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Hi there peaches! Has anyone else had the Tiktok fish song stuck in their head for a full week now? Just me? CAN’T BELIEVE I CAUGHT ONE.

This week, if you plan a murder mystery party, KKU knows what kind of Wife Guy you are!

I really, really love when Dani Janae writes about music and life.

Abeni reviewed Any Other City, the sexy new novel from Hazel Jane Plante. My TBR list is growing!!!!!

Drew helped out a reader whose partner can’t (or won’t) say “I love you.” 

A.Tony will watch anything where survivors make their own justice, and SO WILL I.

Ashni is here to teach us about wine!

Because it’s never too late to celebrate 420, choose your home decor and Anya will tell you what movie you should watch while stoned!

Roku’s new show Slip is here, and Shelli Nicole is happy to report that it gets very, very gay!

And then there were your comments.

On Thank You, Ex: For the Baseball Jersey I Wore Constantly as a Baby Gay:

The Like, So Gay Dude Rites of Passage Award to BB gay:

Omg the k-stew photo at the hair salon

On Ranking The National Songs by How Much I’ve Cried to Them:

The Inspiration Award to onetobeamup:

this was such a beautiful piece. I haven’t listened to The National very much, although I love their sound, but this piece inspired me to journal about how my own favorite musician (Florence and the Machine) has made music that’s been there for me in the hardest times, and I’m finding it very therapeutic to write. Thank you again for sharing this

On Guessing Game: Poem Form Preferred By Serial Killers:

The AI Could Never Award to Cameron:

English lit degree finally comes in

On You Need Help: My Partner Won’t Say “I Love You”:

The Olive Juice Award to ruralqueerfolkie:

This is lovely advice. I’ll add my own experience: After a few months of dating my partner, I started feeling like I wanted to say “I love you,wp_postsbut I was nervous that they wouldn’t say it back, or they wouldn’t feel that way, or maybe we were just having a cute fling and not an “I love you wp_postskind of situation, etc etc. So I used my words and I told my partner, “um, I want to tell you that I love you, but I don’t know if it’s too soon or if you’ll freak out or what.wp_postsAnd they responded by asking, “well, what does ‘I love you’ MEAN to you?wp_postsAnd then we had a great conversation about how we also like to tell our friends (and our pets, lol) that we love them, and how is romantic partnership love different or similar, and how could we be even more specific in our expressions of love: “I adore you,wp_posts“You are incredibly handsome,wp_posts“I feel so safe with you,wp_posts“You are the bravest person I know,wp_postsetc. We also affirmed in that conversation that saying “I love youwp_postsnever requires an automatic “I love you toowp_postsresponse from the other person. It’s more important to express what feels true in that moment than having an auto-response. Long story to say, sometimes I think “I love youwp_postsis overused and we assume that it means the same thing to everyone, and it’s useful to dig into the “what does it MEAN?wp_postsquestion with your partner. And, two years is a long-ass time, and a pretty different thing than two months. I wish you best of luck figuring it out, LW!

On 25 Lines of Poetry I Think About Once a Day:

The Bonus Verse Award to Dani:

OMG this might be my favourite Autostraddle post ever! I read the first two poems and then realised that THIS NEEDS more time so I’ll probably return and engage with the lines in context. The second line you quoted for #6 really struck as a line heavy with meaning. It hit like a KO and reminded me of this line in Sam Sax’s poem ‘On Alcohol’ where he says… “my grandfather died with a bottle in one hand/& flowers in the other./ he called his drink his medicine/ he called his woman/ she locked the door”. Here are some of my other fav lines from queer poems/poets… – “my swishiness is hebraic / is inherited / it’s semantic / no matter what was sacrificedwp_posts(LISP by Sam Sax) – “Even after some time, I am still the weeping wound in the houseplant, tearing easilywp_posts(GRAVITATIONAL CONSTANT by Alicia Mountain) – “I am eating a plum, your whole mouth leaks, I am kissing you, choking on the seed and the slain are hanging just outside the windowwp_posts(VOYEUR by Zora Howard. I don’t know Zora’s sexuality but will fight anyone who tells me this poem is not about WLW sexual intimacy. Seeing her perform it is also just😍) – “It is the images of women, kind and cruel, that lead me homewp_posts(ZAMI by Audre Lorde. And yes, it’s not a poem but I read that prologue like it’s prose poetry). – “Before my mother knew I was a lesbian, she prepared me to be some man’s wifewp_posts(Momma Said Dyke at the Kitchen Table by Jasmine Mans) Also: you’re totally right about that line in Natalie Diaz’s poem. First time reading it, I could’ve sworn that first line was the hit or the river line or the one that says “my melancholy is hoofedwp_postsbut that last line though… Thanks for introducing us to new voices!

On Pop Culture Fix: Halle Berry and Angelina Jolie to Face Off in “Maude v Maude”:

The Spy vs. Spy Award to Serena:

If I wrote an “I’ll watch anything that…wp_postsarticle, it would be, “I’ll watch any spy movie/show with a woman in a leading action role,wp_postsso the Maude v Maude news is THRILLING to me

On Quiz: Choose Your Home Decor and I’ll Tell You What Movie You Should Watch While Stoned Tonight!

The Ogres Are Like Onions (Are Like Queers) Award to Pallas:

I love the complete and utter chaos expressed by “a bowl of onionswp_postsas a coffee table accent piece.

And finally, revisiting 25 Lines of Poetry I Think About Once a Day:

The Participation Trophy Award to John the Strait, because he made me laugh (this is an extra award and has not taken up space from you beautiful queers):

This site is refreshing. And I’m strait!

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  1. When Dani Janae writes about music and life, I can’t help but feel a rush of excitement. Their words have a way of transporting me into new worlds of sound, drywaller and emotion, leaving me with a renewed appreciation for the power of art to move us in profound ways. It’s no wonder that I keep coming back to their work, hungry for more of the magic that only they can conjure.

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