VIDEO! Getting In Bed With Kristin #1: Ask Me Anything

Hey hello and hi!

This week I went live for the very first time on Autostraddle's Facebook page for a new episode of Getting In Bed with Kristin and it was REALLY GREAT. You can read more about the series right here, in case you missed it!

This week we did an "Ask Me Anything," so we could do that whole get-to-know-eachother-better thing. The livestreams are open to the public while they are broadcast and left up through Saturday, after which it is deleted and the recorded file is sent just to you, you darling A+ers.

Come get in bed with me again this Thursday, 1/19, at 3pm PST, live on Autostraddle's Facebook page!

Getting In Bed with Kristin: AMA | January 12, 2017 from autostraddle on Vimeo....

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Kristin is the co-director of A-Camp, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of Everyone Is Gay & My Kid Is Gay, author of This is a Book for Parents of Gay Kids, and co-host of Buffering the Vampire Slayer, a podcast about (you guessed it!) Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Kristin has written 60 articles for us.