucks”:

The Oh Mother, Where Art Thou Award to Chandra:

Magda is somehow behind this

On Janelle Monáe’s Queer “Pynk” Music Video Is Here To Wreak More Havoc On Your Heart and Body:

The On The Menu Award to Alaina and Al:

Alaina: I FEEL GAY IN THIS CHILIS TONIGHT / Al: It’s certainly not happening at the Applebee’s.

And the Finger-Liking Clam Jam Award to Beth and Snaelle:

Beth: What a time to be alive. This is a clam jam. A clit hit. A beaver bop. A finger banger. / Sam: Hello Comment Awards! / Snaelle: I keep liking and then unliking and then reliking this comment when I realize that yes I definitely already liked it. That’s how finger-liking good it is. / Ava: I WISH I COULD LIKE THIS COMMENT A HUNDRED TIMES I AM SCREAMING

On You Need Help: You Don’t Know What To Do With Your Clit:

The Funny Bone Award to Amanda ling and A.E. Osworth:

” Never underestimate the power of a well-placed ‘to the left, to the left.'” This is a good way to make a partner finish the lyric in their head and then be snorting and giggling and lose focus. I mean, I assume, as I have in no way fallen into this error before. Really.

On No Filter: Evan Rachel Wood Gently Serenades You In A Parking Lot:

The Rachel Berry Side Mullet Award to Charlotte:

Oh my goodness for a moment I thought baby Cameron was Rachel Berry

On Pop Culture Fix: Lena Waithe Is Your Therapist Now and Other Invigorating Information:

The Bi Bi Birdie Award to Catherine and Chandra:

let’s have an Eleanor is bi drum circle! (i love that jameela jamil is the number one eleanor/tahani shipper)

And on Which Characters Are Gay In The New “Oceans 8” Trailer? (All Of Them):

The Tipping Point Award to Isabel and Snaelle:

Isabel: The amount of velvet on Cate Blanchett ALONE makes this movie worthwhile / Snaelle: Are you tipping us to Cate’s velvet?

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  1. I would like to share that I have seen the Applebee’s commercial 3 times since Heather’s article last week and each time the ad ended before Sam went home to her husband or GBF. I’d like to think Applebee’s heard our outcry and have since edited out that atrocity.

  2. i would like to use my acceptance speech to encourage you all to listen to Jameela Jamil’s episode of the JV Club podcast because it is the best and purest thing i have ever encountered and she is genuinely the kindest person (albeit exceptionally heterosexual).

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