The Comment Awards Are Signing Up for A-Camp!


Hi muffins! I don’t know if you’ve heard, but A-Camp registration opened this week! Yes, it’s A-Camp reg week, a.k.a. the week I can’t concentrate at work BECAUSE I AM SO EXCITED TO SEE YOU IN OJAI! Did you see those water slides? Those are good water slides. (And hey, if you haven’t registered, you can still sign up for the waiting list!)

This week, we got a pep talk (complete with illustrations!) from Brittney.

Laneia answered all of your most pressing yes/no questions, and I truly wish I could give a Comment Award to her advice for bottoms.

This is important: How to Keep Seeing Autostraddle in Your Facebook Feed!

Vanessa’s a dirtbag femme, and this is her playlist.

Carmen watched One Day At A Time with her mom, and then interviewed her. Read this immediately if you need to have a good cry and feel much better about the world.

Cee wrote up an amazing guide to button-up shirts! This was so helpful.

Y’all have some really interesting types.

And then there were your comments!

On Monday Roundtable: They Would Never Have Guessed:

The License to Straddle Award to Carmen SanDiego, Amanda ling and Rachel W.:

Carmen: “I own a website with a name that sounds like vehicle porn

On Introducing Camp Autostraddle X:

The Glamping Award to Carolyn:

If Ventura is a “charmingly hip wine mom of a town

And the Newbie Award to Bosley:

Hiiii, A-Camp first-timer in the house. So excited to meet y’all! I only recently came out as queer last summer. I’m 27, but I grew up in a small town in Texas and never really asked myself the hard questions about my sexuality (despite *years* of Dana Scully obsession/fangirling). I was actually engaged to a guy several months ago when I found Autostraddle. I was googling “how to break an engagement when you realize you’re a lesbian”. In the middle of a very tumultuous time, I have learned so much and gained so much hope through the Autostraddle community; every time I get on here I feel like I belong (and that has not been a typical feeling for me!) So it’s only fitting that I will be at A-camp during the week that would have been my honeymoon. I could not be more excited to be free and be myself and be surrounded by all of you wonderful humans! <3

On How to Keep Seeing Autostraddle in Your Facebook Feed:

The World Wide Web Award to Chandra:

Chandra is remembering the halcyon days when stilted third-person status updates were our biggest concern on Facebook.

On 5 Lesbian and Bisexual Women Athletes to Watch in the 2018 Winter Olympics:

The Sweetest Thing Award to Juno:

I just did an image search for Barbara Jezeršek and now my teeth hurt like I just ate a giant piece of chocolate cake. Highly recommended activity, especially if very defined abs are your thing

On 38 Inspirational Ways You Weirdos Described Your “Types”:

The Mean Girls Award to Beth M:

Ah yes, the ol’ 2/6/7/38 special. Reel me in with your quirky, bossy confidence and then tell me I’m like the female version of your boyfriend. Tale as old as time.

And the Light A Single Candle Award to Sarah:

Are we adding late entries? I would like to submit “Aloof, with whisk(e)y.

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  1. ??dyinggg of laughter at these, and the comments on Erin’s latest “Straight People Watch”. GREAT JOB EVERYONE !!!

  2. Carmen Sandiego, in celebration of you making the list (I was robbed), I’ve decided to hire someone to come and…honor you.

  3. Tbh the people looking for Carmen SanDiego are obviously straight because they would have found her within seconds if one of them was a lesbian.

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